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√•Against All Odds•√

Hey this is my first story! And I'm sort of a newbie on here so go easy on me LOL. Well here we gooooo......

"Mmmm Chris. Yes dats my spot! Right there daddy. YES!" I screamed and moaned as he banged away @ my pussy while I was bent over his office desk. He quickly put his hand over my mouth 2 muffle my moans. "Shhh....or someone will hear us." He whispered in my ear, all the while pumping in and out of me. He sped up his slow and steady pace into a fast and rapid rhythm indicating he was about to bust. "Awwwww shiiiiiit!" He moaned as he filled the rubber with his kids. "Damn Syd u gone make me hurt u 1 of these days." He said ripping off the rubber and tossing it into the garbage can next 2 his desk. I giggled. "I mite like it." I said with a sexy smirk. I pulled down my mini skirt and fixed my hair. Chris looked @ the time on the wall. "My last class ends @ 4, u wanna go out 2 eat or sumthin?" He asked me fixing his tie. I shrugged. "Or i can cook 4 u @ my place." I suggested. "Sounds like a plan." He replied b4 kissing me passionately. "See u later Professor Brown." I said leaving his office.

Yea I know way ur thinking...she's not boning her professor is she?? Yes I am LOL. Well we're past the boning stage, we're officially dating. Its a risk we're both willing 2 take. We have a bond so strong that we couldn't leave each other alone even if we tried. So we vowed 2 be by each others sides and b 2getha....AGAINST ALL ODDS

°When I got home I decided 2 take a quick shower b4 heading 2 the grocery store.

After I dismissed my last class for that day I headed 2 my office 2 gather sum papers that needed 2 b graded. I decided 2 take em home with me. I stopped by my crib b4 heading 2 Sydney's apartment so I could shower and change.
When I finally reached her apartment I saw her getting out of her car with grocery bags. I got out and jogged over 2 her and grabbed her bags. "Thanks babe." She said flashing me that beautiful smile. "No problem." I said pecking her soft lips.
Once we were inside her apartment I carried the bags 2 the kitchen. "So wats 4 dinner?" I asked watching her backside as she put up the groceries. "Baked chicken smothered in BBQ sauce, cabbage, Mac n cheese and cornbread." She said turning the oven on. I smiled. She was definitely a southern bell and it kinda turned me on. "Sounds good. Ima go watch TV in ur bedroom." I said b4 smacking her on the ass. "Call me when dinner's ready."

I was slaving over a hot stove...literally when Chris came in the kitchen. "Babe I gotta run off real quick. I'll be rite back." He said wit an annoyed look on his face. I already new wat it was...wifey needed him @ home. I Just nodded and pecked him on the lips.
Yea he's married....but he's suppose 2 be leaving her soon. Well at least dats wat he says...and I believe him.
•Later that nite Chris came back looking frustrated. "What's the matter baby?" I asked "We got into a big argument and she put me out. Is it OK if I crash here?" He asked with pleading eyes. "Sure baby." I replied kissing him. "I Just finished dinner. U ready 2 eat?" I asked him. "Yea. I'm 2 hungry!" I went into the kitchen and fixed our plates. We were sitting down @ the kitchen table eating when he announced he had filed 4 divorce yesterday. I smiled on the inside. "So u 2 r really dun?" I asked. He nodded. He looked a little sad. I figured he was taking it pretty hard. "If u dnt mind me asking, what happened between u 2?" He Just stared @ his plate. "2 soon huh?" He nodded. I hated seeing him so down. After we ate I cleaned the kitchen and decided 2 try and cheer Chris up so I took a shower and put on sum purple lace Victoria's Secret thongs and walked out into the living room 2 give him a show.

I was watching TV thinking about the argument me and my soon 2 b ex wife had when I heard Sydney's bedroom door open. She appeared in the living room wearing a pair of thongs and nothing else. She now had my complete attention. Sydney had a body sent directly 4rm heaven. She had hips of a goddess and a pair of gorgeous hips and a big juicy ass 2 match. Her breast were a nice size. Not 2 big but definitely not small Just how I liked em. The color of her skin reminded me of peanut butter. And her eyes were a shade of hazel. I got lost in those eyes each and everytime they met mine. But @ this very moment my eyes were everywhere but on her face. She started walking toward me all seductively. She stopped in front of me and stood between my legs. She began moving her hips and and giving me a lap dance. She turned around and her beautiful ass was all in my face I rubbed and squeezed it. She had the body of a stripper. I was loving every moment of this lap dance when my phone began singing Usher's hit song "Papers" I new it was my nagging ass cheating ass wife. "What?" I said wit an attitude answering the phone. Sydney fell 2 her knees and took my d*** outta my pants and began giving me head. "Umm l-let me um cccall u back." I said stuttering. I didn't even wait 4 a response I Just hung up the phone and directed my full attention back 2 Sydney who now had my entire d*** in her throat. "Fuuuuuck!" I moaned as I grabbed the back of her head. She definitely knows how 2 please her man.....



Here we go again.......

°The next morning I didn't have class so I decided I should go get the rest of my things 4rm my wife's house. "U want me 2 help?" Syd asked 4rm her walk-in closet. "Na. I don't think that would b a good idea LOL." I responded grabbing my keys. "I'll be back in a lil bit." I said kissing her lips b4 leaving her apartment.

I figured Chris wouldn't b back 4 a min so I decided 2 hit the mall. I did my hygiene thing and slipped on a hot pink floral print Hollister dress and sandals 2 match. I let my hair hang past my shoulders in loose curls. I applied Just a little makeup, grabbed my keys and purse and left my apartment.

"Girl yea! And the b**** had the nerve 2 step 2 me!" My best friend Chloe ranted as we sat @ the foodcourt and sipped smoothies. "I no u beat her ass." I added. "Hell yea!" My phone started buzzing on the table. It was text 4rm Chris. It read:
×Where u @?
√Tha mall....wasup?
×Im horny......come f*** me.
√Give me a few mins. I'm hanging wit tha bestie.

I looked up 4rm my phone and my eyes met Chris' wife's....dat b****. We had got in2 it multiple times. As she walked over 2 our table I began 2 take my razor out of my purse. "I hope ur enjoying my leftovers." She spat standing over me. I stood up in her face and we were literally nose 2 nose. "I'm enjoying the great man ur trying 2 destroy." She laughed. "Great man my ass. U no if I was a dirty b**** I'd go 2 the Dean and have u expelled and him fired." I shrugged. "Do what u feel ma ma." I said pushing past her walking away. Ugh...thirsty b****! "What was that about?" Chloe questioned. "Nothing. She thinks I'm dating her husband." I said lying. "But um Chloe I gotta get going. I got sum things 2 take care of @ the crib. Ima hit u later." I said hugging her "K."
When I got home there was a lot going on. "Hey baby. I want u 2 meet my cuzin Trey and my homeboy Tyga." "Hey how y'all doing?" I greeted as they sat on the couch. "Wasup lil mama. Damn Chris she bad!" Trey commented I Just walked 2 my bedroom 2 put my bags up. Moments later Chris appeared in my doorway. "I ran into ur WIFE @ tha mall." I spoke while he laid on the bed. "Oh really? And what did she say?" "A bunch of bulls*** but I put her in her place. Did u get all ur things?" I asked. He nodded. I went over and straddled him. I looked into his eyes and they were low and hazy. "Are u high Chris?" He nodded. I sighed and started 2 get off him. "Where u going?" He asked grabbing my ass cheeks holding me in place. "Away from u. I don't like seeing u high Chris..." he smacked his lips and flipped me over so that he was now on top. He began kissing and sucking on my neck. "Stop Chris." I said squirming under him. "Nope" he continued 2 give me hickies all over my neck and chest. "Take this off." He commanded pulling @ my dress. I did as I was told while he closed and locked the door. He started where he left off. Kissing and sucking on my pierced nipples. He worked his way down 2 my belly ring. He played wit it in his mouth then he came face 2 face wit my pussy. "Ur pussy is so pretty." He stated b4 indulging in it. I instantly began 2 moan. Chris had a curious tongue and it felt oh so good exploring every inch of my pussy. I'd had enough of his teasing so I pulled him up on the bed so I could return the favor.

I just loved Sydney's head game. It was the absolute BEST! The way she deep throated my d*** and kept it super wet. The way her cold tongue ring felt on my d*** drove me crazy! I guess she new I was about 2 cum so she stopped and got on top of me. She wrapped her warm tight pussy around my hard wet d*** and began 2 bounce her ass up and down. "s*** girl!" I moaned as she worked me. I grabbed her waist and helped her bounce @ the speed I wanted her 2. Then we changed positions and I had her faced down ass up beating it up 4rm the back. The way her ass slapped against my thighs added 2 my excitement. I grabbed a handful of her hair and held onto her waist wit the other hand and started ramming her the way she liked it. She kept throwing it back so I kept giving it 2 her. Damn she was so wet it felt like my d*** was swimming in an ocean. I bent down and bit her shoulder. She moaned outta pain and pleasure. "Mmmm daddy cum 4 me!" She screamed. I was almost there. She kept throwing it back meeting my thrusts "Damn I'm finna nut." I announced. And within seconds I was releasing my warm liquids inside of her. It was then when I realized I wasn't wearing a rubber. "OMG Chris! Did u cum in me?!" She asked looking worried. I shook my head no. "Na Syd. Its on the bed babe chill." I said lying. I just didn't want her 2 freak out on me. She walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I just laid back and dozed off.....


Thank u 2 so much! I'm gonna b adding sum more soon!

LMAO... Innocent huh `Taty! LOL..

Naw you done a real good job on you`re first story =).. better then what I did hahaha,.,, I`m Harlem, welcome to our CBW home

Dangzzzzz Girl GET EM!!



Now THIS is my kind of story ! lol
& welcome to CBW !