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On the way back, after <a href="">oakley</a> a place tents, owners may not rise, one in the puppy jump, bark on is very clear and in the wilderness. And a well shelf and covered with oil workers nonchalance looking at us. Derrick nearby, a thin horse Mercedes, the rider attire is local nomads of appearance.
Come to a place of oil sandstone type curve, rock is red, black purple soil where seems to penetrate oil juice, transfer the earth deep secret. More than a hundred years ago, the, Hungary, Austria, India, Sweden has geographers, explorer and geologists not regularly to the identity of the, just collected some fossils, from ever found <a href="">oakley gascan</a> oil resources. Someone heard in western red the hillside, arrive a ignition namely burning of, finally found the show ground name for mountain structure. Early fifties, geological team veteran found here display, which opened up in petroleum exploration prologue. Looking at mountain, you will find the tectonic magic, this vegetated unexpectedly hidden in this remote place.
Valley between fly a black bird, rattling <a href="">Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles</a> screaming, perched on sandstone. Black bird watching us this line stranger, in the moment, and dab-dab screaming, pounced down from our heads but three feet, frighten a person a jump, and rotating into the vale. In the middle of this rare barrens, even disagreeable crow, also appear so wonderfully alive. Our feet tread on ice, on the ground lay with some old rubbers, toothbrush, enamel batch, the bottle of medicine, door <a href="">Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses</a> locks, such as waste, the original wood tent here of exergue, might be half a century ago. Once life work here host is who? They are now in where?
Obviously, many persons are forever left in this piece of barren land. In backer of a slope, we saw a large graveyard, surface is gray desert, their tombs are gray, use local materials, solid desert in the tombs. Only when the wind <a href="">Oakley Polarized Goggles</a> blows, but go to. Flank is a dry river beds, stranded the storm season rolled down the flood of trace. River shore is a tall dam, is to prevent flood inundation base construction. It is in dam under the sun, there is a with a brick since base graveyard, area of about 30 square meters, outside is tracery wall, huddled crude tombs. This is the old man's graveyard, o auspicious around appear very prominent. Inscriptions on wrote: commune wood. Buy <a href="">discount oakley</a> effort", made the tomb of auspicious time for "in 1961 in October, at the age of 74. We at last night, from base courtyard in gather a bouquet of flowers, there are red, blue, purple, yellow, pink, not by their names, all the way in fresh-keeping bucket, now still alive again. We to the silence, o auspicious old man offer flowers, and his old <a href="">oakley fives</a> friend if ice old man handwritten couplet: "to respect the old man" o hero auspicious. I think, in old man behind her, o auspicious is more than half a century of countless died here graveyard, o auspicious is still oil team guides, in another world, walk. I couldn't help supinely begin, see the tall the snow-capped mountain, only it can help us find the necromancer's place.
one is the dry river, one is the lake outside connect the mountains. Base beside a piece of poplars grow very stubborn, leaves along the ground, dynasty, depression that let a person chill. Surrounding buildings, mostly antiquated <a href="">oakley flak jacket</a> worth spire vaulted stadium also became a misfit decoration. Nearby oil facilities, tank lining, still in a cloud of smoke transpiration, in the final of the string. First peripheral oilfield is the output of crude oil the artery of hub, a start here, over the mountains, the desert south direct oil town Over the past few days, arrange the trip always say beautiful line, now know refers to the pipeline. Crude oil after <a href="">oakley flak jacket</a> dehydration process such as processing, remote input refinery, blood and input more zone, input the earth's lifeblood. And here is only a piece of barren land, is in the hatch vegetables, in dream bath in spring.