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Whats Good Team Breezy.. - ROLL CALL

Wassup yall..

So I dont know whos actually active in this forum anymore..

but I'm Harlem-Styze, I remember when this forum was ALWAYS poppin.. now its hard to tell if posts are from people that only come on once - post - and never return..

LMAOOO!! so its time to get this s*** popping again!!

Whats Good, Drop the following!

Your Name:
Fan Since:
Fav CB Song(right now):
Fav CB: Video Clip
Fav CB Collab:
Fav CB Outfit:

YAY! - I'll start LOL

Your Name: Harlem
Nickname: Harley or Dookie
Country/City: NZL - Clendon
Fan Since: 1995
Fav CB Song(right now): All Black
Fav CB: Video Clip: Look At Me Now
Fav CB Collab: Next To You
Fav CB Outfit: Wall to Wall outfit LOL