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New Video! T-Pain - Best Love Song Feat. Chris Brown

The online video premiere of "Best Love Song" featuring Chris Brown is happening now! The video takes its spin off of modern-day graphic novels, incorporating split screens and video game elements in a "battle of the bands" between T-Pain and Chris Brown. It's visually stunning, highly stylized, and simply put: out of this world. Watch it below!

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  • Song is AMAZING, Love the techno feel like Chris had in Forever, Both Chris Brown and T-pain are Fantastiv when they collaborate 2 gether, both just so talented, <3<3<3<3CHRIS BROWN<3<3<3<3 Actuallyyy Lovee Himm!!
    by Chris Browns Wi... on Jun 30, 2011 am30 4:04am
  • this song is sooo amazing x <3 tuneeeee :)xx
    by vicki wells on Jun 28, 2011 pm30 4:04pm
  • I listen to this song all the time, AMAZING!!:}<3<3<3<3<3<3
    by Robynleigh on Jun 25, 2011 pm30 4:04pm
  • This song is a BIIG TUNEE!! Lovee itt!! :)
    by TasnimBreezy on Jun 15, 2011 pm30 5:05pm
  • LOVELOVELOVE! i love this song so much-i listen to it all the time!<3<3<3
    by lauragirl on Jun 14, 2011 pm30 4:04pm