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I had no idea which comes of "brave"

never to Mr. Liar I plait of cadastral test-group won't be back tonight to sleep. Always proud of me Mr. How will think of other people's eyes, he will carry the fair maiden with another guy? I didn't know what I can sink into kissing’s <a href="">links of london jewellery</a> fields he-men. When I arrived at agreed that remote small bar, already was 11 PM. A quiet corner, he laughed waved to me. I smiled gladly tender seats. Remember that day when I wore a black white-collar edge of knitted dress, fasten silver silk scarves. From his watch my eyes can see his admiration. For <a href="">Lovestruck necklace,pave diamond</a> clothes, I have an innate understanding, know what suit one. He asked me how to say it, I just Mr. Mould produces some smile. He will no longer ask bottom. Bar with someone in Kara OK, he said the bar of acoustics is with design and installation of, very proud of appearance.
And sometimes he familiar person come over and greet him, I embarrassedly bowed his head. He sorry a smile: "sorry, thought find a <a href="">links</a> remote place will not have the acquaintance, who knows... ah, know me too much." Just say that finish, he point song arrived, he sings very devotion reminds me that he once said singing is he respects the most important way feelings. His <a href="">links of london sweetie</a> song wins much applause. I've been silently sat there, watching his singing, see him and to greet all sorts of people play bar faddish games, listening to him and different people said various style words. Occasionally I sip a sip of beer. His concern ground ask I boring? I shook my head, finally nobody to disturb us. He walked over to me from across the table next to the chair <a href="">links of london charms</a> to sit down, close to my ear (acoustics is too big) said: "ah, these are so keep! A very vexed very habit is?" I smile and say: "so, you what pig penguin dog friends have!" He also says with smile: "yes, white stripped the Mafia have! Sometimes very vexed patio these people ah." He said harshly to drink a glass of wine.
I can't help but say you drink so much wine stem! He poured glass of wine, said: "I want to get drunk tonight." He takes drinks; both hands backwards fiddled with his soft hair, low none "his mother!" I said I shall tell you a true <a href="">links london</a> joke. I'll stick his ear, speak! Tell, listen again he clap a thigh and clap chest laugh. He laughed can be enough unbridled, I'd love to see him smile. "Funny is?" He ha nodded, "to tell one!" And I told a, he laughed hype, keep call <a href="">links rings</a> mother: "oh, killing me, true have such things? Heed..." I do not doubt leave fierce nod, also follow laughing. Surrounding the guests all strangely looked up at us. I stop laughing, but he still in repeated from time to time is a few sentences, enfolding her mouth smile again.
Out of bars, his hand naturally in my shoulder paused and quickly moved. He said his car call the driver left, he want to open my motorcycle. Looking <a href="">links london sweetie bracelet</a> at a bit shaking him, I say you do? He made JunLingZhuang like to say: "nothing! Besides my life to have four taboos, first and second is not to sit by the motorcycle tail! Ha!" Tickled my smiling, I handed him the keys, sitting behind him, my <a href="">links bracelets</a> hand never know what good, have to help stiffly backward naked! He said you hold a little dangerous which!