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I just came back from the mall. Me and my girl had a huge shopping spree. Now I'm walking in the house. Its 4 am and my curfew is 10 pm. I try to tiptoe in the house so I wont wake up my parents. They would kill me if they saw me coming in this late. Just as I get to the steps, a light comes on in the living room. s***! I'm busted! I see that shadows of my parents. I pray that they don’t know I'm here. Just then my mom calls me…

CM: Christopher Maurice Brown

C: yes mama

CM: get your ass over here now

I walk over to the sofa and sit across from my parents. I hope they don’t spaz on me.

CD: Do you know what we got in the mail today?

C: no

CM: your report card

C: ooh

CD: are you aware that you have all F’s on it?

CM: and you are at risk of repeating your grade?

C: no I didn’t know that

CM: I'm getting tired of you Christopher! Coming in at all hours of the night, failing classes, getting in trouble constantly, getting drunk, spending money carelessly, sleeping with random whores, especially that b**** you brought up in here

CD: no son of mine will act like that and continue to live under my roof

C: whoa! Wait a minute! You cant just put me out on the streets

CM: see that’s where your wrong! I had you, I can do whatever I want

C: please! I can do better I promise! I can fix it. I will return everything I just brought I swear.

CD: sorry but its too late

I sat there in total shock. They are really putting me out.

CM: we have been thinking and we have decided on what we think is best.

C: what is that (trying to act pissed but is on the brink of tears)

CM: were sending you to live with my sister Vanessa

C: OMG! Please I will do anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my aunt but its where she lives that gives me nightmares. She has some money and lives in the middle of the hood. My parents are hella rich and live in Beverly Hills. See the difference!

CM: it will be a humbling experience. We have your things packed. You leave tomorrow afternoon.

After that I blacked out.



I woke up lying in my bed. I guess this means last night was a dream. I'm not getting kicked out, I'm just grounded. Right? I hope so. When I sit up and see five suitcases packed up against the door, I begin to think that last night was real. I get up and walk downstairs. I see my mom sitting on the couch, waiting for me.
CM: come sit down
I sit next to her.
CM: you plane leaves in a few hours
C: plane, what do I need a plane for
CM: she moved from Watts to Virginia
C: omg, I'm gonna be sick
CM: I have been putting up with your s*** for way too long. Its time for a change
C: but I can change though
CM: no you can’t. You have to be forced to change through deprivation
C: what does that mean?
CM: that’s means your gonna get money like everyone else, by earning it. Like a job or something. All of your luxuries will stay here
C: what about my phone
CM: That’s my phone, if u want one you have to buy your own
C: so I'm gonna be a bum
CM: if you choose to be
C: how can you do your own child like this, this is torture
CM: I want you to be the best you can be and if this is what it takes then, sayonara baby. Go get your stuff and put it in the trunk. Then you can eat your last luxury meal
I dragged myself up the steps and did what I was told. I ate my food and then we left for the airport. I can’t believe they making me ride economy coach. UGH! When will this nightmare end!

lmaoooo.. let him grow some nutz! bring the hood out in him LMAOOO!!

fyi - GANGSTA BOO is my fav fav fav favvvvv breezyyyy song! lol..


im sure it wnt b dat bad
run it pls