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Chris Brown Arrested?

I just found out and I'm a little pissed off at this. I saw the interview on GMA. They were trying to make the whole thing about Rihanna instead of his album. Were the questions pre-approved? If not, that's f'd up on some real s***. I'm mad he's in jail on the day of his album release which is truly f***ery right there. The incident happened two years ago and people are still holding that over his damn head. I need people to get the f*** over it. Charlie Sheen is doing the same damn thing and some more bulls*** but his ass is being glorified for that while Chris is being bashed by every damn body. They need to get over it. Chris and Rihanna have both moved the f*** on. Once again, Everyone is going to jump on the I Hate Chris Brown bandwagon over some stupid ass biased interview which like I stated before is complete f***ERY!

f*** all that s***.
f*** GMA,Rhianna, and all that other people wo are admonishing Chris.

They can all suck my non-existent d***!


I just needed to vent.


(trey songz voice) I CNT f*** WIT YOU NO MORE LOL
yea they really need to move on it was a serious matter but 2 yrs ago and they both moved on not every interview he has to do has to deal with the rihanna incident. he is not the first celebrity to come down with a domestic violence charge we have Ice T we have Terrence Howard TI and many more so people are human although i do not condone violence but we make mistakes and we just got to learn from them and move on. chris brown is still very successful and i still am a number one fan just like before that whats a true fan will stand by them not hop on the banwagon or running behind it.

<a href="">Update: Chris Brown Won’t Face Criminal Charges</a>

he wasnt charges, or arrested.

she announced this morning they'd love to have him back on GMA

all i can say is Fuk ABC - Fuk Robin Roberts..


I can agree with all of you on this. Everyone kept saying arrested and I saw headlines so,I kind of assumed he was. People are just dirty as hell for what they did to Chris. I need people to get the hell over everything that happened. Only Chris and Rihanna know what happened so,they need to stop assuming s*** that Chris was the only culprit. I think she did something but that's all whole different conversation. In the words of my mother, If it isn't hell, people aren't happy. Everyone is trying to bring Chris down and Robin took the interview as a way to do it in public. I'm sorry but if I was in the crowd, the first mention of Rihanna, I probably would've slapped her for Chris. lol

right now i feel like everyone is trying to bring Chris down. It's a shame to see all the things that people are doing to damage his career. that lady on gma was so out of pocket. i wanted to punch her in the face.

I had this conversation with my mom and she tried to justify what that lady did but i told her like this
"ma it doesn't matter what he did two years ago, he went through the process that the law wanted him to in order to put this behind him so her bringing that up was still wrong especially when he was there to promote his album."

but no matter what im still a chris breezy fan blonde hair tattoos and all.

I agree with you Giggles. At the end of the day, every wants Chris to be the "big bad wolf." Whatever happened between the two of them is hanging over him like a cloud, and the media is just waiting for the right slip up to keep that s*** coming. Am I the only who thought it was strange that when Chris was doing good deeds, going to charity events, laying low, promoting his album, and giving back to his fans, only a select few blogs cared to report on it. But as soon as something that people can use as "evidence" to reaffirm the belief that he's an angry, violent person who's been damaged from seeing domestic violence in his own home comes up, the news travels around the world within MINUTES? GTFOH!!!

And how bout this Charlie Sheen guy?! He's had WAY more domestic violence mishaps than Chris (HE SHOT SOMEONE), he's on drugs, he's CLEARLY out of control, but everybody's following him like he's a positive influence, "bi-winning" here and drinking "tiger blood" there? I promise you, if someone supports Charlie Sheen but talks badly about Chris in the same breath, I'm going to haul off and punch the b**** in the face and wear a Team Breezy shirt to court.

And let's be REALLY real: this is all because he's a black man. The only time a white man receives hatred for something he did or said is if he's talking about Jews. I never pull the race card, but this s*** is just too blatantly in my face.

I'm done *breezy voice*

all i really have to say about this is that i refuse to entertain the media's constant dragging of chris's name. it's sad to say that no matter what he does, no matter how good it is he's gonna always get brought back to rihanna. let's be real when that whole thing went down with her he just boosted her rep and brutally murdered his own

Another thing...Robin was annoying me when she kept saying "Everyone wants to know/people are tweeting..." No girl! Everyone is tweeting and talking about #Fame, not ish that happened 2 yrs ago. Unless you are living under a rock, you know what transpired in the past, so there is no need to report news that the entire world knows. Just move on! This was about a new beginning and Robin turned it into a way to sneak in an ambush. SMDH. CBS tried the same mess with their article, luckily it wasn't televised and didn't stir the pot as this has, but #Fame is still #1!

Those were all #lies and he was ambushed. Sad to see Robin do that to her own but reporters will do anything to get a "breaking" story and ABC hasn't had one in a minute.

Elizabeth & Whoopi defended Chris on the View and said he gave his shirt to a fan outside as opposed to the ripping his shirt off and storming out tales they were reporting. And there's no proof connecting him to the window other than speculation. I just think because of his past its making it so easy for the media to try to put the blame on Chris and paint him as a monster, but the devil is a #liar and #Fame is #1 on iTunes!

Sorry but this story is not true


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I agree with Rudi93. I was watching GMA this morning. I was very surprised and disappointed with Robin Roberts. I thought of her as a decent and warm person until today. Twice Chris told her he was there to talk about his music when she tried to bring up Rhianna. Still a THIRD time she brought up Rhianna. It seems to me she was trying to provoke Chris with her questions. Is she some kind of man-hater? I've lost all respect for her just as I have for Rhianna. Until Rhianna tells the truth about that incident I have no respect for her whatever. All of us who have the brains God gave us know Rhianna lied about what happened.
To Chris I would like to say - Leave all these people in the hands of God! God says He hates lieing! He then came back and said -no-He considers lieing to be an ABOMINATION!
So Chris, just keep doing the RIGHT thing, don't let people like Robin be a stumbling block in your career and life. Everything we say and do are seeds we are planting. Remembe what the Bible says about SEED TIME AND HARVEST. God gave you your talent. The world can't take it away! Be very careful about the type of female with whom you get involved. Make sure she is a decent, God-fearing person. (That's going to be pretty difficult, but doable:) )

As a HUGE fan of his I want the focus to be on his music, and his talent and not his personal life, but come on he did kind of bring it upon himself. But on the other hand he did what the legal system felt he should do to make amends so I do feel they should leave it alone. Personally I'm tired of hearing about the situation, I mean damn its been 2 years. But lets be honest we all know GMA had to approve the questions they were going to ask by his publicist so i'm not sure why he allowed them to ask the questions if he didnt want to answer, that makes no sense to me. He needs to learn to deal with his anger, lets all keep it 100 he was wrong for breaking the people window, thats something he should have not done. He is a celebrity at the end of the day so he is held to a higher standard then the rest of us. Whether we like it or not or he likes it or not the Rihanna question is coming to keep coming up through his entire career so he needs to learn how to deal with his temper when it is brought up, thats it thats all. I still love you CHRISTOPHER.

First of all that lady on GMA was so wrong for snaking what happened two years ago into the interview. She had no right at all to do what she did. I know that what he did will be attached to his name, BUT people need to let the situation go instead of trying to give it life. As a true fan and a mature young person, I see that he is truly trying to be better but there are still people in high positions keep attacking him about what he did to Rihanna. Furthermore, to know that this happened to him and it caused him to makes me angry because he has moved past it but there is some nosey,ignorant people who still want go on and on and letting anything fly out of there mouths. My main point is get of that stuff and "The power of life and death lies in the tongue" and that is straight up scripture. I tell you that we have no idea what kind of positive or negative effect our words can have on other people. Either your words can hurt or heal.


He isnt arrested..He just tweeted 2min ago..And it would be all over the internet and news if he was arrested.

was he actually arrested??