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This feeling I only in the song enjoyed

I moved my third brain, immediately make yourself calm down, just watching me how to play under their own language function, if playing <a href="">diesel</a> well, maybe in a few days will games can see.
It is to make her first know who I am. I had a son completely calm down, and the heart also slowly in the slow, the mood in gradually stability, can proper are wavering, like she see me is not a bad man.
In a poor light, her face very charming <a href="">diesel jeans</a> smile and the nature is I guess because I see her shining eyes, has a kind of downy, can make many boys faint ray of light. With her hands on the wall, to depend on beside, then it is polite, and generous, and very gallantly looked at my face, calm saying: "embarrassed, just <a href="">diesel clothing</a> so suddenly, scared me, I thought... you are new entrance! Live in......"
Hearing that her like music charm-not voice, I rather difficult to control, I knew, like she is such a pretty girl, not so tender feelings like water <a href="">diesel shoes</a> voice is impossible. I like listening to you, but also enjoying, completely forgot to should answer her anything, just so quiet stay stood there for several seconds, don't know they should do.
She smiled again to me, then I just the reaction <a href="">Diesel Belts</a> come over, quickly muttered, language not even used to look at her face softly said, "Oh... I live in Jiang Yak Fang next door, I... I'm Ding Gum Cheng." She stood there watching me nervous appearance, just always keep smiling, and did not say what?
I'm afraid she can't remember my name <a href="">Diesel Belt</a> again, I said, "the courage, surnamed ding, countries, the state of the nation, into Zhen changing into." I explained to her so serious: my name is to let her will always remember tell her also, in these nearly thousand schools, there is a very good and worth love boys.
Though I speak to some not even spoil, though <a href="">Diesel Denim</a> this is not my personality, generally accepted can blame me that creakingly heart, always in the key jump I slurred speech. I luckily, now the light is not so good, her for a half <a href="">diesel jeans for men</a> will still can't see my flustered degree, lest affect my own real image, for our next contacts hindered.
With these, I again secretly made a deep breath, I will put my nervousness pressure down, province in go, make my mood stable not come down, again make out what ugly. "This is coincidence.
Originally you and Jiang Yak Fang live <a href="">diesel jeans discount</a> nearby, that's what I'm going to see her?" She smiled and said, "The school, I and she has an appointment, I come to find her a little things to do." "Be? That use need not I with you, you see this building many black! Walk can be careful." I'll think it over; please the other favorite word to show for her great concern.
"No, thank you, those are two steps away, just don't know whether she is now in the house?" She paused and said, "If you can't find the urgent <a href="">diesel zaf jeans</a> person can be true enough, tomorrow will have to do this thing." She looked at me with the music sound like sighed and that inviting voice is like the preaching of churn preach over, is so rich magnetic, like contraltos are singing.
This feeling I only in the song enjoyed, but it is also very old things, and now say that haven't heard so has the penetration of magnetic force. I stood there, you more quickly to say a few words!