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Granite’s heart grew light

Denver meditated. "No, I won't <a href="">Cheap Vibram Fivefingers Classic Shoes</a> say that. I've seen too many queer things. There's always a reason for wanting to get out of life -- the wonder is that we find so many for staying in!" Granite’s heart grew light. "Then you do believe me?" he faltered. "Believe that you're sick of the job? Yes. And that you haven't the nerve to pull the trigger? Oh, yes -- that's easy enough, too. But all that doesn't make you a murderer -- though I don't say it proves you could never have <a href="">Cheap Vibram Fivefingers Kso Shoes</a> been one."
As he paused to wipe his forehead he saw the District Attorney glance at his watch. The gesture was significant, and Granite <a href="">Cheap Vibram Fivefingers Speed Shoes</a> lifted an appealing hand. "I don't expect you to believe me now-but can't you put me under arrest, and have the thing looked into?"
Granites were overcome <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers</a> by the futility of any farther attempt to inculpate him. He was chained to life -- a "prisoner of consciousness." Where was it he had read the phrase? Well, he was learning what it meant. In the glaring night-hours, when his brain seemed ablaze, he was visited by a sense of his fixed identity, of his irreducible, inexpugnable selfness, keener, more insidious, more inescapable, than any <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers shoes</a> sensation he had ever known. He had not guessed that the mind was capable of such intricacies of self-realization, of penetrating so deep into its own dark windings. Often he woke from his brief snatches of sleep with the feeling that something material was clinging to him, was on his hands and face, and in his throat -- and as his brain cleared he understood that it was the sense of his own <a href="">vibram SPRINT</a> loathed personality that stuck to him like some thick viscous substance.
Then, in the first morning hours, he would rise and look out of his window at the awakening activities of the street -- at the street-cleaners, the ash-cart drivers, and the other dingy workers flitting hurriedly by through <a href="">vibram running shoes</a> the sallow winter light. Oh, to be one of them -- any of them -- to take his chance in any of their skins! They were the toilers -- the men whose lot was pitied -- the victims wept over and ranted about by altruists and economists; and how gladly he would have taken up the load of any one of them, if only he might have shaken off his own! But, no-the iron circle of consciousness held them too: each one was hand-cuffed to his hideous ego. Why wish to be any one man <a href="">five fingers shoes</a> rather than another? The only absolute good was not to be And Flint, coming in to draw his bath, would ask if he preferred his eggs scrambled or poached that morning.
Granite had felt a return of confidence since he had enlisted the interest of the Explorer's "smartest" reporter. If there were <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers US</a> moments when he hardly believed his own story, there were others when it seemed impossible that every one should not believe it; and young Peter McCarran, peering, listening, questioning, jotting down notes, inspired him with an exquisite sense of security. McCarran had fastened on the case at once, "like a leech," as he phrased it -- jumped at it, thrilled to it, and settled down to "draw the last drop of fact from it, and had not let go till he had." No one else had treated Granite in that way -- even Allenby’s detective had not taken a single note. And though <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers Classic</a> a week had elapsed since the visit of that authorized official, nothing had been heard from the District Attorney's office: Allenby had apparently dropped the matter again. But McCarran wasn't going to drop it -- not he! He positively hung on Granite’s footsteps. They had spent the greater part of the previous day together, and now they were off again, running down clues.