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☆☆ From HOE to HOUSEWIFE. ☆☆ 08/15 update.

<a href=",r:23,s:96&biw=1280&bih=709">I</a> layed there stiffly on the cold hard floor, lifeless. Tensing every single muscle in my body out of fear and protection, I began to catch my breath back and control the shaking in my hands. Blood oozed from my lip as the cold winds failed to cool down the throbbing sensation that struck intensely throughout my jaw, from having been punched in it so hardly.I hope my s*** aint broken, I thought to myself while slowly looking around for anything at all that would try and help me recognize my whereabouts. But with no success, it was way to dark. The only thing visible were these niggas infront of me and the fact that my life was about to come to an end. A blacked out <a href=",r:15,s:0&biw=1280&bih=709">lambo</a> pulled up, parked on the curb and out came someone important. Well... Important to these niggas who had just attacked me anyway because they all parted to let him pass and made a fuss over him, some even guarded his back while he walked aiming their guns ready to shoot if anyone dare touch him or so much as look at him wrong. He knelt down beside me and stroked my cheek, looking me dead in the eye.

<strong>What's your name sweetie?</st>

I looked him up and down and without fear I let my pride get the best of me, which allowed me to pluck up the courage and strength to spit in his face and yell.


He calmly wiped my spit from his face using a tissue from his pocket and grabbed my throat hard cutting off my air circulation. He didn't raise his voice but he got right in my face and from his tone, I knew he wasn't playing and I knew now not to f*** with him again.

<strong>If you ever disrespect me like that again, or in any way shape or form I will personally rape you with my niggas, f*** you up, cut off your hair with a knife and then have your body parts chopped up and delivered to members of your family and loved ones understood?</st>

He spoke so coldly, how could he be so full of hate towards a woman he didn't even know? Or did he know me? I nodded my head slowly looking away from him whilst trying to catch my breath, this was the beginning of the end of my life, and although I vowed to never let people who hurt me see me cry, I did it anyway. A tear ran down my cheek and I quickly wiped it. I was strong I didn't need no ones pity.

<strong>Now I'ma ask one more time. What's your name? He slowly sat me up.</st>

<strong>Brooklyn Harlem Smith.</st>

I replied with pride, every from the hood loved my name and so did I. My mother was from Brooklyn and my father from Harlem, and them loving New York the way they did plus being hood got me my unique, ghetto but cute name.

<strong>I see your from New York, so what brings you to Cali?</st>

<strong>My boyfriend, well fiance. And he owns a notorious gang so believe me when I tell you once he finds you YOU'RE f***ING DEAD!</st>

<strong>Oh, you mean Tyrone?</st>

<strong>Yes Tyrone, how the f*** do you know him?</st>

<strong>Through business. He laughed. See Tyrone owed me quite a bit of money and sold me you to pay off that debt. I'm sorry about the beating its just that before you come work for me, <a href=",r:2,s:404&biw=1280&bih=709">Breezy</a>, I gotta know that you understand where the f*** you stand. Now I'ma take you back to the crib to meet the other girls. They uhm may be a little hostile at first but you'll learn to get used to it, its only because they hate seeing new females with their daddy. Plus all the girls want my attention and to be in my good book. Play your role and you'll be in it one day.</st>

He winked at me.

This was all too much to take in, Rone sold me? Wait till I catch that muhf***a! And work for him how! What the f*** was going on? One of the dudes grabbed me up by my arm before I even had a chance to ask questions and pulled me back to the truck that they had previously had me tied up in. I saw Breezy and another dude get back in the lambo and they sped off before us, I wasn't bothered though cause I figured we'd see him back at "home"...

Once we pulled up, we walked up to this <a href=",r:15,s:0&biw=1280&bih=709">beautiful mansion</a>. My jaw dropped. What kind of work was he doing and would I be doing to gain him enough money to buy and maintain this cause I know tricking don't earn a pimp THIS much. I thought to myself as we made our way up to the door and into the house. I was right, the same blacked down lambo was in the drive I guess "daddy" was already "home." We walked in and there was half naked girls on the laps of a lot of hood lookin niggas counting money I could only imagine. The girls looked at me pissed and rolled their eyes. I paid no attention though I was used to getting hated on, I was beautiful plus had tits, hips and ass for days with a tiny waist. One of the niggas that was with me asked if Breezy was in the back and once confirmed he was, he led me down a long hallway towards his office and knocked on the door telling him that the "new b****" was with him. Someone opened the door but it wasn't Breezy. This nigga was FINE I wished I knew him before all this. The guy I was with shoved me in the room and the dude that opened it daped him, sent him on his way then shut the door leaving all three of us in the big beautiful room together. Breezy looked up from his cell and licked his lips. No wonder these girls was fighting over him he was GORGEOUS.

<Strong>Sit down girl.</st>

He looked at my ass and smiled then I heard him whispered to himself.


The other nigga grabbed a seat next to Breezy taking Breezy's cell and messing on it, cause he was laughing and repeating how dumb this slut was that they were talking to.

<Strong>So, he began. I'm Breezy and that's my right hand man, my nigga, my best friend, second in command, <a href=,r:13,s:0&biw=1280&bih=709>Tyga</a>. If I'm not around you answer to him, do as he tells you and make sure you give him the same amount of respect as you give me cause he's not as patient as me, that nigga would probably kill yo ass.</st>

Tyga laughed and nodded, then threw me a deuce without looking up and carried on with what he was doing on chris cell.

<strong>Hi.</st> I mumbled.

<Strong>So you're Breezy's b**** now, and that means you do what the f*** I order you to. You don't go out without a guard and my permission, keep my place tidy, cook when its your turn and keep yourself looking as fine as you are and that's pretty much all you need to know for now. Tyga you got anything to say?</st>

<Strong>Yea. He looked up with a serious expression. If you bite my d*** when you sucking it I'll kill you.</st>

Him and Breezy both started laughing, but I knew he wasn't joking.

<Strong>So you got any questions?</st>

Breezy asked me lighting a blunt and passing it to Tyga.

<strong>Why me?</st>

I didn't mean to but I broke down and cried this was so f***ed up.
As hard and tough as Breezy was though, I saw it in his eyes that he got upset for me, there was something in his eyes, I swear there was.

<strong>Because business is business. He replied avoiding eye contact. Now go get your self settled, have a shower and get some rest you need it. Your rooms upstairs, go to the back of this hallway turn right and go up the stairs, its the door on the left from the one in the middle.</st>

Tyga immediately looked up at him shocked.

<strong>Yo why you putting this b**** next to our rooms? There's more rooms where them other whores sleep we don't even know this girl.</st>

Tyga whispered in Breezy's ear but since I could hear everything his plan to keep me from hearing was a fail.

<strong>Okay, may I leave?</st>

I stood and headed for the door once Breezy gave me a nod of approval.
I felt them watching my ass hard and left quickly making my way to my room. I followed the directions and once I opened the door it was <a href="">BEAUTIFUL</a>. There was a clear view of the cali night city and a balcony. The whole room was all white and cream with a build in bathroom and a massive walk in closet that was full of shoes and designer dresses and skirts, heels and boots, purses and shades. What the hell I was gonna be working as I didn't know, but my outfits were much more expensive and classier than the ones them hoes had downstairs so I wasn't complaining. I opened the drawers and found a load of sexy bra and panties, Lingerie and a some pj's. I picked out the light blue set and laid them on the bed. I did as Breezy said. Showered, got settled then watched a movie on the plasma screen tv before I fell asleep, he was right, I probably was going to need the rest.