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Cast Call******* " Ya Man Aint Me. "

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personality: Sweet , shy , & calm until i'm comfortable enough around you , then i become the hyper , silly , the one who makes everyone smile when she sees them down <3 . The peace-maker . But fck with her people , & her puerto rican defensive side comes out . Super Energetic (:
Man:Young Jinsu <3
i'd like to be second main . <3 ( Main Girl's Friend ]
thanks if i get a part :D

Oh & pic-(face):Jasmine Villegas

Chris Brown
loyal, fun to be around, friendly, doesn't like fighting but i will if i have to, smart

Nicki Minaj
Kevin McCall
Smart, funny, gives good advice, always there for friends an family, sarcastic, loud, ghetto at times, tomboyish but classy, will not hesitate to tell u bout urself, if we fite u WILL lose lol
Main Girl's Friend

man:trey songz
personality:cool 2 b around like 2 have fun ALWAYS got my girl's back! dnt like drama unless drama is brought 2 me.good advice giver,love 2 party and always tell it like it is...
role:Main girl's friend

ok anna nicolee ima use the name.

Can I be the main girl?
Pic: Jhene Aiko
MAn:Khalil Sharieff
Personality:Funny, playful, flirty, goofy, down to earth, outgoing, creative, secretive, loyal, honest, and blunt.

oooo can i be the main girl