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In London, there was a small <a href="">pandora</a> jewelry store. At the shopkeeper, threatened to open to obtain the socks off to colleagues in the business performance. However, four years, because of bad management, near collapse, all his colleagues multicity "toad trying to swallow a swan". The shopkeeper was cornered; improve the dilemma of beautiful Pandora jewelry.
The chance came at last. In 1985, Prince Charles and Diana to <a href="">pandora charms</a> wedding, became a British that the world news. Princess Diana's appearance and manner make most of Britain. She even dumping became many young people worship idols. The shopkeeper, if can seize the chance comes <a href="">pandora wholesale</a> once in a blue moon, using public to the prince's wedding ceremony on psychology, director of a false and vivid advertising, can make oneself of difficulty.
Hence, he had a scout around to grow like a princess Diana's young woman. After hard, he finally found a look-alike Diana's fashion models. He employed the model of heavy, clothes, hair from her manner, the <a href="">pandoras</a> temperament to do the imitation elaborative training with Pandora charm jewelry. Stay to see after the flaw, the shopkeeper gave to TV reporter suggests: tomorrow will be Britain's most famous guest to his shop; the news is not allowed to join in the TV commentary.
The next night, the Pandora glittering jewelry, clothes shop, stood in the <a href="">pandora jewelry store</a> doorway alight, like expecting VIP presence. This immediately attracted many people stopped to wait. Not and in a short while, a fancy car slowly into the doorway, a passing car, the shopkeeper stopped immediately stepped forward well-mannered opened the door. The look-alike princess Diana's model with <a href="">pandora silver bracelet</a> wearing beautiful Pandora gold necklace, from the car walked down calmly, a captivating smile, but also to gather to pedestrians nod. Someone cried: "look, Diana." They really thought Princess Diana, will not discern, the scramble to glimpse of Princess Diana, crowded into the youth to kiss <a href="">pandora charm bracelet</a> before the "Princess Diana's hand" and is satisfied. TV reporters dare not snubbing, hurriedly shake, police open video again afraid influence "princess" activities, hurriedly come to maintain order.
The shopkeeper it is leisurely and first thanks "princess", and then smiles to lead her visit, according to the command of the assistant boss, have introduced Pandora diamond necklace and earrings, such expensive jewelry, "Diana noodles Lou happy", toss praise.
The next day, television aired the genuine news footage, because the boss didn't care, the reporter, it became a "silent", pat no word and sentence commentary throughout. The screen is enthusiastic shop <a href="">pandora jewelry bracelets</a> and the scene is the shop. The city of London, concurrent vibrations are spread this important news, didn't know the Pandora jewelry wholesale shop about the people, to the address in the "princess Diana," the jewelry store to buy a piece of jewelry as a gift. Young people, Diana fans love me, love my dog, streamed ran up "Diana" delight all kinds of Pandora faithful jewellery. Originally there, small <a href="">pandora silver bracelet with clasp</a> business light shops, business, bustling, immediately called the boss and shop assistants ringing-off. A week, the shop will benefit more than ten thousand pounds, opening four years in succession.
The news spread to Buckingham Palace royal aristocrats, stirred, royal spokesman immediately solemnly declare: "published by schedule, the princess." never been the Pandora on sale jewelry store the court sentenced the requirement that jewelry store owner made a fraud. The shop <a href="">bracelets sale</a> owner is in the film, said: "no, I didn't say a guest, this is Diane in law cannot constitute a crime, the public as onlookers' granted" to put her as princess, I was unable to stop."
The jeweller, wantonly makes use false princess, the social news, London, jewelry, and so began rescue. It was found that the Pandora jewelry authoritative effect, the princess, and patronize his shop ably be <a href="">bracelets jewellery</a> publicized by television, thus greatly improve his visibility and reputation of jewelry, attracted numerous customers, realize the expected effect, expand the sales.