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its just SEX


<a href="">(TREY)</a>

"ohh tremaine stop teasing me" i watched her chocolate frame sway across the sheets as i placed an ice cube between my teeth and ran it down her

stomach making wide circles by her wet p*ssy i stopped at her clit dropping the ice cube i flicked my tongue on her now swollen walls while reaching for

her hands i grabbed one and placed it on the back of my head "push me into this shi*" i could tell she was surprised at my request but she had no problem

doing it sliding my mouth down into her hole i waited until she pushed down than began fuc*ing her with my wide tongue making slow s shapes inside of

her making her grip hard onto the sheets "im finna--c--cum bab-yy" the sound of her moans slipping from her lips had me dazed which only made me go

in harder placing my hands underneath her waist i gripped her hips than picked her up still spelling my name on that p*ssy, once i had her completely off

the bed i rotated my body so that my back was facing the bed slowly lowering my self i fell all the way down not missing a beat licking up all her juices

that spread across my face "ride this tongue" i said talking into her p*ssy she slowly began moving her hips but not at the speed i wanted her to 'SMACK'

my hand layed across her ass which made her body jump "i said ride this tongue" her head fell back and louder moans came from her as she speed up and

rode my face until she came her sweet juices slid down on my chin and on to my neck i placed her on her back and wiped my face smiling at her facial

expression that had me even more rock hard now "if you run from the d*ck ima kill this p*ssy you got me" she nodded her head but didnt let a word

exscape her lips becoming frustrated with her not answering me i grabbed for her neck and squeezed tight she tired to remove my hands but i was way to

strong for her "i asked you did you understand so do you" licking two of my fingers i shoved them inside of her while still having a grip on her neck "yes

tre--trey-y i understand" i didnt know if she was shaking out of fear or the fact that my fingers were opening them p*ssy lips even more but the reaction

turned me on reaching to my drawer i pulled out my side kick (a condom) and slid it out raising her legs to the ceiling in a v shape i stood up on my knees

and began rubbing her clit with my di*k until she was uaware of when i was going to put it in not completely prepared for it all i shoved it all down in her

at once which made her body jerk dipping my back long and strong i pumped in and out of her she clutched the head board but ended up having to move

her fingers before they smashed into the wall spreading her legs as far as the would go i went even deeper into her she tried to shift her body but only got

another smack on her inner thigh which made her scream out in pleasure "i told your as* not to move didnt i" once again she didnt speak she held her

eyes shut tight bitting her top lip knowing she heard me i scooped her body up with one hand i had her straddle me while i was still on my knees grabbing

her waist i made her slam into me hard "you gon speak when daddy talking to you" licking and botting on her breast she moaned out more honestly i felt

that she liked me when i was upset thats why she kept egging me on a couple more hard strokes in that position i than flipped her on her back and slid out

of her grabbing a hand full of her i pressed my body close to hers "since we playing the quit game you better not say sht* now" still holding onto her hair i

rammed my dic* into her from behind which made her yelp out "shut up" making her head hit the head board hard i still continued to pump in her

forcefully i felt her p*ssy lips get tight so i knew she was about to cum once more pulling out of her she turned around and looked at me like to say what

are you doing "turn around" i said while slapping her as* kissing down her back i reached her clit and began eating her again this time making little

flicks so that it teased her in a way her moans got loud as she screamed and came at the same time licking and cleaning up my mess i wiped my face than

stood up by the head of the bed "suck your mess up" she slowly did as she was told and began slurping on my dic* til i bust in her mouth out of breath i

collasped on the bed and felt an arm around my chest "what are you doing" i said a little out of place of what she called her self doing "going to sleep" she

said grinning at me like a nigga just told a joke "hell naw bounce that as* on out" she looked at me like i was crazy but little did she know crazy wasnt

even in the room yet "BOUNCE BYE BEAT YOUR FEET ADIOS" i said getting more and more pissed at how long she was taking to leave huffing and

puffing she finally got all her stuff than stomped out of my room like a little kid moments later you heard my front door slam which made me smile cause i

knew she was pissed "fuc* she mean we aint playing house this just sex";


Run it

run it

yup this is where I popped my
cbw cherry

It's okay lol.

I think this was your first time writing on the board.

You had another story where Chris was a virgin. I can't remember the name.

i read this and was like man, WTF! all types of mistakes
i might have to write to this again
it will be a big jump in writing though lol
june 14, 2011 - February 27, 2013


Once again you've wowed me lol
Love it!!!
Run it!!

Lmao yes Ana!!!!

That lesbian scene was everything lol.

Man my bro not sh*t. Just like I'm not sh*t. Smh.

But whew! Wonderful sex scenes!!!!! Lol

i found this s***.. man it has all types of errors but
uhmm i guess lol

Hey, i liked this story. Run It!

Celeste POV
omg thanx girl and im Bi and i got a lil turned onm by that scene lol u did ya thang girl and her n trey are like the same lol haha im digging this story mamas run itt

posting lol

hahaha you did real good for your first lesbian sex scene!
hahaha treys sister is as ruthless as he is..


Wth u get that s*** 4rm? Lol
Im nt lesbian bt I liked that scene!




I might not be a lesbian but
damn that was a good sex scene

ok posting

Lol well, alright !

oh yea
rhianna is coming
just had to give you
a couple of stains first lol

LOL it was good !!

I wanted Rihanna, but Tila was good.

& I'm not a lesbian in real life lmao !

but it was a good scene !!




hope you like
that was my first lesbian
sex scene i have ever made

<a href="">(KENNEDI)</a>

walking out of the bathroom i saw some thich sexy as* dark skinned chick in nothing but her bra and jeans run out of my brothers room and fly down the

stairs ha i knew she just had to get the run down about no slumber parties cause she looked pissed tempted to chase after her and add one more to the

party i had to contain myself, "one is enough for me tonight" i said to myself stopping at my door i made time to push my breast slightly above my bra

fluffed my hair than pushed my door open to see <a href="">that

she</a> had already started with out me sitting by the foot of my bed her legs layed eagle style while her fingers slowly went in and out of her already

soaking wet pu*sy "what i tell you about starting with out me" closing and locking the door behind me i slowly walked toward her and grabbed her neck

tightly while watching her continue to massage her self "go faster" she did as she was told still having her neck in my palm her head flew back i reached

for her free hand and layed it across my bare breast she began to massage it roughly just the way that i had liked "uhmm put it in your mouth" she

looked up at me with seductive eyes and began to move her head toward my chest but i stopped her pulling her hair back and coming close to her face

placing a rough kiss to her lips i held tighter to her hair "not my chest bitc* my pu*sy" she slid back on the bed flat than took her hands out of her pu*sy

and made a come here motions with the wet fingers crawling up to her i made soft kisses up her body and than straddle her face not sitting all the way

down i felt her blow into my hole lightly which made my back arch and spine shiver slowly rocking my hips i felt her tongue make small box shapes on my

swollen clit which made me go crazy out of all the bitc*es i let eat it she had the best head game so far taking my whole clit into her mouth she began

sucking hard on it while grabbing on to my ass making me grind harder on her face "AWWW MAKE ME CUM" i screamed out to her as she began to

curling her tongue inside my hole, a few licks later i came in her mouth rushing down to kiss her i tasted my juices call me what you want but i loved the

taste of myself placing my fingers in her mouth i waited till she wetted them up than slid them down her body rubbing up and down on her clit i watched

as she moved her lower half all around the bed getting turned on i moved my face to the side of her neck kissing and licking onto her spot and then bitting

down hard shoving 2 fingers in her pu*sy at the same time "fuc* my fingers" she moved faster while grabbing my right breast and placing it between her

soft lips and began kissing it as if she was kissing my lips, becoming more and more wet at the sight of her fragile body fuc* my fingers i moved out of her

and forced myself between her legs pushing her thighs to the sky i flicked my tongue over her clit and began spelling my name on it i was going in until

she decide she couldnt take it and moved away from me clutching onto her waist and pulling her back toward my open mouth i spoke inside her whole

"stop running" going at it again i slowed my tongue work and slid a finger inside of her slowly and once again she ran now irritated that she was messing

up my signature move i lick her clit one last time and then moved up to her face grabbed the back of her head and than straddled her mouth once more

forcing her head back and forth i let her lick and suck all in my pu*sy until i came breathing heavy i stood up wipped myself down with a towel than

threw her her shirt and with out anywords she grabbed her things and walked out the door but not with out me smacking her as* first "ill call you" i

spoke as she walked out my door "so dont call me" i spoke to myself the smell of sex hit my nose which brought a smile to my face my eyes began to lower

and i didnt fight it and soon was drifted off to sleep

do u still have opening for this story im likiung it i filled out a app if you do if not its ok i will be a loyal reader


hahaaaa dat ish was cold! RUN IT!

run it

Trey is something ELSE!!
that was hot and intense..

HAHAHA.. We aint playing HOUSE.. niiiceeee!!!

Its sad when a guy does it to a chick, but its funny when a girl does it to a guy HAHAHAAAAA

I think you made me like Trey even more now hahahaaa



Pretty intense ish! Got me kinda hot! LOL
Loved it!

RUN IT!!!!

<em>Ooohhhh lmao !</em>

Trey is a BEAST !!!!

LOL *fans herself*


shiiiid !


lol I love that tongue action !!!

And damn what an a**hole though !!!!!!

kicking her out !

RUN IT!!!!