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A letter to Chris Brown

Dear Chris Brown

I am one of your biggest fans. I have been a fan since day one. When I first heard you sing I knew you were going to be famous. I wanted to say I have supported you through everything. I know that these past few months have been tough. I know its hard to want to talk about what happen with Rihanna. I agree with your mom that its time for you to sit down and talk one on one with some about it. I think that maybe you would feel less stress about the situation if talk about it. I don't know when you would be ready to talk about it but I do think it time. If I knew you I would be willing to sit down and talk with you. I am not a therapist or anything I just like to listen to people talk about there problems and see if I can help. I heard what happen at GMA and I was surprised by what happen but I also understand that you did not want to discuss the thing about Rihanna. The day was to about you and your knew album. So I understand both cases in the situation. You know the media and other people will neverget over what you did. I know you didn't mean for it to happen. I still support you and I will always. I am not tryin to be negative but just to let you I undersatnd. You have such a huge fan base that its crazy. I know your mom loves you very much and you think about what she said and what I am saying to you as a fan. I know you don't me but I just wanted to let you know how I feel about you. I am going to listen your music as long as you keep making it. If you continuing to make movies I will continue to watch you do them. I just love when you perform and you dancing is incredible. I wish I could just sit in on one of your studio session an dlisten to sing all day. You have so many who love you. You are human just like everyone else is and people seem to forget that and think that celebrities don't make mistakes. If you get a chance to see this letter and read it I hope you like what I am saying to you. I really want you to continue singing,dancing,acting and performing for all of us. I love you and will continue to be a fan. I hope you find that special someone who sees you for you. You are so funny and when I see you smile and having fun thats the Chris Brown I love seeing. You have turn out to be a very handsome and sexy man. Again I love you and wish you the best and success with your career.