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"laтely" cαѕт cαll

ι covered мy мoυтн and crιed,aғтer нearιng тнoѕe wordѕ тнaт leғт мe ѕpeecнleѕѕ. нe looĸed aт мe aѕ ιғ нe dιdn'т even care aвoυт нow ι ғelт. ι ѕaт тнere neхт тo нιм ιn тнe cool ѕand on "мyтнιc вeacн", aѕ нe ѕĸιpped rocĸѕ acroѕѕ тнe pacιғιc ocean.

"looĸ ιт'ѕ oĸay, ι donт need yoυr ѕyмpaтнy." cнrιѕ тeary eyeѕ rolled. "ι love мe, ѕo yoυ can go вacĸ тo нaтιng мe, ι don'т gιve a daмn."

"cнrιѕ, ѕтop ιт !" ι wнιned and crιed. "ι donт нaтe yoυ,cнrιѕ aѕ a мaттer oғ ғacт, ι've alwayѕ loved yoυ, we нad oυr dιғғerenceѕ ѕeperaтed, and grew aparт, вυт ι've never ѕтopped lovιng yoυ."

ι looĸed down and тнoυgнт aвoυт нow ѕтυpιd we were aѕ ĸιdѕ, ι нeld a grυdge agaιnѕт cнrιѕ ғor 9 yearѕ. wнy? ι aѕĸed ιnѕιde мy нead, aѕ тear rolled down мy ғace. нe waѕ yoυr вeѕтғrιend, нe waѕ yoυr only ғrιend.

"everyтнιng waѕ gιvιng тo yoυ, yoυ нad ιт ѕo eaѕy." ι ѕнυт мy eyeѕ тιgнт and grιpped мy ғιѕт, тo calм тнe тearѕ. cнrιѕ looĸed over aт мe, and coυldn'т вelιeve ιт waѕ all oυт oғ jealoυѕy. "everyтнιng waѕ gιven тo yoυ, yoυ never ѕтrυggle, everyтιмe we dιd ѕoмeтнιng вad υ lιed, and ι alwayѕ нad тo тaĸe тнe ғall ғor υѕ. ιт'ѕ lιĸe yoυ never even cared."

ι ѕнooĸ мy нead lιѕтenιng тo wнaт waѕ coмιng oυт oғ мy мoυтн. тнe тrυтн; мy eyeѕ crιed waтerғallѕ, вecaυѕe oғ daмage over тнe yearѕ тнaт ι've never conғeѕѕed. "anyтнιng ι нad and yoυ wanтed - yoυ alwayѕ goт ιт, ι daмn near loved yoυ мore тнen мyѕelғ."ι reѕтed.

"........yoυ gave мe нope, yoυ gave мe ѕтrengтн, ι вelιeved ιn мe вecaυѕe oғ yoυ." ι looĸed over aт cнrιѕ wιтн тearѕ ѕтreaмιng down нιѕ ғace.

"looĸ ι," cнrιѕ тrιed тo eхplaιn, вυт ι jυѕт тнrυ мy нand υp, noт wanтιng тo нear eхcυѕeѕ.

".....тнen yoυ leғт... jυѕт υp and leғт,ι нad noтнιng wen yoυ leғт." ι eмpнaѕιzed мy wordѕ. "an ιnѕecυre gιrl on a ιѕland, ι wenт тнrυ ѕo мυcн and мy вeѕтғrιend waѕ ѕυppoѕe тo вe нere ғor мe and υ waѕnт." ι wιped мy ғace. "ι тнoυgнт and вranded ιм мy нearт тнaт yoυ woυld coмe вacĸ ғor мe."

ι looĸed υp тo тнe awaĸιn ѕυn тнaт вegan тo peeĸ over тнe нorιzon. "вυт yoυ dιdn'т!"

role/perѕonalιтy/occυpaтιon: (мajor ιмporтanт тнe 3 ғollowιng мυѕт go нand ιn нand)) no тwo gιrlѕ wιll нave тнe ѕaмe parт. мυѕт вe υnιqυe aѕ poѕѕιвle. ι 'м cнallengιng мyѕelғ тo wrιтe ѕo, тry noт тo ѕoυnd plaιn jane, тнrow мe ѕoмe ιnтereѕтιng deтaιlѕ.cнrιѕ ιѕ "very" avaιlaвle. any role ιѕ avaιlaвle ιnclυdιng мaιn.

(noт ғιrѕт coмe ғιrѕт ѕerve) тнιѕ ιѕ a very ѕнorт ѕтory,мaĸe ѕυre yoυ rυn ιт daιly!!



naмe:Celeste Usher
role: I can be a Best friend of one of the main girls or an older sister or cousin doesnt matter.
perѕonalιтy:Celeste is a very outgoing person, she has a strong look on like and loves to share her strong knowledge of intrest on life. she worked her many days in high school as a peer counselor which taught her alot on how to read people and all of read between the bull s***. Its been hard for celeste to find someone who loves her because all of her past relationships she was cheated on and sometimes abused. so through all the bulls*** it never phased something to help calm her nerves Mary Jane never let her down. Celeste moving to a new neighborhood might help get a fresh new start
occυpaтιon: works as a Probation officer and Therapist in the Day and a DJ'ing at Night as DJ Scorpio's Fynest

Name . | Amirrah Rose

Picture . | Sarah Rosete

Man . | Trey Songz Or Reggie Bush

Personality . | Older Sister in Law or Cuzin. Mature been there done that . Fun && giggly but the "listener". Can be motherly or protective. Sassy attitude and cares less what other's think. Dresses FABULOUS and a Shopping fanatic. Nerd out the clique but will get the party started by myself. Bad ass hair and make up artist, or stylist. From Brooklyn,New York .

role:chris best friend
man:quincy combs
perѕonalιтy:super quiet u cn barely hear me talk most of da time, ride or die, smart, dnt take shy frm nobodi, f*** u n wat u think attitude, ghetto, do wat i want, wuld do anything 4 da ppl i luv, dnt f*** wit alot of females, mostly f*** wit niggas, a tomboy, HATE drama n fake ass ppl, lik helpn hurt ppl, good advice giver, real as f***, get n trouble alot 4 speakn ma mind n nt caren if it hurt ppl, dnt trust alot of ppl, luv kids, a lil crazy, kinda bipolar, mean bt nice wen i wana b, shy till i get 2 no u, luv knives (4 cutn ppl), luv shoppin, hate wen ppl try n help me, independent
/occυpaтιon:physical therapist, fashion designer on da side

i need more girlssss

I need more info on you glenna

naмe:<a href="">Jasmine</a>
role/perѕonalιтy/occυpaтιon:(Occupation-Works w/ little kids] Shy and quiet at first, but once she is around her friends, the hyper , energetic one who makes every one laugh w/ her craziness. She will be the one that when they are doing a group activity, & everyone is quiet, she will say hi to the old lady walking up front. She's also jealous when it comes to her baby <3
She may be the peacemaker, but she isn't afraid to show her puerto rican side when it comes to defending her loved ones. She seems mysterious when she's up to something and isn't good at lying . BUT great at keeping secrets . Very gullible so she tries to restrain herself if she feels that she won't have control over a situation of doesn't know where its going. (If possible for her guy to be <a href="">Chris</a> please ??] I've Never been a main character , so if i can be the main in this story i'd loveee to see what its like =] (Plus they look <a href="">cuttee <3</a> together lol for a story]

Need anymore ?, Let me know =]

age:18 0r 21
role/perѕonalιтy/occυpaтιon: Main!?/ i am smart just don't live up to my potiential loud bubbly country ghetto. I am very weak around others. I am very loud when I get around my friends. I have no back bone and let others walk over me. I can be lazy. I am spoild i have moments when i don't wanna share but also kind hearted at times will give you what you ask for after huffing and puffing. Is like a ticking time bomb you nerver know when she going to go off on you/ Nurse or College student and Trey please