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...* No Frame <3 (( 9/25/11 FINISHED)!!

** No Frame <3

Plot: Mya wants answers to why and how her fiance died. She finds out that her mail man is a suspect and is doing everything in her power to get him behind bars. Mya joins the police with investigating she slowly starts drifting away and soon starts investigating her own issues and problems. Mya tries to find her live again after loosing dewayne, someone who painted a perfect picture for her but because of the lost he lefted her with "No Frame"...

there is a summary of the 1st post that had got deleted by accident, at the time i didnt know what i was doing. But the summary should be on the same page u start reading the story. Sorry for the confusion.

run it
bump whateva u do lol

ima faithful writer n dont like to keep my readers waiting that long because i want them to keep reading but i do need runs lol

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<a href="">Mya</a>

<a href=",r:15,s:114&tx=42&ty=86&biw=1366&bih=667"> Melanie aka Mel</a>

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<a href=",r:19,s:202&tx=44&ty=41&biw=1366&bih=667"> Kelsey/a> (mel's bestie)

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THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU :) this is one of my favorites as well

so i stayed up all night reading this story! I was hooked! this has to be one of my favorite stories. I also read yellow roses and material things i love them both
you are really good I'm amaze cuz u started freestyling and it was still a good story and i like how u made it more realisic with the sad ending cuz lets be real as much as i wanted joshie to stay alive i knew in real life ppl have cold heart and will commit a blackout even if they have nothing to do with it.
I'm just... honestly i felt like chris could have been saved. instead of crying and begging i would of had that door busted open and saved chris and gotten him help
but it was too late...
i also really like how you came up with the title
again both of your stories were really great

i can never read dis from start 2 finish no matter how many times i try lol... damn its 2 much.

Love this story :)

thanks :)

I read this and the end had me in tears :/

Sad story, but it's good

lol ok

Don't tell me not to read it, lol.

I already started, can't stop now...

lol you dont have to read it if you dont want!



lol thank you nana!

************NEW READER***********

soooooo ONCE AGAIN
i have to sayy you
amazed me again!!

now i am SOOOO readyy
for part two!!

i had to read it again!!!

starting this one

than lets put it on the first
be right back


ok @ lola

and ana its called ..* Yellow roses -n- material things <3
its probably on the third page or so ion kno lol

i really just stopped reading . . && i did for NO apparent reason :(

sorry but i must admit i missed this story !

&& when i get some free time ima go back && read it from the beginning ! :)

NOOOOO i need your stories for my entertainment

whats your other story called i will be your personal
cheerleader lol

that sounds horrible lol

lol i do have another story that i just started but just like this one no one is reading foreal...slow start :/ thinking about not writing on this board no more i write cause i love it but its boring with no feedbakcks

so much to say but honestly
i can only use few words to sum it up...


one of my top favs and i trully dont have that many

i loved it from beginning to end and i swear ima
miss this story to now that its over with..

hmmm i guess its time to make another on lol

*hint hint*

dang i miss this story!

thanks step :)

*sobs uncontrollably*
The ending was so sad!!!!
I LOVED this story!!!

lol @bree ikr

yeah our story was similar in ways . .

I ain't tripping because my story was planned too !

And Keria ain't that damn crazy to steal my shid lol . . .

So , it's whatever ! Fuk you mean ho ! lol

I love Keria !

DAmn they say every story has a happy ending but that s*** was sad af.!

i love this story.! I would say make a part 2 but everybody dead lol

k :) thanks... im thinkin of new ideas now!

- Awe qurl yu welcome sry for beinq a silent reader :( but i was a dedicated reader to ths story its under my favorites on my laptop &nd yu were a consistent writer which i LUV because yu dnt keep ur readers waitinq. Anywho cnt wait to read more of ur stories nd i promise i won't be a silent reader :-}


ikr, they didnt have a normal couple life! and trouble did follow them everywhere...damn they been through a lot and mya coped wit her stress WAYYY(x10) better then chris cause she had ppl in her life to die 2 so her and chris basically went through the same stuff but couldnt some how work with each other through the pain. Instead it made them fight and at one part you know broke them up so...i dont know! Im glad this story went the way I wanted it to thought at first i was freestlyin but im glad I developed a plan

thanks for reading :) and when u said im a wonderful writer that touched me really cause i wasnt gettin runs really and i was always consistent wit writing but whateva! thank u :)

k @ ana