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!~Pretty G I R L~!

I'm sitting here at school trying to fight my sleep. I would get extra sleepy in my class where my seat is directly in front of the professor. These pre-Med courses at Harvard University are no joke. Yes, I'm a nerd, I know, but I'm a diva as well lol. I'm 19 years old, attend Harvard University, work in a science museum, and volunteer at a hospital. The reason I'm sleepy is because I have no time to sleep.
It is safe to say that my life at this point is all work and no play. I hang out with my friends when I can but that’s because I make time. Can you believe that I never had a boyfriend in my entire life? I don’t know how I survive from day to day lol, just playing. I live off of my want to fulfill my dreams and the blessings God gives me. That’s all. Maybe God wants me to wait for the perfect guy and make him mine. Idk! All I know is that I'm taking me a good nap when I get home because I'm about to pass out in this class, then the professor is going to be cursing me out in Chinese and its going to be all types of drama!


Runnnn ittt... gosh she sounds like me LMAO! (except for the no bfs part)

Run This Hun!!!