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The Eagle

The Eagle
Then, on a snowy, in the sunset, make in the wind, rain in cardiac between wild vapor flicker, these comes loose are like a man alive: like standing at the bow calm and calmly wrestle with mountain dew, battlefield never fallen heroes, calm thinker, have drawn the literati... In a bright sky in l, they figure as up with thick one.
But, don't think they all like painting in pine trees so beautiful. Some branches was blown to fold, plantlet exposed stumps, but others <a href="">oakley gascan</a> branches are still very much, Some have been hot and cold defeat, leaving only * withered skeletons are still dignity stand at a precipice above all. Hence, a strong shall some quality --, strong, tough, adaptation, patience, courageously take and confidence, it all possess.
Now can say, in rejects these name loose stone, stone is mountain body, cloud is mountain emotions, and pine -- a precipice of <a href="">oakleys</a> pine is the soul of hill.
Third, the old tree
Old trees grow in the depths of the memory, the tree rings like brain as storage of the world the wind and the rain, snow and frost, people and things. The most heartache old trees, or long in wild countryside wild ling, or long in ordinary courtyard, or long in the high street, or long in the mountains resort, or born old dry, or born to shade, flourishing or living attitude is different, always can give a person with the vicissitudes of sigh, these beauty, the classical rhymes.
People cannot leave tree. Those old trees are always in our casual growing, the tree in the watchman with <a href="">sunglasses oakley</a> people in the world try reading vicissitudes. A man planted under a tree, and then watched it grow taller grow up, and trees here, only looking at this man grew old. From the trees, walking under grandkids generation verification and interprets the old saying goes: "predecessors trees, the posterity." Not long ago, I walked through a relocation site, resource is <a href="">oakley minute</a> found between the skeletons in ruins between bursting out old trees to appearance. Said in his heart, I usually how didn't notice! The blue bricks happy in exactly how much clump hidden such natural landscape! Remember me once lived in the clump, also has a big tree traditional alleyways, still can finish out the billowing scattered <a href="">Oakley Active Sunglasses</a> light fragrance, old pagoda of ancient people sitting in the shade or strong tea, or right around the tree hide-and-seek or children ramping all shows the harmony between man and nature and harmony. In my hunger to modern life desire to move into building later, just to appreciate that perhaps it is just a dream for a lingering living <a href="">Oakley Polarized Sunglasses Discount</a> environment, and it makes me often miss up the old tree.
Sometimes the old tree is a place of an image. For instance, on my hometown existed in the plains, see a village of history, will see if it is located in the high on foundation, often more ancient villages, people will often cushion the higher, that is for rainy days <a href="">Oakley Snow Goggles Discount</a> facilitate to village drainage, more important is wary of floods, once produce floods, small village is a seat for ocean island! So ancestors always should be in village base peripheral slope, plant under various trees to provide consolidate foundation role.
From a distance approximation in tang dynasty had fallen in the described in the poem leisurely, green grass shade, the grass kites people sometimes yelling, sometimes dancing, sometimes stares at high altitude and concentrate on the kite pulls longitudinal line, air kite colorful, many shapes: the eagle, pigeons, bats, a by Peking Opera <a href="">Oakley sport Sunglasses Discount</a> mask strings of dragon dance; wind soared into the sky, A big dragonfly of two pairs of green blue wings in the wind wobbling; Red goldfish put a grew up in the air swimming leisurely tail.