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A Kind of Beauty

A Kind of Beauty
Therefore, if you want to have the kind of colorful red beauty, can never go to concoct, build a false beauty, you cannot go to <a href="">oakley</a> borrow beauty, you're and side by side, stood together, or red maple, you still you, you can't even go to , stole beauty, others' beauty is others, beauty cannot because <a href="">oakley glasses</a> plunder has changed its properties, as to spend money making to buy beauty, that is more cannot get true self-purity and high of that kind of beauty.
So, whether we can have the kind of beautiful red? Can, of course. As long as we fear in the journey of life experience and weathered, and can standing proudly at under wind and frost, our life will be beautiful, will be red.
Therefore, see doesn't have to <a href="">Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles</a> go to fragrant hill, not necessarily go to the phoenix valley, not necessarily to eight main point to, not necessarily to the, red screw temple to, look at the curse of stream of people, was abound how many after wind and frost but such as red as red * person people? From the deep valley to greatly small hilltop, nowhere <a href="">oakley uk</a> without loose. But I said of pine just mountain pine.
Such as welcoming pine, hope guest pine, black tiger pine, coyly loose etc., are all visitors scrambling to take pictures of the object. But I didn't say these names, but those born in loose utmost and precipice on unknown is full of rocky crag. Bare megalithic side made thousand climb bare no soil, particularly those high places, days cold wind problems, vegetation untaught, nor go there, goshawk spiraling pines but broken stone, and the extension beautiful and green long arms and shows its unique temperament. Men <a href="">oakley half jacket</a> admire them alone absolutely picture, seldom go to think in a perpetual sun or cold violent wind and how they live and grow?
One of the locals tell me, these growth in alcoves in pine, root can secrete a kind of acidity material, corrosion, make its surface of a stone into nutrient absorption by oneself. In order to seek vitality from stone, and to hold a precipice, aiming to resist the wind tore and destroy, their root days and nights and stone struggle, eventually incredibly Pierce strong as steel stone body. Careful then can see that these pine root <a href="">prescription oakley sunglasses</a> growth and expansion in the stone which often earn crack! What trees have such tenacious vitality?
I in welcoming pine cliff behind the hope in one place a precipice, see a long alcoves birth a strains of young pines. It is high, but less than one meter exuberant and energetic. Obviously there was single pine nuts a hope here, in this cold alcoves, nor between what nourishment, it is miracle sprout, and as it grew. So <a href="">oakley jackets</a> young trees can also so stubborn? This power is from species itself, or in a generation of pine bumpy destiny of hone out? I think, must be the latter. I found the pine and mountain, the mountain as the loose never. Those faithfully crowded in warm valley of pine, dry straight branch fat, fresh Bess, languid is lazy and rich, And these top <a href="">Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses sale</a> a precipice pine branches thin hard, but black green leaves, vigorous and strong. This comes loose was bad and the ugly environment aggrandizement out. It is the spiritual and abound elastic trunk, is a long-term and rain fight results; It is to stretch out branches and leaves of far more to absorb sunlight... This generation <a href="">Cheap Oakley Active Sunglasses</a> of hard survival memory, has turned into a kind of individuality gene, sneak in a precipice loose bones. Therefore, they only have such extraordinary personality and spirit.
They stand on all the most inaccessible places. The waste of wild ling utmost, those in the next miles-rock cliffs, often can see tree even only lone pine tree, over there. They also look different, each posture is different, or handsome, or solemn, or the public, or lonely. Far looked at them, grows respect, But they -- only standing in these unattainable place, can really see heaven and earth with broad dances.