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Jewelry worn not simple

A lot of people like to wear jewelry, little imagine, jewelry <a href=""><strong>pandora</strong></a> worn also is an art, and many times it is even more important than clothing itself, wearing a decent, like the finishing point, to the life of people add endless fun and <a href=""><strong>pandora bracelets</strong></a> colorful. So, how can play jewelry inner charm and function? Hereby, reporter interviewed a jeweler's jewelry experts in zhuhai.
"Wearing jewelry is to have cultured" jewelry experts said. Wearing jewellery, with fewer in number for beautiful, total does not exceed 3 kinds, except earrings <a href=""><strong>pandora wholesale</strong></a> outside, similar jewelry worn shoulds not be more than one. On colour should follow the same color, if adorn at the same time two or three pieces of jewelry, should <a href=""><strong>pandoras</strong></a> make its colour consistent. Wear inlaid jewellery, should make its mass-tone attune is consistent. Wearing jewelry, should make full face their own form feature, make jewelry worn for his foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. Wear headgear should <a href=""><strong>pandora jewelry store</strong></a> conform with season. Aureate, brunet jewelry is suitable for cold season wear, silver, colourful color jewelry fits NuanJi wear.
In addition, jewelry expert points out, wearing jewelry, want to accord with identity, with their gender, age, professional characteristics consistent. High-grade decorations more applicable to grand social occasions, unfavorable in work and leisure <a href=""><strong>pandora jewellery stores</strong></a> wear. "For the professional women, zhiyezhuang deserve more, but limitation may spend a bit idea choose to suit oneself style of jewelry, more show your distinctive temperament. For example, in order to breakthrough zhiyezhuang colorific drab, can be in the <a href=""><strong>pandora jewellery online</strong></a> bosom, hair and necklace tie-in on some colour lively colored stones, which reflects women's bright and beautiful. Some special profession and special occasions, best can wear suits oneself individual character and grade of personalized professional jewelry."
Peacetime home or traveling leisure time, generally are informal situations. Jewelry expert proposal, wearing design with colored precious and semi-precious <a href=""><strong>pandora jewellery uk</strong></a> stones of jewelry, and recreational dress collocation complement each other, can be in already insipid in passes a kind of different color, also can give your family and friends to bring enthusiasm and relaxed feeling.