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UK tour

who else finks chris shud tour the UK?? :)


Unfortunately he is not allowed in the UK due to his probation with the Rihanna case - its not up to him its the UK government!!

Definitely need to have you in the UK again breezy! Manchester MEN needs you again :D 2009 was too long ago :( :( #teambreezy

its because he's still banned from the UK from the rihanna stuff :(

I hope very much)))

Maybe he's coming here in 2013? I think he's gonna come here;) I'm waiting!

Chris is gonna tour the UK in 2014 ?????? Is that true ?

i do I DO I DO

Chris, pleeeeeease we need you in Italy or in Switzerland ! <3<3

I heard he's comming to UK in 2014!
all i can say is i hope he comes to manchester! :D

Chris please please please come to the UK. You've been away for too long.Your UK fans are missing you soo much x

chris please come to the uk, its not fair on us! we all wanna see you here :D

Does anyone know if he'll ever be allowed to tour the UK again ? coz I really want to see him in concerts!!!

he cant

Most definitely! If I could I'd do anything to get him to come to the UK. To be fair he deserves it, I mean looking back at 2011 was one of his best years, he won loads of awards and did lots of performances, and his album selling millions! Not to mention the fantastic songs that he made and some of them he released! I would be sooooooo first in line, I wouldn't how much the tickets cost either, I just want Breezy back in the UK! All of his UK fans miss him so much, and I hope he realizes that!

Yeah please Chris, come to the UK! PLEEAASSEEEE!! x :)

i want chris to tour in da o2 arena again

i want chris to tour in da o2 arena again

i would love to c chris brown in the uk,defo be one of the first in line. your uk fans are missin you breezy.xxxxxxx

chris come to the UK!

Most definitely! I'm still waiting from last year...
It's annoying because I'm -£80 due to the UK not allowing him into the Country. It's also annoying how the rules/laws are different for other European countries compared to the UK for the same situation!
I don't want to give my tickets away, but I'd also like to receive something for my £80 - either the money back or a Chris Brown concert! (Preferably the latter!) x

I agree!!! :D

me! i think he should :D