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lmao thank you =)
i was gonna add already but im sick so I just needa couple days

Yooo!.... They are high muth f***ing larous! Lmao cdfu! Almost had me on the floor rolling an diing!

Von is highlaors missing breakfast the complain about hunger! Something I would do! :)

Ty cracks me the f*** up! : hell naw anit no way! Was wrong!? He done stepped on my Jay's! He was bout too that mutha f***a ass for real

Ree is an ass man whore! He is so many inaproperiate words! But he highlarous ass s***!...

Nigga you using the word zesty is zesty now you heard what the f*** I said: had me dying!

I'm mad he said were you not giving Eva bed room eyes!? Then he prosided to resonp if I had she would of...

I picture Ree just sitting there texting

I don't know who this girl is but I don't like the whore!

Run It!

oh and thanks for the runs

The first day of school, got to love it...Not! Damn, it seems like we just got out of school, crazy how the summer just flies by but since this is senior year, we got to make it pop.

We as in me, Von, Ree and Ty. My boys, yeah we run s***, even after we graduate, we'll still be known around here and the hood. Unlike others, I rather be a memory here rather than still living here, for real.

My thoughts were interrupted by a loud ass smacking sound in my ear. i looked to my left and stared at Ty smacking his lips on...hell I don't even know. He caught me staring at him, "What!"

"You mind chewing on your brick a little quieter nigga" He waved me off as he took a bite into his granola bar.

I shook my head and just looked over to the other side of me where Ree was so into his phone, texting somebody, or I should say some girl, "Ree who you textin" I asked

"Some girl" He said without looking up from his phone. See what I said

It was just us three sitting on top the cafeteria lunch table, of course Von is the only one not here. He's always missing breakfast yet complains about being hungry all damn morning.

Mrs.Gibbs, the assistant principle walked down our aisle, as she slowly passed us she said, "Gentlemen butts off the table" All three of us rose up from the table, "I see she still got that stick up her ass" Ty said under his breath but Ms.Gibbs still heard.

She turned on her heels and looked at Ty, "Do you have something to say Mr. Johnson"

"No Mrs. Gibbs" He said with a smile

She curled her top lip up, Ty isn't exactly her favorite student, "Mr. Johnson you're a senior now so I expect you to act as one. right now isn't the time to play games...." She went on a little more and I can tell by the way Ty was clinching his jaw that he was growing annoyed with her lecture, "Alright Mrs.G I get it"

"Mhm" She gave him a smirk before she turned back around and continued on her way. "Why she always on my case"

"Because of your mouth" I joked

"Whatever yo, I think she secretly in love with me"

I shook my head, "You would think that"

"Real talk, ever since the 9th grade she been on my back, she waiting for the day I turn eightte..." Ty stopped right there and flipped the whole conversation completely, "What the hell yo" While Ty was talking about Mrs.Gibbs, one of the freshman boys stepped on his sneakers, I don't know him but I know for a fact he's a freshman. Freshman have a certain look to them, the I don't know where the hell to go look.

"I know you just did not step on my new sneaks" Ty shouted, "Not my 125 dollars black and red sneaks, little nigga thats more than your whole get up"

"I'm sorry, damn" The boy replied, he looked afraid but lil man stood his ground

Ty looked down at his shoes and his eyes grew big when he seen a dirt patch on the head of his sneaker, "Be more than sorry nigga, I should make you clean this with your f***in tongue"

"Huh, that sound a little gay to me"

"What!" Ty shouted as he jumped in front of the boy

I'm not about to have Ty get in trouble on the first day of school for killing some freshman, especially over some shoes. I stood in between them, "Whoa, Ty calm all that down, its not that serious"

"It is that serious DT, you wouldn't have someone mess up your s*** then call you gay"

Ree finally decided speak but he didn't look up from phone, "Actually he insinuated that what you suggested was gay"

"Ree...shut up!" Ty replied

"Ay, if you were gonna kill the boy, atleast know the reason"

"He wasn't gonna do nothing" The boy said

"Oh word!" Ty said as he reached over my shoulder and shoved the boy in his right shoulder, "You wanna test that theory"

I pushed Ty back, "Ty drop the s***" I turned to the boy and grabbed him by his shoulder and turned his body the opposite direction, "You get out of here unless you wanna cause more trouble" I said as I pushed him forward

Ty was still huffin and puffin as all three of us took our seats back on top of the table. You ain't think we were really gonna listen did you? Funny.

"There go the jolly giant" I heard Ty say

I turned his way and saw Von walking up to us but he had a girl slowly pacing right behind him. She looks familiar but im not sure where from.

"Wassup yall" Von greeted us

"Hey man, what took you so long" I asked

"Her" He said as he looked back at the girl behind him "You guys, this is my sister Eva.

Now I remember her, Eva is Von's half sister. They have the same mom, Eva's been staying with her dad, why I don't know, that's there family business and I respect that.

"How you doin miss Eva, last time I saw you, you had braces"

"...and a bad perm" Ty added. Leave it up to him

"Ty!" Von glared at him. Eva grabbed Von's arm, "It's fine Davon, I would be a bitter soul too if I looked like him"

"I don't know what your talking about girl, I am fine"

She giggled. "Well well..." Ree began to say as he stood up. I noticed his phone was in his pocket, guess someone finally caught his attention. "I don't think you and I met before"

Eva smiled, "I'm positive we haven't, you are"

"I'm Regis" He held his hand out for her to shake, "But call me Ree" He winked

she extended her arm out also and they shook hands, "Nice to me you, Ree"

"Oh the pleasure's all mine, you have a nice smile by the way"

"Thank you" She blushed

There goes Ree at work. If looks could kill, Ree would be dead right about now because the look that Von is giving him is more then displease, "Okay, thats enough" Von interjected

Eva let go of Ree's hand and let her arm fall to her side. It was silent between the five of us for a few seconds before we all heard a loud voice, "Woohooo"

Ree cursed to himself as Nunu appeared from behind him. "Hey Ree"

Nunu and Ree, I don't even know where to began with them. Ree messed with her last year and one of them caught some serious feelings, we know who. But since Ree isn't the one woman type it just didn't work out, well I don't think Nunu knows that. What the hell Ree be doing to these girls is just beyond me.

"Whats good Giselle"

"Nothing much"


"How come you didn't come see me over the summer"

"I was busy"

"Doing someone I assume" She said with an attitude

"Giselle please, not now" She rolled her eyes and glanced over at Eva who had her eye's fixated on Ree, "I haven't seen you around before, must be new"

"Yeah, im Eva"

"Nunu this is my sister, do you mind doing me a favor and showing her around, im sure she don't want to be around the boys all day" Von said looking straight at Ree on the last part

Nunu looked back at Ree who was returning the gaze back to Eva. She raised her eyebrow as she looked back at Eva, "Anything for you Davon" She stepped closer to Eva and wrapped her arm around shoulder, "Eva right, lets go, theres so much to show you" They began to walk off but Nunu turned her head back to Ree gave him the eye.

"You trust your sister with her" Ty asked

Von shrugged his shoulders, "I need time with my boys so im sure Eva can hold herself down" Ree returned back to his spot, "And since we're on the topic of my sister, she's off limits...Regis"

Ree looked up like he was truly surprised his name was said, "Why you gotta single me out about it"

"Were you not giving Eva bedroom eyes" Ree chuckled, "Naw, trust me if I did she would have..." Von cut him off, "I don't wanna hear it Ree, she's off limits, you do otherwise i'll break your d***"

"Von thats a little...zesty don't you think"

"Nigga you using the word zesty is zesty now you heard what I said"

Both of them kept going back and forth but there voices grew mute when she walked in. I don't any dude had there mouth closed when she began to walk. Her hair was down her back in loose curls. Her skin the color mocha. She had on all white, a half jacket that was zipped up half way. Her breast were popping out her top, I bet every nigga in here thought they were calling there name. She had a matching short skirt that looked like it was painted on.

Every time she a step I heard nothing but sweet melodys in my ear...and then, she walked past us and all our heads turn while our eyes we're directed on her ass. Von began to speak "Got..."

"Damn" Ree finished for him

"Yo who is that" Ty asked

"I don't know" I replied

I don't know, but I will find out

u say dat about everybody story deaysha -_- makes me wonder
lol smdh run it hun

Omg i totally love it lol run it run it run i boo