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!%` Women Lie... Men Lie `%!


I lay here. Sun shining in my face. My baby Deaysha in my arms. Looking beautiful with all her charm. In our beach home in Hawaii that rests right on the sand. Sounds of waves crashing in makes the atmosphere so serene. I close my eyes adn drift off into a peaceful sleep.

BAM!!!! I m awakened from this daydream by the sound of screams. Im totally in a nightmare. Im chained to this damn chair. SOme nigga chained to a chair. This crazy b**** is screaming at me, My baby is God knows where getting hurt by God knows who and I cant even help her. Im really about to cry. All this s*** is my fault. I didnt mean for all this s*** to go wrong. I didnt want none of this. I love my baby, I would die if anything happened to her. She is my life! And this nigga, he is a f***ing bastardthat betrayed me but it was partly my fault so i cant be mad at him. He dont deserve to die. Neither do I. It was just one mistake that turned my life upside down and inside out. I guess this is what happens when men and women lie.




1 Year Earlier

I wake up to the sun in my face and the smell of good food. I get up and follow the scent. I am led to the kitchen where I stop and look at my beautiful wife of 2 years in pink diamond lace lingerie and dancing to Ms. New Booty by Bubba Sparx and making her homemade McGriddles. I sneak up behind her and hold her from behind.

Deaysha: hola papi

C: hey baby, it smells delicious down here

De: mhm cause deliciousness is being made

C: (licks up her neck) I was talking about you

De: (remembering the events of last night) mmm im not the only one thats delicious

C: I totally am loving you a whole lot right now

De: why

C: cause you actually took off woerk to f*** me. I mean the infamous Dr. Brown has left her patients to take care of her main patient. Thanks boo

De: anytime baby, no problem. I'll do anything for mi papi

C: (kissing her neck) mmm si si

When the food was done, we sat at the table, me in a chair and De on my lap. I tried to kiss her neck again and she pushed me back in the chair and said...

De: no eat ur food

C: why

De: cause i made it for ur ungrateful ass

C: lol ok ok dont kick my ass, I will do it

I swallowed the whole sandwich in two bites, sat her up on the table and started eating my real meal!!

Run Itt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Run IT!

damnz i thought i commented on this LOL...

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wow! wat happened? run it!!!

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