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Chris Brown is My Hero

Chris Brown is my HEROO
Chris Brown is the reason I continue wake up, dress up,&& live it up especially with what I'm going through with my aunt dying from cancer and my mom being undiagnosed of her sickness && me having to care for them and still go to school, i miss alot of day and im waaay behind in my work. I honestly was feeling done, I was ready to give up on my life at any time but when I seen how he never gave up even after what he went through with "you know what" the fact that he didnt even take a break and kept his head up let me know I could do this.
Now I look to Chris Brown as my idol, my #1, my life, my HER. I'm a true die hard fan because I've been rocking with him since he was underground BEFORE he went big boy!! Alot of people scream that their his #1 fan, but I feel I'm truelly his #1 fan....when I see people trying to dogg him I truelly get offended and ready to blast off, when he dyed his hair BLONDE best believe my hair is now BLONDE.
He truelly is my IDOL && without him I honestly would be lost or not here at all. I like to think he saved me...forreal! He gave me the push to do me and stay me && live life, I probably would die if I ever met him OMG just the thought. Its good to have someone that gets you up and inspire you! I LOVE HIM, he is the most talented person Ive ever seen and heard of, with his art of drawing, painting, dancing, singing, acting, writing, rapping, his creativity PERIOD speaks to me....He's just the best he is the ONE, a true ANGEL ON EARTH!!!

Asia Lamont


P.S. people should still look up to him for his strength, his art, his creativity, his everything


i love chris brown to death. if something ever happens to him i think that i would die.

i lv him also hes pretty amazing

Hes my hero to,your absolutely right