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"My Memoirs" -&& Chatting.. Exclusive Sistaz Production

------------------------Im Back.---------------------

<strong>W E L C O M E ~!~ A L L</strong>

--For My Old Stories - <em>They're all Discontinue<em> On This Site--

------------------------ This Thread ---------------------

I'ma be writting random s*** in here about what I've been up to or thinking about.. Like a journal <em>(hence "Memoirs")</em> If you feel like adding a comment about anything or posting memoirs of your own... be my guest but no DRAMA.. or negative s*** about anyone on this site.. unless its about yourself LMAO! cos we'z sum sensitive b****es on here LMAOOOOOO!!! .... HOOO-RAHH

The End.


Had a good weekend!..
Accomplished Alot..
Discovered Somethings..

~Loving More && Hating Less~

Hahahahah when Missy Elliot came she was amazed - cos like she jumped off stage and walked through the crowd and everyone just opened up a path and watched her walk through then back to the stage LOL..

in an interview she was like "I was amazed, normally people try to rip my chains off, but someone did punch me in the face"

LMAO!!.. that was my stupid cousin.. It wasnt his fault some chick like pushed into him and he fell forward but didnt know what he hit till like later on LOL..

Lady Gaga came twice but i missed her both times =(
we get rock and -- Justin Bieber
/-_-\ and old ass singer that were hot in the 80s

we get more rock concerts here than hip hop.. the overall concert here would have been lady gaga cos he bestfriends from NZL she told Lady gaga that concerts dont bring the full concert so she did and it was MAD!

I want Eminem to come LOL

i wanna see the fame tour too -- im praying that he comes to my city becauze i cant travel
he's never been here --- UGH

I'll definately go next time LOL..

I really wanted to go to the Fame tour in Australia.. but it was too expensive to Fly back! lol..

awww look at you on yo groupie ish!

Girl!!! you better go next time
and trey wasnt with him on this one
it was Akon
and OMG I had his shirt
I was on my biggest groupie ish lmao

awwww yeah i heard his concerts OFF THE HOOK!!!...
When he come here.. I made the bad calling of not going cos trey Songz woznt gon be there..

but he was dope az!

I cant stop talking about yesterday -- im trying to though lol
but yall I went to see Usher and had a effin blast
yall know the last concert i went to was B2K -- so yeah...I was happy to break that record lol


Aww I have God on speed dial! we tight..
He let a voice message saying I'd be fine LOL

Everythings going to be fine

I would pray for you but God might see my name on his iPhone and press
ignore then set the damn phone on fire lmao.

Aww Miickey!!...

Yeah its too much white blood cells, which would normally be good for you because it acts as your immune system.

however with a high blood count can lead to (worse case scenario) Lukemia, which I personally think is an over reaction on the doctors part.

their only worried because I'm showing all the bad signs, but as many that know me.. I push it aside and dont let it phase me.. but its quite late in the game..

sooo I have to wait for all these tests to come back.. but no doubt ima fill in my famz on here..

but everything should be fine =)

Harlem i looked it up and all i understood was raised white cell levels after that i took a turn for the worse 0_o lol.

And hope yu feel better.

s***z gotten wierd on here lmaooo..

I better put this in here before I forget LOL "Leukocytosis" - Feel free to "Google" it LOL

The doctors think that is what is wrong with me.. but I highly doubt it.. what do they know anyways LMAO!

Hi memoirs, (lol)

gyah damn I been hella sick.. not that i cant handle it..
its been good though.. Me being sick and not being at work gave me that time to spend with my sisters!! it was soooo much fun LOL (besides being sick) lmaoooooo...

back to work though and its been ok so far.. still really weak.. but oh wellz.. cant mend at the flick of the switch

I better get reading to catch up on all the stories I follow and maybe look into adding to all mine!

thats me for now..

Harley xxx

FINALLYYY... All caught up on the stories I read LMAOOOO!!!..

manzz some people added like 3-4 in a row and they were long but I dont mind LOL.. more to read!!

now I better work on a new add for mine LOL..

Wassup CBW


ummm i did...

illiana go check yo messages...

hey! i read it!
im wit glen u need ta run YWL

haha.. Aww thankies Miickey (i'll give you main then) =) - But I will do a cast call for 2 stories! I'll let you pick which one you want to be main in =)

Thankiesss Glee-Bees - the cast calls will be for new stories not Love Of Fighters, bcuz thats a Y/N story - I dont think anyone would want to be in it because they'd be reading it as themselves as the main, but for you i will continue You Wont Last =)but give me some time to do an add =).. I've revamped Truth, Trust, Decisions - Hate me Skinny, And Road to Redemption on Written Expressions

I think people would! I say go for it!

You talking bout love of fighters!? Cuz you have a lot of stories! Which you should run (You Won't Last) *coughs* *achooo*

Omg harlem if yu did a cast call i would soo join.
(as the main] achoooo..whoo i dont know whats up with these sneezes
must be allergies lol.

[[Question]] To anyone that wonders in here...

If I did a Cast Call.. Do you think anyone would apply? LOL! Cos I got a story but its only my girls (Coley, Thuli, Glee-Bees) running it which I love and dont mind..

sweetaz, got it

i emailed you back

Hmmz... Email me.. cos I dont know wassup with you these days!! holla at baby! holla at me boo =) (no homo sis) lol

--damn verification thing... i emailed u illi

its not funny harlem. dont laf. it makes it worse

*Catches it and throws it to the side*..

So Kaye.. How u been? Dont mind Illi.. its one of <em>those</em> days LOL