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<em>School Daze || `⎧.01 ⎫</em>

"Senior Projects are due next week, Wednesday the 16th. I hope everyone works hard on them and finishes them, it determines wether you will graduate or not. Any questions?". Mrs Morrison looked around the room for raised hands, which never happened. The room was silence, you could hear a cricket outside chirping.

"Well, I hope to see twenty two projects completed, first thing Wednesday morning. There's thirty definitions on page 211, that's your homework for tonight - -".

<strong>Buzz .. Buzz ..</strong>

Mrs.Morrison was cut off by the bell ringing, it never failed that I was always the second to last leaving her classroom. I could never keep myself from falling asleep in her class, but I always managed to pass with good grades. I felt someone shaking me over and over, trying to wake me up, but I kept my head down.

"<a href="">Lyse'</a> .. Alyse' .. Alyse', b**** wake up!". I slowly picked my head up looking up at my crazy best friend, <a href="">Morgan</a>.

"I'm surprised you haven't failed this class yet!". Morgan grabbed her books from off her desk.

"Jealous?". I stood up fixing my <a href="">clothes</a>, trying to get the wrinkles out of my shirt.

"I said I'm <em>surprised</em>, not jealous!". She rolled her eyes, as we both walked out of the classroom, making our way to the cafeteria.

"I don't why I can't stay awake in school, working at the mall kills me!". I grabbed put my 60 cents into the pop machience, waiting for my mountain to drop.

"Yeah, your doing too much. Knowing damn well, you don't have too!". Morgan laughed, as she waited in line for her food.

"Please, prom and graduation is right around the corner". I looked around in my purse feeling my phone vibrating.

"Ok? And, your boyfriend has money on top of money. Make him pay for all that. Your stepdad runs a <em>legal</em> business. You could pick any limo, car, truck off of his lot". We both laughed.

Morgan was so into the "hustlers and bad boys". I'm dealing with one now, I don't know how many times i've told her I was leaving Jay and still haven't done it. I guess that's why she's so quick to tell me to use him before I leave him.

We sat at our everyday table, a round table by the long window. It was always us two, then ten minutes later the boys came. My stepbrother <a href="">Shad</a>, and his partners and crime, <a href="">Chris</a> and <a href="">Tyga</a>.

"Wassup' sis, Morgan?". Shad sat down next to me at the table as Chris and Tyga did the same.

"Wassup y'all". Chris and Tyga spoke.

Morgan and I both spoke as I kept my head down reading a text from Jay.

- - <em>Good morning baby!</em>

I rolled my eyes putting my phone back in my purse. It was going on 1 o'clock, and he's just now saying good morning! He made me sick.

"I think i'm leaving after lunch". I picked my head up, looking to see who would be the first one to say something smart.

"For what?". Shad looked over at me.

"I hope you ain't gon' go check up on, Jay!". Chris leaned back in chair shaking his head.

"And if she is?". Morgan caught a instant attitude. This happened everyday.

"I don't feel like being here!". I rolled my eyes. I hated when they knew exactly why I was leaving school.

"Look, we just lookin' out for you. That nigga ain't right?". Tyga picked his head up from his tray, puttin' his words in.

"How are y'all looking out for her when y'all s*** like that to her. Y'all just say the wrong s*** at the wrong time!". Morgan started to get loud.

"Your her right hand man, you should be tellin' her the same s*** were saying, instead of feedin' her some bulls***!". Chris looked over at Morgan. Right then and there I was ready to leave.

I stood up grabbing my purse and books.

"Can I have your keys?". I asked Shad.

"Yeah, I'll see you at the house". He handed me his keys. Standing up for a hug.

I hugged him back as I said bye to everyone at the table. I waited until I got into the car to let my tears out. I knew that everything that was being said at the table was right. Why do I stick around with Jays ass when I know he does me wrong? That was a question that only I could answer, and everytime I was asked that question, I never had an answer.

I pulled up in front of Jays Condo. I seen that his truck was parked out front. I haven't told him I was stopping past, hopefully I catch him with my own eyes, doing something he shouldn't be doing, and then I'll actually let his ass go.

Instead of knocking on the door, I twisted the door knob to see if it was unlocked. And it was. I walked inside the <a href="">condo</a>. I looked over at the kitchen table seeing two plates that were eatin' off with breakfast food. I heard the shower running. So I decided to walk into the bathroom. I pushed the door open, seeing no one in the shower. I raised my eyebrow turning around seeing <a href="">Jay</a>.

"I thought you were in the shower?". I walked past him, walking into his bedroom as he followed me.

"Naw, I was about to hop in now. You wanna wait for me and we'll go out to eat?". Jay licked his lips grabbing his towel from off the closet door.

"I guess. Was someone here earlier? You forgot to do the dishes!". I said being smart with a smirk on my face.

"Chill out, one of my boys was here! Damn!". He walked out of the room and into the bathroom.

I looked around the room searching for anything that belonged to a female, who wasn't me. I looked under the bed, drawers closets and found nothing. I tried closing his closet door but something was blocking the door from closing. I looked down seeing a Doonie & Burke purse. My eyes grew big and body got hot. I was pissed. I started to look through the purse and it was pretty much empty, but there was a condom wrapper inside. My eyes began to water as I busted into the bathroom.

"JAY! I KNOW YOU DIDN'T HAVE SOME b**** IN HERE!!!" I screamed holding the purse in the air.

Jay slid the shower door half way open.

"Lyse', I didnt have a b**** in my house!". I looked over at me.

"WHO'S FAKE ASS DOONIE & BURKE PURSE IS THIS, JAY!". I walked closer to the shower.

"AND YOUR f***ING HER TOO!!". I pulled the condom wrapper out throwing it in his face.

The face expression he had was a sign off, <strong>I'm Caught</strong>.

He rinsed the soap off of him and turned the shower water off. Stepping out grabbing his towel.

"You mines well confess now .. Who's is it? Who are you f***ing, Jay?". I wiped away my tears, leaning against the wall.


run it.

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run it.

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run it