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☆The Vampire's Lover☆ {Chapter 14 up}


There's a full moon tonight, I crave blood. True being a blue blood puts me at the greatest rank of vampires, but still I am searching for that speciall person. My mother always told me stories about a generation of special people. When they're bitten by a vampire they don't revert into slaves, that they are unnaffected. They are called 'The Vampire's Lover'. There is only 1 that walks the face of the Earth. I happen to be his biggest fan. Niether of us know of the powers he posesses. This shall be fun.


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As I walked out of my room with Pluto I realized that Chris is the only one of the guys that can make it through the magical barrier...damn. Looks like D'mari's gonna need to transfer blood into Trey. "You ready?" Chris asked. "As I'll ever be, Chris" I sighed as he walked towards me. "What's wrong baby?" "Nothing...I just...don't trust Sebastian..." I said slowly. Chris hugged me. "I don't trust him either, but I do trust you" I looked him in the eyes. "Girl, you in love" Taty said. I nodded. "I know it" I said. We all left the house.

"Well kids, us girls won't see this house for a while" I said.

♪All of theese bytches in the party, theese niggas fukk wit me but i'on fukk wit nobody. I pull up in the back, bytches waitin in lobby. C'mere let me show you, do it like i'm posed to, NIGGA!♪

I answered my phone.

Me- Wassup!
f/v- Hey, girl!
Me- Hey, we goin back tonight Holly
Holly- WHAT?!
Me- Yeah, me nd my girls just left with Sebastian.
Holly- Yall comin to get me?
Me- You want us to?
Holly- Well yeah...Aaliyah here too.
Me- Kay, we gon come get yall.
Holly- Ok, see ya!
Aaliyah- (in background) HEY TRICK!!
Me- Tell Aaliyah I said wassup hoe!
Holly- Iight, but I gots ta go!
Me- You the ghettoest white girl ever!
Holly- Bye girl.
Me- Bye ::click::

"Holly called?" Tori asked. "Yes, that wad her" "What she gon do when she sees Chris nd Trey" "Quote, unquote 'ION CURR!'" I said mocking Holly's voice. "Bet money?" Tatyana said. "Okay, 10 per person" "Deal" All the girls laughed and Pluto was clingingin to me for dear LIFE. "Aww Pluto, what's wrong" "......loud" He responded quietly. "Sorry sweety, I forgot you have sensitive ears" I cooed. He grinned at me. "Why is Pluto half naked, Sebastian?" I asked. Pluto is in pure white boxers...that's it. "He refused to get dressed" "Did you command him? Or did you ask him?" "Asked" "Do you have his clothes?" I asked as we rounded a corner.

"Yes" Sebastian replied while pulling Pluto's T-shirt and jeans from a bag. "Pluto, stay" I commanded. Pluto obeyed. "Arms up" I said. He obeyed as I pulled his T-shirt over his head and then I put his arms through the sleeves. "I can't believe I'm standing in the middle of the street dressing what looks like a 19 year old man!" I said I was now working at getting his jeans on. "Didn't I teach you how to put your jeans on, Pluto?" "......No" He said while shaking his head. "You're lying, aren't you" I said sternly. Pluto nodded.

"Thought so. Now you zip and button them" I said. Pluto zipped his jeans but had trouble buttoning them. I sighed. I helped him with the button after 2 or 3 minutes. "Now we can go" Chris gave me that 'you just tried the hell outta me' look. "Well, it had to be done" I said. "I'm hot" Pluto said. "Yes you are" Tori joked. "I will not tolerate you molesting my sister's dog" J'tysha joked. "Y'all dumb" I giggled. Chris walked next to me and intertwined our fingers. "Cute couple" Pluto said. "Don't I know it. And he doesn't mind me biting once every full moon" I said with my head rested on Chris' shoulder.

We walked up to Holly's doorstep and I rang the bell. "Who is it?" Aaliyah called from the other side of the door. "Open the door hoe!" I teased. The door opened. "Wassup b*tch!" Aaliyah said "What's good, hoe" I said. "Oh, damn Mari, I'm mad at you!" "Why?" "Cause you and my boo over there swallowin eachother tongues!" Liyah joked. "Oh my bad" Mari said. "Aaliyah who's that?" Somebody called from the kitchen. "So, we gotta go" I said. "Ok" Aaliya said. "HOLLY! BRING YA ASS ON GIRL!" I yelled. "HOLD ON!" She yelled back. "Yall wait here. Imma drag her out" I said goin in the house while the rest stood at the door.

I walked into the kitchen to see Holly suckin face with some dude. "Eww! Holly come on, Everybody waitin on you!" I said. She released the guy's face and hopped off the counter. "Ok, J, you gotta go home boo" She said. He walked out with some cash in his hand. "You'sa hoe" I said teasing her. She sucked her teeth. "Whatever, let's go" We both walked out the kitchen and saw Trey with both Aaliyah AND D'mari on his arms. "Ooh, chiiile" I said. "Chris, Trey, this is Holly" I said. "Holly, this is Trey and my baby Chris" I said. "ION CURR!" She yelled. "Pay up, all you chicks!" I laughed. The girls mumbled things as they paid me. "I get money, money money. I-I get it! 50 cent voice" I said. We were all walking down the street when a car ran through us...not a normal car...a ghost car went straight through us.

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"Pluto, what do you need?" I asked in a sympathetic sounding voice. "Stay with me" He answered. "Aww, ok but only for a little while" I said. I got up and laid next to Pluto, stroking his hair until he went back to sleep. "My little baby" I whispered before kissing his forehead lightly. I made sure he was sleeping hard before getting up again. I pulled the covers over him and left the room after turning the light off.

"He's asleep now, so you're safe for now. Don't do it again" I warned. Chris looked at me for a minute or two before walking over and hugging me. "Chris...?" was all I could say. "You gotta go" He said. "Huh?" "It's time for you to go back" "What? Why?" I questioned. "Because, this time I really AM goin with you" He said. I sighed in relief. "Ok you can stay over the weekend" I said. "Trey too" D'mari added. I smiled. "I'll go wake Pluto so we can go" I said, walkin towards my room.


tehehehe mee likes Pluto sounds somewhat adourable in a weird demon kind of way adourable lolz smfh Sebastian go sum fkkin where! lol
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After 5 minutes of air deprivememt he let go. "I've missed you, Vicara" He said. I just stood there in shock mode. 'Did he just stick his fυckin TOUNGE in my mouth?!!!!" I thought. I looked over to Chris who looked like he was ready to kill. "Chris? Christopher?" I asked. He just looked at me like 'Why didnt you push him off' I was about to go over to him when Sebastian grabbed my arm.

"Sebastian let go" I demanded. "I can't do that" "And why the hell not" "Because I can't" I was pissed to the umph-ty ninth power. "Chris...babe?" I asked. "What?" He said. "This isn't my idea, I can't disobey him..." I trailed. "That's alright" "Really?" "Hell naw! No man wanna see his girl hugged up with another dude" He raised his voice a little. "Chris...i'm so sorry" I said. "She can't disobey her first" Sebastian said.

"Her first?" Chris said. I guess it registered cause he went in my room. Trey came out of D'mari's room in his boxers. He saw me with Sebastian then shook his head. "Damn this, Ion even wanna know" He said. D'mari was starin at him. "Come on D" Trey said. D'mari knew that was her queue to leave. "By sis" She said "Some bestie you are, leavin me with someone who could command me to kill you" I said.

"Well kill me later then" She laughed. "I hate you" "You said love wrong" "No I ment what I said" I retorted. Chris walked out from my room and stood in front of me and Sebastian. He stood there for the longest befote finally snatching me away from him. Sebastian looked at Chris like 'Why TF you touchin my girl' an I just awkwardly stand there. "We're leaving" Sebastian said sternly.

"But...wait I am not leavin until I see my Pluto" I said. Sebastian whistled and Pluto came running. "Pluto!" I squealed running towards him. "Pluto is human?" Chris asked. "Partially human. He's a demon, like Sebastian. But Pluto is a demon dog who takes human form" I explained while petting Pluto's head. I loved Pluto so much he was the pet AND brother I never had. "Woof!" Pluto spoke. "English, Pluto" I commanded.

"I'm tired" He said. I took him in my room and he fell asleep in my bed. I heard a crash and went to tell them to keep it down but Chris and Sebastian were fighting. "Shut up before you wake my baby! And if he wakes up I'm gonna dropkick the both of you!" I yelled in a whisper loud enough for them to hear. They stopped because the look on my face said '3 more seconds and you both get hurt'.

I wasn't kidding! I love Pluto til death! He loves me too. Back at the Master's mansion I would let Pluto sneak into my room and sleep during storms. "Vicaraaaaa!" Pluto whined. "Imma get you both for waking him up" "What? Why me?" Chris whined. I just went to see what Pluto wanted.

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::Chris POV::

Been 4 hours since they left and I miss the hell out of Vicara. Trey went in D'mari's room after they left.

::knock knock::

"Chris open the door" Vicara's voice spoke. I opened the door and let her in. "Babe what's wrong?" I asked curious as to why they're back. "She's suffering from lack of blood...cause it's a full moon" Tori said helping me stand.

::Vicara POV::

"You can still bite me" Chris said. "Thanks baby" I said walking over to him weakly. I bit his neck and when I let go, I licked my lips. "Mmm" giggles feelin my strength starting to return.

"Better?" Chris asked. "Yes sir" I answered. I huugged him. "I missed you" He said. I smiled. "Missed you too" I said. "But right now, imma go shower" I added while goin to my room. Everyone sat in the living room talkin and whatever else.

::30minutes pass::

There's another nock at the front door. I was just getting out the shower. Another knock. Apparently nobody moved. "Ugh!" I groan as I unlock the door dressed in just my towel. I immediately walk away without opening the door. "It's open!!" J yelled.

::Chris POV::

Who opened the door was some dude. "Where's my possession?" He asked. "Changing clothes" Sabrena said. Cara came back out in some booty shorts and a tank top that looked like the bottom was cut off. "Oh shít" She said turnin back around. "Freeze" The guy spoke, and she froze dead in her tracks. "Turn around" He commanded. She listened. He made a 'come here' motion with his finger. She walked towards him slowly.

::Vicara POV::

I'm hella scared of what Sebastian's about to do to me right now. I stood in front of him and looked into his naturally red eyes. "Yes Sebastian?" I asked. Sebastian grabbed my waist. "Sebastian I--(gco)" Sebastian kissed me. This wasn't a quick peck on the lips, no this is a make-out. 'FUCΚ MY LIFE!! AND MY LUCK!' I thought.

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I woke back up hours later and it was about 9pm. I heard a lot of loudness so I got up already wanting blood and what I saw made me forget it was a full moon. My house looked like a fucκin catastrophe! "Sorry for the rudeness but, I'm a vamp, there's a full moon, and I JUSS WOKE UP TO A LOUD ASS HELLHOLE!! So please, SHUT THE FUCΚ UP, CLEAN UP OR GET THE f*** OUT!!!!" I yelled. After that I went back in my room, slamming the door behind me.

Shortly after, Chris came in and saw me about to bite my wrist, hey I was desperate here! "No don't. Here" He came over to me and handed me a bottle of water. "Don't need water, Chris. I'm hungy" I said. "What hungry?" "Vampire hungry" "Well I'm here" "I don't wanna take you for granted" I said hanging my head. "It's not if I let you bite" He kissed my cheek. "Aww, you're too sweet" I said. "Now. Don't starve yourself because you're worried about me" "Are you sure?" "As I'll ever be" "Alright"

I leaned in about to bite when I got a text. I sat straight and banged the back of my head against the wall slightly. I looked to see who it was from and nearly screamed...I was kinda afraid to open it. I did anyway.

'Master wishes to speak with you'

I nearly jumped outta my skin. "GIRLS C'MERE!!" I yelled. All my girls rushed into my room askin what was wrong. "M-Master..." was all I could say before entering a trance. After I re-entered reality I called Master, scared as hell.

M/v: Hello?
Me: May I speak t-to Master, please Sebastian?
Sebby: One moment.

I waited a few minutes then heard Master's voice.

Master: Where are you.
Me: M-Master I am home.
Master: I never said to leave this mansion. (getting angry)
Me: Master you gave me and a few other servants permission to see our concert...
Master: I don't recall.
Me: ...I am sorry for leaving without giving notice or asking permission.
Master: You and the others return to my mansion, or I shall have Sebastian to fetch you.
Me: We shall return at once. (teardrops stream down my face)
Master: I will give you 12 hours to return.
Me: But Master it should take days for a return to your mansion
Master: 12 hours. ::click::

I hung up and started crying. "What?" J asked. "Master is only giving us 12 hours to return or Sebastian will take us by force" I cried. My girls started crying too. We juss sat and cried for half an hour. "We're wasting our time by sitting here crying" I finally said, wiping my face. We stood up and packed some clothes and comfortable shoes. "Goodbye everyone" I said before hugging Chris. "I'll miss you, baby" I said.

"I'm goin with you" He said. "No, you've got a life ahead of you. I don't want people thinking you're dead" He let me go. "Goodbye" I said. "We'll meet again" He said as we walked out the door. "You really love him" Mi Angel said. "Yes, I do" I said. "But let's go, Master awaits"

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"Oww! Stop, it hurts" I said, pain evident by the expression on my face. "Hmm" Mori said, he's back to speakin in monotones. "Bae, you jus gotta bare with it" Chris said stroking my hair. I almost purred. "You're not goin through this" I said.

::Chris POV::

She looke like she was finna cry. I hate that look... Well Mori'll be done with her soon enough. "You might wanna hold your breath" I said. "Why-(gco) AUGH DAMNIT!!!" Cara yelled. "What did you jus DO?!" She yelled. "Don't worry. I'm done" Mori said letting her up.

::Vicara POV::

"That hurt like hell! What WAS that!?" I yelled. "Don't worry, your bandages are fixed" Mori said. I tried standing up but I was in so much pain I just collapsed back onto my bed. "Oww" I groaned. "Jus stay down til the pain subsides" Chris said. "Fine but no ordering out. Someone's gonna have to cook" I said, lookin at D'mari. "Sure" She said. "Thanks sis, you're the best" I grinned. "Stop bein fake" She said rollin her eyes at me.

"Love you too" I said. Chris just shook his head. "What?" I asked. "Absolutely nothin" He replied. I tried fallin asleep but I needed caffine to do that. "I can't sleep" I looked at D'mari. "I'll do it" Sabrena offered. "Thankies"

About 20 minutes later Sabrena came back and was NOT alone. "Wassup nigga" Chris said givin the other person dap. I opened my eyes to look and did a double take."Why is Trey Songz in my house?" I said loudly. "The question is why hasn't he been here BEFORE?" D'mari said. "Am I unwanted?" Trey asked. "No. She definately wants many different positions" I said pointin my thumb at D'mari. "Shut up" She shot back. "Shut don't go up, angels do, so take your advice and shut up too" I said.

"Immature as hell" J'tysha said. "Well?" I said. "What i'm s'posed to say? FUCΚ that bìtch, STOMP that hoe, I don't NEED that do it again SLOW MOTION" I looked at her. Sabrena left and came back with coffee. "Creamer, lots of sugar?" I asked. "Yup" She said. "You'll sleep through a hurricane" She added. "Perfect" I said taking a sip. "How does coffee help you sleep?" Chris asked. "Would you rather I jus suck you dry?" I said. Trey's face obviously stated he had the wrong idea. "Naa, I feel like livin today" Chris replied.

After I drank the whole cup of coffee I was out like a light. "She's harmless when she's sleepin" Chris said. One of my fangs were showin and he thought it was so adorable.

Tonight is a full moon...
Can't wait...


"Cara!" Chris yelled running towards my lifeless body. He put the charm back on me and I returned to normal, still unconscious. "ED!" Al yelled. You gotta admit, he truly loves his brother. Chris picked me up bridal style. Al just slung Ed over his shoulder. "Sorry about HIM" Al said referring to his brother. "Sorry about HER" Chris said referring to me.

::hours later::

I woke up at home. Once my vision focused I saw Al's face. "Al? Is Ed alive?" I asked. "Yes he's okay" Al said. "He's not in the room but he's here too isn't he" I asked though I sorta knew. "Yes" He said. I felt bad about what I did, but kinda proud. That's twisted right? "Is she up?" A little boy's voice asked. I honestly didn't know whose voice it was.

"Yeah, I am" I answered. I saw Hunny. "Hey, Vicky" That was what he ALWAYS called me. "Hi Hunny. Where's your cousin?" I said/asked. "Out there, stressing" "Over me?" "Mmhmm" "Oh" Now I felt bad for his cousin. Hunny was SO innocent...But I learned how to whoop ASS from him. "Is Chris still here?" I asked. "Yes..." "Will you tell him to come here please?"

Hunny did as I asked, because he's sweet like that. Chris walked in followed by everyone else except Ed. "What's up" He said. "Help me up please?" I asked. "Sure" He picked me up and wanted to carry me but I told him not to. I went into the living room with ease, but when I tried going outside it seemed like the distance was too far and I almost collapsed.

I leaned on the door and turned the knob. Once I was out I sat on the steps. I was about to start crying but Ed sat next to me. "...Sorry Ed..." I said. "...It's fine...'Blondie' will fix my arm again" I looked at him. Was he unphased? He turned and looked into my eyes. I hugged him. It was painful but Ed deserved a hug.

When I let go he looked at me funny. I giggled a little. Chris and Hunny and Al And Hunny's cousin came out. "...Hey..." Hunny's cousin said. He has a DEEP VOICE for someone whose only 18. Hunny's abut as tall as an elementary kid but he's the older cousin...he's actually 19. His cousin can be mistaken as older...he's 6'2. And the younger cousin.

I thought Mori was older until they told me. I nearly fainted. Enoughf about them though. "Come inside. The bandages need changing" Mori said. That's the most he's EVER said. "Okay I'll be in" I said getting up to go inside. Everyone's stressin over me. Why? I couldn't stand anymore so I fell to my knees and cried. Mori picked me up bridal style.

"I hate being weak. Now I know why everyone's stressing over me. Because I'm weak" I cried. Chris walked infront of Mori and I. "Don't think that, we ain't stressin cause we think you're weak. What we're really stressin about is, you got hurt. We love you we don't wanna see you hurt!" He said sternly. "I-I know, and i'm sorry for putting everyone under so much stress..." I really felt guilty, hearing it outta Chris' mouth.

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