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* ... He Doesn't Do It ; Like You Do it ... * <---- HOTstory!

I woke up to the sound of my loud ring tone annoyingly going off repeatedly. I could tell it was my best friend from the song that was playing, "Leave me alone" by Michael Jackson blared through my cell phones speakers, so it had to be <a href=",732&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=906&vpy=228&dur=985&hovh=228&hovw=221&tx=120&ty=199&oei=Oc93TaepHo26hAeI-L2QBg&page=2&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:19,s:29&biw=1280&bih=709">Chris</a>. That was his ring tone for 2 reasons, one he loved Michael and two that was the only song I could think of by Michael that related to him ; LEAVE ME ALONE! I laughed thinking of the reasons I chose that song for him then quickly hit the end button before the noise woke up <a href=",r:11,s:0">Millz</a> and checked to see if the noise had disturbed him, the last thing I needed was a couple more bruises to accompany the ones I received from him last night. His lazy ass was still fast asleep luckily... I rolled my eyes and slowly got out the bed, sighing as I looked into the mirror at my busted lip and black eye. I don't know why I put up with his bulls***, but I just can't seem to let go. My names <a href=",r:14,s:785&biw=1280&bih=709">Nicki</a> I'm 19 years old, about 5'3, curvy, and every mans dream ; that's why no one can seem to understand what I'm still doing with Millz's sorry, good for nothing ass. I can't seem to understand why myself either to tell you the truth. My phone started to go off and once again it was Chris calling, I cleared my throat and put on my best sick voice, I knew he wanted to chill today but I couldn't let him see me like this, and I wasn't trying to hear his mouth lecturing me once again about leaving my 1st and only love.

Me: Hello...

Chris: Ew, you sound like death.

Me: HaHa very funny, f*** you want?

Chris: You girl, we supposed to be going to the mall with <a href=",r:6,s:0">Kiyrah</a> and <a href=",r:14,s:0">Tyga</a> today, you forgot?

Me: Oh yeah... I can't.

Chris: What you mean "You can't" Girl why?

Me: You said it yourself... I sound like death and I feel like death too. I think its best if I just stay home today and try get over this illness.

Chris: Ugh, you always got some type of excuse, it's Millz again Huh?

Me: Goodbye Christopher.

Chris: Did he put his hands on you again Nick?

Me: No.

Chris: Well I'm coming over to nurse you better, make sure his b**** ass gone by the time I get there.

Me: Chris I don't want company, just go to the mall and I'll see you once I recover.

Chris: Hell naw, I can't wait till you recover. That's TOO LONG!

Me: What Can't you go a couple days without seeing me or something? *rolling her eyes*

Chris: You know I can't even go a day without seeing that gorgeous face.

Me: Ugh *laughs* whatever Chris bye. I hung up the phone and smiled thinking to myself ; if only he knew I felt the exact same way... Only I wasn't joking. It kills me to be away from Chris for more than just a day and that's the main reason I hated Millz putting his hands on me. Not because of the pain, or even because of the outcome, but because I wouldn't be able to see Chris till all the marks had cleared up. UGH.
I went into the bathroom got fresh and slipped into my robe. I didn't feel like dressing up, I wasn't going anywhere today and I certainly wasn't feeling pretty. I hadn't heard from my best friend Kiyrah all night, so I thought I'd give her a call to make sure she wasn't dead or nothing. Knowing her though, her paranoid ass was probably just arguing with Tyga accusing him of cheating again as usual. And I was right, she picked up yelling...


Me: *laughing* Girl, I know you did not just ask to smell that niggas d***.

Kiyrah: Hell f***ing yeah, I'ma know if he was sticking it in another b**** that way.

Me: You need to calm right the f*** down with that paranoia s***.


Me: KIYRAH! *laughing hard* CHILL DAMN!


Kiyrah: b****? OH I GOT YOUR b****! NICKI I'MA CALL YOU RIGHT BACK! *click*

Me: Hello, hello... *hangs up shaking my head*

Damn, them to always going at it, they're one of the cuteist couples ever though, I thought to myself smiling, they're still crazy as f*** though, with their dysfunctional ass relationship. I put my cell to charge and started to cook some breakfast for millz, all hell would break loose if I don't have some food ready for him by the time he wakes up. About 45 minutes later I bought up some breakfast to Millz and woke him slowly.

Me: Baby, baby get up breakfast is done. *shaking him lightly*

Millz: Morning beautiful. *sits up and yawns*

Me: Beautiful? Have you seen my damn face Millz?

Millz: *He looks up and puts his head back down* Damn ma, I'm sorry... I was drunk.

Me: Yeah, where have I heard that one before. OH YEAH that's right last week. *Rolling her eyes*

Millz: Baby I*gco*

Me: I don't wanna hear it, I need you to hurry up and eat that so you can get ready to leave.

Millz: b**** what the f*** you mean leave, for what?

Me: My sisters coming over. I just want some alone time with her.

Millz: And what exactly you gonna tell her happened to your f***ing face dumb ass.

Me: I don't f***ing know, A fight I suppose?

Millz: Watch your mouth, don't curse at me or I swear to god I'ma do something I'll regret.

Me: I'm used to you doing something, you just never regret it. I got up and walked away, I couldn't be around him any longer and I wasn't in any mood or fit state to fight with him again, I walked down the stairs and saw a shadow approaching my door. f*** I thought to myself. I knew that hight and frame from miles away it was Chris! I tightened my robe and threw on a pair of shades that was on the coffee table and made my way to the door to open it.

Chris: Uhmm Nick... *looking her up and down walking in* f*** you doing with shades on in the house?

Me: I was just frying some chicken, and uhh... I didn't want the oil to get in my eyes...

Chris: Uh huh. * glaring at me* Is he still here?

Me: *nods* So stay yo ass in the kitchen.

Chris: Fine, but where's my hug?

Me: Ugh *smiles and hugs him tight* There, happy?

Chris: Not yet... *snatches her shades off and gets mad* NICKI WHAT THE f*** MAN!

Me: Sssshhh! *covering his mouth pushing him into the kitchen* Shut the hell up Christopher, you had no right doing that!

Chris: AND HE HAD NO RIGHT DOING THIS! *pointing to her face*

Me: ONCE AGAIN SHUT THE f*** UP! Damn. *sighs*

Chris: He aint getting away with this, not this time.

Me: Chris NO! *trying to grab him back*

Chris: NAW LET GO! *He broke free and ran upstairs to Lee's room kicking the door open*

I ran upstairs after Chris fast still trying to grab him back, aww f*** I thought to myself HERE WE GO!


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Lmao okay now for the review *rofl* i am dead they f***in DUMB! and oop they're gettin married? i have a feeling s*** is about to go down!

P.S TAKE YO ASS TO SLEEP b****! we go back to school tomorrow ! -_- I f***ING MISS U, U CRAZY b**** IM GONNA JUMP ON YOU WHEN I SEE YOUR FINE ASS! *booty pops* OH! and how about if i stay over your house next week after kyree's christening we make Skittle Flavoured Vodka and drink that s*** like its WATER! lol

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O_o b**** wat happened to se7en ?

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Me: And what's that?

Chris: I umm, *he put his head down and sighed hard* Nothing it's not even important anymore.

Me: Fine Christopher, whatever. *i couldn't believe he was acting like this, kissing me then rushing off without a decent explanation now holding things back from me, I was better off with Millz, at least he told me where the f*** I stood*

Chris: Soo umm, you wanna play this game with me?

Me: No I don't. *i kept my eyes on the t.v and tried my hardest not to laugh, he was too cute when he was trying to make an effort*

Chris: *he started smiling and licked his lips* You're so cute when you're mad, you do this little thing where you poke your lip out and get these little wrinkles on your nose.

Me: Uh huh. *I grabbed my stuff and headed for the door, I really couldn't even stand to be around him right now* Tell Kiyrah I'll check in on her later I'm out.

Chris: WAIT! *he jumped out the seat and grabbed my arm*

Me: Christopher. *I stared at his hand grippin my arm tightly, it immediately brought flash backs of me and Millz, Chris must of realized this too and slowly let go of me*

Chris: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that. I just need you to hear me out.

Me: Then talk, you got 3 minutes I need to be home in time for family guy. *i rolled my eyes and folded my arms, me and Chris always cuddled up and laughed our asses off at Stewy whenever family guy was on and we was together, but by the way things had been going between us today I highly doubted that would be the case tonight*

Chris: Look, its hard for me to tell you, I don't know how to put it.

Me: Then just say what's real! Tell me exactly what's on your mind Chris, before this kiss we were bestfriends. Just talk to me like you normally do, without holding anything back and I mean anything! ... Please?

Chris: Okay.. *he took my hand and looked into my eyes* Okay you're right I should just tell it how it is.

Me: That's right.

Chris. Just say what's on my mind.

Me: Go ahead.

Chris: Just come right out with it.

Me: Yes Chris now do it.

Chris: Just put it out there in the open.

Me: How. About. You. Start. NOW...

Chris: Just let you know exactly what I'm feeling.

Me: THEN DO- ..*sighs* then do it then.

Chris: Just tell you what the deal is.

Me: OK Chris, now what's up.

Chris: Just let you know the truth.

Me: CHRISTOPHER, you are REALLY starting to get on my EFFIN NERVES! *

Chris: Huh? *he looked up slowly and stared at me* Oh yeah..

Me: Yeah.. Now go ahead.

Chris: *he sighed and took my hand tighter in his grasp* Ever since I laid eyes on you, I knew you was the girl I wanted to be with. You was cute, funny, beautiful, talented, smart but yet so dumb its cute, and slow, outgoing but yet so chilled, hood but classy, hard but sensitive under the surface ; just everything I dreamed for in a female. I never had the courage to tell you this incase you didn't feel the same and blew me off and I lost you forever. You're the only girl I've ever truly wanted and tried my hardest to keep around, the only one I ever really cared for and protected, got jealous for and fought for. The only one I've ever loved. And everyone says we look like and act like a couple, that we should make it official. Hell even my moms tells me I need to wife you! *he smiled slightly and pulled me closer* and ontop of all that.. I, ME, CHRISTOPHER MAURICE BROWN, wants for you to be my girl more than anything in this world. I promise not to hurt you, emotionally and definitely not physically, to be there, care and love you, to be your man and even more than that, your best friend. I love you and there's no one else in this world I'd rather be with.

Me: *i stood there shocked, tears running down my cheeks... Speechless, did he really just say all of this to me* Chris, i-i I don't know what to say I, umm. I just..

Chris: Na, forget it its fine, you should get going before you miss family guy. *he sat back down and unpaused his game*

Me: Chris.. i-i I f***in love you too!

Chris: *He got up from his seat walked over to me and picked me up swingin me round and kissin on me in mid air* damn, I thought you blew a nigga off.

Me: I bet you did. *i giggled and put my arms round him* wow this feels so saureal.. so what next?

Chris: We go head and live happily ever after...

That's what I believed too, that's what I thought would happen but boy was I wrong. Over the next few years Chris blew up, he got signed to jive. I got signed to lil Wayne's label young money along side with Tyga who put in a good word for me and Melonie was with Roc Nation. We were all superstars living lavish, making hot tracks, in the public eye gettin money and we all stayed bestfriends. Even when me and chris parted after 6 years cause he couldn't keep his d*** in his pants. I didn't think I'd ever forgive him and be standing at the altar waiting for him to kiss the bride, but here I am and here's the story of our claim to fame.


It was 8:00pm on the dot, thank GOD! I thought to myself I managed to rock that stage, make the crowd hype for the night and get off in time to get back to the dressing room to have hair and make up prepare me for my next performance with diddy dirty money,rick ross and T.I! I looked around before I entered my dressing room, I LOOKED AMAZING! God had truly blessed me and my friends with an amazing lifestyle and I couldn't be more thankful! I wondered if Chris had seen me out there, I'd never opened up an award ceremony before I was anxious for someone to tell me how I did.

M/V: You tore that s*** up baby girl!

Me: Thankyou! *i knew it was Drizzy, I could tell that voice from a mile away. I embraced the hug I received from behind and turned around slowly* I was so nervous!

Drake: I have no idea why, you know them barbies out there love yo ass... Literally.

Me: Boy! *i laughed hard and opened the door to my dressing room shaking my head* you are crazy!

Wayne: NICK, I was just watching the performance you killed it! *he looked up at me from his xbox game while getting his dreads retwisted*

Me: Wayne... *i ignored his compliments taking my boot heels off* You have your own dressing room the f*** you doing in mine? *i asked grabbing a bottle of water and sitting down letting the make up artists immediately get to work*

Wayne: I got bored and everyone else getting ready.

Me: Sooo... Don't you think you should be too?

Wayne: Naw, I'm the closing act.

Me: Nigga! You acting like you aint gonna get a million awards before then! *i laughed and looked in the mirror giving my artists the thumbs up putting my head back down letting them carry on*

Wayne: You right, lemme go get ready. *he turned off everything and told his hair stylist to follow him "the best rapper alive" he banged on his chest and walked out*

Me: Yeah Uh-huh *i laughed at his c**ky ass shaking my head, put my head back down and dozed off while still getting my make up done, I was kind of sleepy me and chris were going at it all night in that damn hotel I wasn't complaning when he was beatin it up but damn I could really use a sneaky quick hours nap or so*

Once I was done getting dolled up I hung out back stage and wondered around in hopes to find Chris, but when I did I didn't like what I saw, that b**** Rihanna was all over him and I wasn't impressed.

Me: Chris, *i hugged and kissed on him hard staring Rihanna in her face* I was looking for you baby, where you been?

Chris: Oh I'm sorry baby, I was getting ready. *he kissed my lips softly and grabbed my ass* I watched your performance in my room on the flat screen you look amazing!

Rihanna: As usual girl, you killed it tonight.

Me: Awww baby! *ignoring Rihanna* thank you I was hoping you'd like it.

Rihanna: woah *laughs* well excuse me, I'll see you later Chris.

Me: ugh yeah b**** SnM Say NO more. *i whispered and rolled my eyes watching her walk away, chris laughed too hearing what I had whispered while Kiyrah passed her down the hallway making her way over to me and Chris, Rihanna and her stared each other for a while and bumped shoulders walking past one another*

Chris: Damn *laughing* you'd swear they wasn't on the same label.

Me: Word.

Kiyrah: *approaching us* Ugh, I hate that Bajan b****.

Me: Word.

Kiyrah: b**** aint got not one curve in her waist, she a tranny, that's a man forehead too.

Me: Wordddd.

Kiyrah: She tall like a man too, only people that need to be above the average height of a 5'7 woman, is a highway runway model, and the only modelling that b**** seeing is tv commercials. I CAN'T STAND HER S.T.I HAVING ASS!

Me: Omg, worddddd! *i laughed hard watching my bestfriend vent her cute ass off, I loved her when she got angry, she always turns HOOD.*

Chris: Why no one don't like her? She's cool.

Me: Yeah? *i eyed chris hard letting him no I wasn't playing* and she was all over your ass so you need to stay the hell away.

Kiyrah: Yeah Chris, Slut f***ed everyone from Kanye to T.I, probably had Jay too with her talentless ass I don't see how else she could've got signed.

Me: Girl! *i laughing hard* do not disrespect jay-z like that! but I'ma check yall later *i tiptoed and kissed Chris' tall ass I didn't have my heels on yet and 5'3 couldn't reach 6'2, I hugged melonie tight and smacked her ass after she smacked mine* good luck for tonight mama and I'll see yall at the after party. OH text me guys! *i turned and started walking away* OH and Mel, Tyga was looking for you.

Melonie: Okay boo.

Chris: Love you bae.

Me: Aw, *i stopped and turned round then smiled and blew him a kiss before hopped off yelling* I love you too! *i was in a good mood so I hopped all the way back to the young money section of back stage, Chuckee and Twist's annoying asses started circling me stopping me from entering my room, I swear these were the two adopted little brothers from hell! Twist and Chuckee* IF YALL DON'T MOVE YALL ASSES!

Twist: *laughed* You aint never no fun, what's up?

Me: Cause, yall always choosing inappropriate times to be playing yall stupid ass game! *i put the both in a head lock and acted like I was going to bang there heads together before letting them go*

Chuckee: I'm tell wayne for that! *fixing his dreads*

Me: SO!? *i folded my arms and rolled my eyes I was such a big baby* If Wayne touch me I'ma tell Baby!

Birdman: Huh *walking out from no where* Tell baby what shawty? *he gave me a huge hug and slipped me 5 stacks* that's for you to have some fun at the after party tonight ya'herd?

Me: Awww! *i gave him a big hug* I swear you spoil me too much! But you bought Wayne that phantom for his birthday so you know I'ma be looking for my Bugatti! *i laughed joking with him and trying to hold all my money in my hands, I loved bird, he treated me like a daughter he was always the father me and wayne never had*

Birdman: I got you shawty!

Twist: f*** naw! Where out spending money!?

Birdman: Boy you better.. *Baby went into his pockets and pulled out 6 stacks 3 from each pocket and handed them 3 stacks each*

Chuckee: HOLD UP, why she get 2 more than us!

Birdman: Cause yall young.

Twist: SO?

Birdman: SO, you aint gon be buying half as many bottles. I'ma be out. *he did his little bird call and walked off leaving Chuckee and Twist looking stupid, the looks on their face killed me I had to laugh*

Me: Oh god. *wiping my eyes laughing hard* young asses! *i opened my dressing room door and walked in to see Drake and Tyga playing the xbox too* YO! Why every single time I leave I come back to one of you niggas playing my s***! Whether we on the tour bus or backstage!

Drake: CAUSE, what girl you know with us that carry around an xbox 360 LIVE, cause shannels ass don't!

Tyga: AND you got all the episodes of COD!

Drake/Tyga: YOU ONE DOWN ASS b****!

Me: Look at yall. *i laughed hard and sat down watching them, putting on my heels, damn I thought to myself these s***s gon kill* Come on yall, let's go take our seats we all ready.

Drake: Gudda and Millz probably in they room smoking thought you sure ready too?

Me: uh-huh, I'll go check though. *i got up and went to millz's dressing room to check, we had sorted things out now. Even him and Chris grew tight he was just another brother like figure to me now, not my abusive ex. I burst straight in I never knocked on his s*** on purpose, he'd always chased me for it but I didn't give a f*** I'd simply call baby and get his ass tackled! I giggled when I saw the look on his face... Pricless* You ready honeybuns!?

Millz: Let's do it! *he turned everything off and brushed his hair with his hand in the mirror* damn I look good. *he and gudda came out and shut the door walking behind me*

Me: Yall some conceited ass niggas.

Gudda: Right, and that's comming from the girl that call herself barbie!? *we all laughed and met up with the whole crew, for what Wayne and baby consider as a pep talk*

Birdman: Yall ready to stunt on hoes!?


Wayne: WHO WE IS?


Birdman: WHAT WE GET?



Y.M: YOUNG MULA BABYYYY! *We all laughed hard and pushed and hugged and patted each others back before walking out there, we always did that little ritual when we were together, I loved my team. Infact they aren't my team... They're my family!


OKAYY ! Lol I'm sorry I took SOOO LONG!
But I have a sorta long post to make up for it so... FORGIVE ME? :)
There will be some changes to the names however such as...

The "Me" person is now called Nicki and her picture is obviously now Nicki Minaj lol, I've changed the 1st post written at the very top of the page JUST INCASE you're confused with what I'm trying to say!
Just read over it again and you won't be confused with the new update!

Enjoy. :)

Signeddd : Badb****.x


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Hey guys, thanks for the runs, it's been a while but I'M BACK TO UPDATE A NEW CHAPTER. :)
Hope you enjoy & try leave feedback/opinions and what not. <3


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What you smiling at!?
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I like how they both went and talked too each others man for the other!

damn! im glad they beat that ass but ewww spiting on sum1 is so nasty lol I hope she dont take millz back and be with chris and tyga and Kiyrah r so cute but disfunctional lol i like this story!
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This post mad long sorry lol. x

Chris burst in the room while Millz was just laying back eating his food and wiping his mouth with a smirk on his face. he was bigger than chris, but he obviously didn't know how Chris got down ; he was super strong and knew how to fight like crazy because he always had to protect himself in the neighbourhood he grew up in, not to mention he was blood affiliated and had a serious temper on him. That's why I became so worried watching Millz sitting there with that smug look on his face which was evidently provoking Chris more.

Chris: What the f*** you smiling for nigga?

Millz: Cause you ran up in here like a straight goon, I expected pretty boys to knock the door 1st at least.

Chris: Don't patronize me nigga. *chris was trying his best to stay calm but I could see that cute little vein that appeared at the side of his head when he was real mad and his hands where now clenched into fists, I was just waiting for him to go red... Then I knew it'd be on. I kinda wanted Chris to f*** up millz after what he did to me ; but I didn't want no trouble so I tried to step in*


Millz: Christopher, such a saint like name. See baby he aint about s*** just wait for him to stop throwing his little tantrum then we can get back to what we was doing.

Me: Millz shut up. *I glared at him to indicate that he needed to stop winding chris up but it was a little too late for that...*

Chris: This nigga.. *chris laughed and turned his head to the side lickin his lips, smiling at me then I saw that he'd turned red* Sorry Nicki. *and with that chris jumped millz dragging him out of the bed throwing blows to his face non stop, he stomped him out, kicked his head in a few times hell he even went as far as to strangle the nigga, I stood there and just watched without feeling not even an ounce of sympathy for Millz, Karmas a b****. The only reason I stepped in was because Chris now had that niggas head and was banging it against the dresser and there was blood all over the place ; I didn't want him to kill the man, I couldn't see chris go to jail for me and over such a worthless nigga so I pulled Chris off him just in time and held him back. We both stood over Millz's unconscious body and stared at him, Chris spat in his face and looked at me.

Chris: Spit on him.

Me: Chris that's enough, let's get you cleaned up you got blood all over you.

Chris: Yeah but aint none of this blood mine, now do it cause I know you want to.

Me: Chris... *I smiled, he knew me so well. I spat in Millz's face and started stomping him out my damn self before chris carried me off him laughing*

Chris: See, feel better huh?

Me: *nods* now put me down.

Chris: Yes ma'am. *chris put me down and pulled me into a tight ass hug while I rested my head on his chest, damn I loved his sent ; the way he held me and ran his fingers through my hair, and the kisses he'd plant on my forehead that made me giggle but he did something different this time... He did all the things above but he did something extra too, he lifted my chin up and stared into my eyes and I just melted.

Me: Ch-Ch.. Chris..

Chris: Sssh. *he moved into me slowly and... He kissed me runnin his hand down my back to my ass then back up to my waist, and I returned the favor rapping my arms round his neck before slowly pulling out of the kiss*

Me: What was that?

Chris: Umm I gotta go. *he rushed out the door and left me standing there confused, shocked and dazed. I didn't even bother trying to call him back. I had to speak to Kiyrah and get out of this house before Millz woke up and beat my ass. So that's exactly what I did. I hopped in my car and drove myself to her place since she wasn't answering her cell. But when I pulled up Chris' car was already there. He must of gone to see Tyga the same way I rushed to see Kiyrah ugh, I locked my car and rang the bell, hoping Kiyrah answered, but she didn't.

Tyga: *smirking and making kissing noises* well would you look who it is.!

Me: BOY MOVE. *I rolled my eyes and pushed him aside, I loved tyga but he could be SO annoying at times*

Tyga: Oh so Chris can get a kiss but I can't even get a hello?

Me: Shut up. *I smacked his arm hard and saw chris staring at me from the couch, I didn't say a word I just walked upstairs to my girls room to see Kiyrah going through Tygas pockets, I stood back and watched silently laughing at her paranoid ass till she turned round and jumped when she saw me*

Kiyrah: b**** DON'T DO THAT *holding her chest* frightening me and s***!

Me: Still tryna catch tyga out huh?

Kiyrah: Yes, some b**** told me her friend been f***in him and he aint walk into this house till 3am last night.

Me: Well where he say he was? *I asked sittin on her bed starting to get a little pissed at him myself*

Kiyrah: Studio. *she rolled her eyes and carried on snooping*

Me: Okay.. So just call and see if he was...

Kiyrah: Oh.. Good idea! You do it though, I'm too nervous. *she threw me the phone and I sighed, I needed to tell her about Chris and I, but I had to help her first so I called and asked, but they didn't confirm he was there, infact they did but they said he left at around 12am, I was pissed but I couldn't let it show so I put on my happy voice and grinned at her while I said thank you and ended the call. I couldn't tell her, it'd break her heart and when she's hurt she replaces the feeling with anger and I wasn't trying to see this girl smash up his s*** and wreck her own house so I lied... Just untill I could speak to him myself anyway.

Me: Seee, they said he was there till early hours in the AM, now would you stop checking his pants!

Kiyrah: Really? *pouts* omg, I gotta go say sorry.

Me: NO you don't have to go do all that... Just uhh. Give him space we need to talk anway.

Kiyrah: Fine. *she sighed and flopped back on the bed laying next to me* Soo?

Me: Soo... Millz beat on me again and *gco*

Kiyrah: I don't even wanna hear it Lee. *rolls her eyes* I don't know how many times I done told you to leave that nigga.

Me: Okay and I did today.

Kiyrah: WORD? YAAAY *jumping on the bed* This means we NEED to go club hopping tonight to find you a new thing to play with! When did you break up, how, why details details!

Me: Right after chris beat the s*** outta his ass.

Kiyrah: WHAT, WHEN?

Me: Right before me and Chris kissed...

Kiyrah: Lawdddd... *her jaw dropped and her eyes widened*

Me: Mhm.

Kiyrah: Damn, so what happened next? Yall f***?

Me: Not everyones fast like you. I pulled out the kiss and he rushed out.

Kiyrah: Oh child that's nothing but his nerves kicking in... That is TOO cute. Come let's go downstairs. *she took my hand and dragged me before I even had the chance to refuse, Chris and tyga looked up at us from their xbox game of COD as we stood right infront of the flat screen. I told tyga I needed to speak to him and she told chris she needed to speak to him at the same time and by the look on our faces they knew better than to refuse. Tyga stood up and followed me to the kitchen shutting the door behind him*

Tyga: Supp?

Me: Don't supp me, where was you last night?

Tyga: Ugh, not you as well, I was in the STUDIO.

Me: No you wasn't cause I called and they said you left at 12am, according to Kiyrah you came in at 3, so where the f*** was you between 12 and 3am?!

Tyga: *he looked at me nervously* Did you tell her that?

Me: NO, not YET anyway luckily for you. I hate keeping secrets from my best friend especially one like this but I thought I'd give you a chance to explain before I broke her heart cause I won't have you do it. After everything she's done for you Tyga. Been there when you was going through hell, let you stay with her cause you aint got no where to go, and this is how you repay her are you SERIOUS?

Tyga: I KNOW she did all that for me, and so yes this is how I'm repaying her.

Me: BY CHEATING? *i got in his face mad, I was an inch away from smacking him in the mouth I couldn't believe what I was hearing*

Tyga: No, with this. *he pulled out a case and opened it, inside was a beautiful gold neckless with her name on it and a couple real diamonds going across I was speechless.

Me: How... How could you afford this, where did you get the money?

Tyga: I been grinding Nick. Its only something small till I get signed. But I don't wanna wait till then to get her something special so I thought I'd make some money on the side to do this for her.

Me: Damn, this aint small, its beautiful... But why you been acting so shady?

Tyga: What, let her know I'm slagin drugs to get her a neckless? I don't think so.

Me: So when you gonna give it to her?

Tyga: Tonight..

- With Chris & Kiyrah -

Kiyrah: So, whyd you rush out after the kiss if it wasn't a mistake then?

Chris: I just got nervous, I been feeling Lee for a while but we been friends longer and I aint trying to f*** that up.

Kiyrah: Well she been feeling you too, so why don't you just tell her.

Chris: I was going to.

Kiyrah: And when was that?

Chris: Tonight...

We both walked back into the living room at the same time grinning at each other.

Kiyrah: What you smiling at?

Me: Nothing, what you smiling at?

Kiyrah: Ohh, nothing...

Me: Lying ass. *i sat on the couch and watched Chris and Tyga carry on with their game smiling at Kiyrah being all over Tyga after she was just ready to go to world war 3 with him.*

Chris: KIYRAH, you making us loose take yo ass over there to where Nicki sitting.

Kiyrah: Nigga shut up, this my man. *kissing on his chest*

Tyga: Yeah shut up, my girl can distract me whenever she likes.

Chris: Yo, you so pussywhipped. *laughing*

Tyga: And? Nigga mind ya business and play the game.

Chris: Aight punk.

Kiyrah: Baby, I wanna go upstairs to be together...

Tyga: But we together down here...

Kiyrah: Yeah BUT I wanna go UPSTAIRS to be TOGETHER...

Tyga: Ohhhhh! Chris I'ma be right back. *he picked Kiyrah up and ran up the stairs with her while they both laughed leaving me and Chris sat alone there together and an awkward silence filled the room.

Chris: I'm sorry about leaving earlier, I was just shocked.

Kiyrah: its cool. *I replied nonchalantly, I couldn't let him see that it had hurt my feelings*

Chris: Good, cause there's something I gotta tell you...