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And good person counterparts

The acquaintance of unknown elder brother, with his goodness and wisdom, quietly to bring me out of that
Embarrassed and difficulties, more <a href="">links of london</a> important is, let me have renewed out of courage. HK] 20 years old, I Emma
Lost land-lost went to the south, think there is the opportunity, literally from land pick one, then can it. but
After a month, still wandered the streets and loitering of I, real and deeply realized the city's cold and
Cruel, pocket that poor bill has not allow <a href="">links london</a> me to continue blankly wait, I who
Bought a ticket home, I want to leave this let me desperate city.

Bought tickets and I pocket almost no <a href="">links of london jewelry</a> penny, it means that I must be hungry 40 hours of belly

Trains leave the glittering city. When is the most beautiful moment of the city, but without a lamp
Belong to me, I am the city's outcast, I only have eyes for tears.

I exhausted and closed his eyes, depend on the back. Sleep now, maybe when I woke up has returned to his hometown.
In my heart again and again to myself. I never Qian out, outside can't find my ideal thing.
I absently asleep... Woke up, it was already bright, don't know to what place, but it is still far from home.
A bit hungry, but pocket money isn't enough to <a href="">links london bracelet</a> buy a lunch box. Around is eating, I don't want to see him
And girls enjoy delicious appearance, that will aggravate my hunger. I dare not even talked with them, I know, since
It's been a vice what appearance, I have a month didn't take a shower, body odor that I can smell it from, go with him
The conversation, simply is the dirt.

Steward pushing diners coming. I close my eyes and pretend to sleep. I'm afraid the people around to see my embarrassment,
No matter what, I am a little man of self-respect, if let them found I couldn't even afford, I'll box
In public. Fortunately they seems not who keep <a href="">links london charms</a> an eye on my lunch boxes, and their respective ate, he bought books or playing CARDS. had
For a while, I opened my eyes and pretend there is quite interested manner of the scenery outside the window flow - I'll try to pretend mood
Good appearance. Opposite me there was a wear glasses of university-age lad, very clean very gentle,
He suddenly asked me: "will play chess? Kill two sets how?" I think maybe something to do time passes faster,
This let me feel hungry, I promised him <a href="">links jewelry</a> widder, he took out a pair of delicate chess, on the coffee table
Set before them, he said: "we have some small stimulation, who loses a plate of please YiHeHe rice?" my heart secretly pleased, positive
Sorrow this meal not demo yet. I chess level to defeat him, common have self-confidence, I feel refreshed:
"Ok." The results, I could win three plate. He put the chess away, "I'm not your opponent." My mood
Suddenly clear, for this three boxes of sudden lunch box.

His credit is good, really please I ate three meals lunch box. I rightfully enjoying my loot. In the
People's opinion, this also is only two boring <a href="">sale</a> travelers and without something wrong game, and they do not know this three meals lunch box
To my real significance.

I still don't willing to chat with him, afraid he asked about my situation to, do not know how to answer. He also seems to be considerate to
My mood, he didn't ask me anything. All speechless, I just in the heart appreciate the loving silently
Fellow travelers.

We are all in the coded off the train, respectively, we shook hands mutual way treasure, he said: "hope can be in the fire
The car to meet you again. "My wry smile <a href="">links of london ring</a> way:" I'm afraid I won't go away. "He generous smile:" you
Still so young, don't be discouraged, should again exit rushes, the outside world after all is beautiful. "See him mean deep
Long appearance, seemed to understand the all my worries. He walked out of the steps, suddenly return overdo loudly say to me:
"Brothers, I am province chess team players, we have the opportunity to seek me, let's take exchange chess." I was shocked,
By my level, no matter how't win a professional <a href="">Links London Watch</a> player. He cast me playfully made a face, then
Handsomely flick, drifting away.

I this is suddenly enlighted, originally he had seen me in a difficult situation, he is in a clever way both
Help me, and not damage my face and self-esteem! My heart suddenly filled with gratitude and warm. The more
Meet unknown elder brother, with his goodness and wisdom, quietly to bring me out of that embarrassing and trouble,
More important is, let me have renewed out <a href="">links of london gingerbread man charm</a> of courage, because I believe that in the future the journey, but also with
Many good colleague like him, it would be very happy and wonderful things - the world outside after all is beautiful.