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" i HATE her" (cast call)

this will be my first story
on this i need yall
to help me make this one as
successful as my last one
first and for most i need
a bomb a** cast

N A M E:???

A G E: (17-19)

P I C:???

M A N:???

P E R S O N A L I T Y:???

and thats all folks simple enough

lets make this fun when your filling it out
try and make your character a little different
than your actual self just for fun :)


KK RUN IT!!! :-)

Name . | Amirrah Rose

Picture . | Sarah Rosete

Man . | Trey Songz Or Reggie Bush

Personality . | Older Sister in Law or Cuzin 25(yr). Mature been there done that . Fun && giggly but the quiet type. Can be motherly or protective. Sassy attitude and cares less what other's think. Nerd but will get the party started by myself. Bad ass hair and make up artist, or stylist.
.Flag Edit..

in fact you just made it lol
cause ladies and ... ladies
i am starting the story

be on the look for the new

I cant wait to read this Kitty90 !

N A M E:Nalanie

A G E: 18

P I C:Jordin Sparks

M A N:Derrick Rose

P E R S O N A L I T Y:Silly,sweet,outgoing,smart,can be b****y,aint scared of no one, will speak her mind,Loves her man, affectionate, sometimes shy,good advice giver,down to earth,humble,nice, and motherly

i hope i made it in time for this castcall :-]

N A M E: andrianna

A G E: 17

P I C: Tinashe Kachingwe

M A N: Khalil Sharieff

P E R S O N A L I T Y: I'm outgoing, everyvody loves me you know. I'm cool as hell, don't matter who you are i don't discriminate unless you're a creep. I always giving goo advice because I'm good ass feel times. sometimes, my anger can overrule me...SOMETIMES. I tend to have jealously problems and I always get what I want, even if I have to work for it. I'm very determine and don't let my intellience fool you cause I will fight if I have too. I'm outspoke, oh yes I am, VERY outspoken. I go for what I want and get it done ...I don't give up on anything. When I start something, it get finished...beleieve me! That's a little something for you know...also I forgot I'm bubbly,and just cause I'm a people person...that doesn't meant I trust you.


N A M E: Kali

A G E: 19

P I C: </em></p>
<p><strong><a href="">Pic</a><br /></strong>

M A N: Chris or Druex(lol still love him from b2k) ha

P E R S O N A L I T Y: shy, sweetheart, friendly,a tad sarcastic at times...Girly Girl, Shoe lover(its really bad smh), big heart

[ N a m e. ] Malikah "Miickey" Summers
[ A g e.] 18
[ P i k k. ] Gabriela Salvado
[ M a n. ] Chris or Rick Gonzalez
[ P e r s o n a l i t y. ]
{} ? Malikah's the name
Miickey's what they call me
(should be roth or Speigalman, I think)
Random, yea that's me.
Don't have Tourettes, would think i did tho.
cause random Screaming helps a lot.
try it. dare you.
you're probably too worried about what
peeps think of you but be easyy.
You'll get to my hierarchy one day.
(-wtF!(says kid))
Got some sidekicks and besties
but only one trully gets me.
and improv is what we do best
Music's my life+
Syke+ I'm my life
(-jackass(says kid)-yea(says me))
pretty Narcissistic+
But i digress Gemini's are some bad b****es man.
June 13 the day
I think out loud often
and my thoughts are crude nothing personal.
so dont get sensetive on me.
Writing! That's that crack.and my passion
Surprised as i am your still reading this
Don't feel bad im an interesting person
(-ha.more like weird(says kid)- i agree(says i))
Heard of that thing called L.o.V.e
Nope! dont have time for bull like that
I keep em at an arm's length
I simply hate people.
No..better yet humans. or vermin.
thats why i have a small
(i mean like tiny)
group of cool kids

N A M E: Paris;

A G E: 19;

P I C: Kim Kardashian;

M A N: Tyga;

P E R S O N A L I T Y: I think Im sweet & innocent even though Im not; I gossip & talk a lot of s***; Im a shopaholic; Very bossy; & I complain when stuff doesnt go my way; Even <em>I</em> have no idea how people put up with me .


Welcome to CBW !

N A M E: Necole or Star
A G E: 19
P I C: (Imma post later)
M A N: Not a one man girl ( for the 12000th time) lmao
P E R S O N A L I T Y: ....uhmmm damn im just an all around person, whateva u throw at me i can handle it

N A M E: Glenna

A G E: 18

P I C:Tae Heckard

M A N: either Chris or Trey

P E R S O N A L I T Y: Bubbly fun loud country ghetto. Lets things til a cretin point