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I got me a...College Girl!

How it all started three years ago...

I had just got from hanging with my friends all day at the skate rink snd bowling. My mom was going to flip. So i snuck in and went up to my room to change. I was kind of hungry so i went down into the kitchen to get a snack. I turned around and saw a letter on the table. I picked it up and read my name...It was from Howard. I opened it slowly...

"Ahhhhhh!" I screamed I was so excited. I started jumping up and down
"Jazmine-Elese Roberts you better stop all that noise this instant!" My mom yelled.

I woke up the next morning...
"Hi mommy!" I greeted my mom before kissing her cheek
"Morning Baby!" My mom smiled
"Guess what?" i said taking a seat across from her at the table
"What baby!?" she asked taking a sip of coffee
"Guess!" I insisted
"Baby now you know!"
"I got into Howard!" I squealed 'And got away with coming in late' i thought to my self

"Congratz baby i'm so happy and proud of you!" my mom got up to hug me

"Thanks Ma!" I gave her smile and hugged her back
"We should celebrate when you get of punishment in three weeks!" she smiled returning to her seat
"Mom!"i whined a little
"I heard you when you came in and your borther told me! Oh and your aunt" I couldn't stand my brothers' i had three of them. I was the second oldest

I forgot about my aunt. All my aunties are AKA's and don't play. I was thinking of pledging idk.

'Damn! Okay so maybe i didn't get away with it but whatever! I got into Howard!' nothing could bring me down

I was higher than a kit and loving life at this moment as my body to the beat. After i danced i went and grabbed a drink. I was going to enjoy life for as long as i could.

I stumbled into the house after hours. Good thing my mom was at work.
I woke up the next moring to the sound of the front door slaming.

"Owe!" I yelled grabbing my head and turing over.
"Amaya Simone Simmons get down here now!" i heard my mom yell
"Ugh this can't wait?" i said with a hint of annoyance as I stumbled out of bed and made my way down stairs

"What ma!?" i said with slight attiude
"What did you say? I know you better watch it!" she turned around and waved the knife she was using at me
"Sorry ma!" i walked over and leaned on the counter
"You got a letter!" she pointed over at the kitchen counter

I got up to get the letter. I was mad, did she really just wake me up for this? She must have lost her ever loving mind.

"No i woke you up cause it's six o'clock and this house is still a mess!"

I rolled my eyes and opened the letter
"Omg! Mom i got in!" i yelled. She ran from the kitchen and snatched the letter out of my hand. She hugged me and started jumping up and down. I didn't know if i wanted to go to Howard. My mom was all i had and did i really want to be five hours away from her? This was a lot to think about!

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I would appreciate it.

Don't get me wrong I have close friends who are K's, I just could be one.

And Idk what is but I love a Alpha Man. Ugh! So damn sexy!

Alphas love Deltas too! Just throwing that out there for my man that I'll eventually get. ;)

Would you like me to change just for ya'll?
All my aunties are AKA! My mom couldn't make is a AKA lmao! They would kill me if I pledge Delta! They don't have any sororities at my school.

I wanna be either miss. kremsom and kream (Kappa) or miss. black and gold (alphas) but i am much of an idiot!

I'm pre pledging. shh! Are you pledging Delta?

@sexy scorpio are you a Delta because I am pledging next year?

Oh no,I'm sorry cousin! LOL!

Ugh! I can't stand K's! I shutter every time I see those three letters. *rolls eyes* Ha ha! *Throws up Delta sign* Oo-Op all the way!

i really dont like my cousin haha

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The rest of the cast...

I was in thrid period chilling and talking to my friends. We were laughing about the memoires we shared here. My cousin Jazmine just walked in with her friends. I rolled my eyes and flip my hair while face. I didn't really get along with my cousin, I always made fun of her. She was always the good one. My mom always compared me to her.

"Cousin!" she truned around to greet me
"What?" i asked intertaining her
"You going out tonight?"
"Maybe Why?"
"Just wondering?"

I rolled my eyes and turned around. I sort of over heard her conversation. Little miss goody two shoes got in trouble, Oh and she got into Howard.

I grabbed my things from my locker and walked to my car with my friends. Of cousrse on the back it says 'AKA girl' cause my mom baught me the car. I tried to talk her out of it.

"We going to the mall later?" I asked hopping in my car.
"Yeah!" they replied hopping in the back.

"Finally!" I yelled at my best friend Chris as he hopped in the passenger side.

We had fun at the mall. It was a blast.

I through my keys on the counter grabbed a water and went to my room. I woke to the smell of dinner. We were having pasta and rice.
"Alexa!" my mom yelled for me to come down.

She sat a plate and a letter in front of me before taking her seat.

"Open it!" she smiled
"Okay!" i said uneasy.

I opened it and smiled as i read it carefully.
"Mom i got into Howard! And i get a full ride!" I smiled
"Awe baby I am so happy for you!" she got up to hug me.

"Take that Jessica!" my mom cheered. Jessica was Jasmine's mom my aunt who also was a AKA. I shook my head at my mom. I got up to do the dishes and go back up to my room.

"You going to tell your dad?"
"Yes!" i groaned walking up the steps. I loved my dad but he just gets on my nerves and is so annoying.

I wasn't sure if I really wanted go there!? Especially since my cousin going. I rolled my eyes before i went back to sleep.

Today I was hanging with my boyfriend. We haven't really had much time for each other lately. We were graduating soon and we were trying to spend as much time together as we could. He was thinking about going into the army or taking his basketball ride to atlanta but he still wasn't sure. My mom didn't approve of Shannon very much. But i still loved him to death, we have been together since 8th grade and nothing could tare us apart now or so I thought.

"You were haning out with him again weren't you?" my yelled as soon as i hit the door.

"Yes Ma!" i sighed grabbing my jacket about to leave again. I didn't want to have this arugment again.

"Wait!" my mom said as i rolled my eyes.
"What?" i asked turning around.
"I'm sorry baby can we talk!?"
"No there is nothing to talk about!" with that said i walked out and went over to Shannon's.

I kind of knew why she didn't really approve of him but whatever it's my life. My mom thought we were to young to be in love and commited to each other. She also got pregnant at a young age and she didn't want the same for me. I laid in his bed and in his arms as i did so many times before.

I finally decided to go home. When i got there my mom was gone there was a note and a letter on the kitchen counter. I opened the letter first. "Omg i got into Howard!"

"bae I got into Howard!" i yelled into the phone
"That's cool bae but Bae..."
"I know it's far!" i sighed thinking about it. We both have great opportunities here. We didn't want to stop the other from going after their dreams.

"Heather! You there?" i heard him yell into the phone
"Ummm...I'll talk to you later?" i hung up and went to throw up the rest of my luch and breakfast.

I did want to be eight hours from my mom and 10 hours from the father of my child if he goes to Atlanta? This was to much to handel...

Today was my last here at home. I was going to spend the summer with my cousin before heading off to Howard in the fall. I had gotten my letter earlier. We had a two weeks off due to a snow storm and I had three extra day becuase i was sick before the storm started. I spent the day cleaning and catching up on my homework. When my mom came in from work she handed me my letter. I was nervous. I had a 3.8 and still wasn't sure if I would get in. My mom wanted me to a summer semester but i wanted enjoy my birthday in July. I still haden had the courage to tell Trey it was over.

I thought this moment over and over in my head. A thousand times i found my self asking why am i taking so long to say this? I decided it was either now or never. We were walking around the park holding hands. We stopped at our old spot by the swings.

"Trey there is no easy way to say this but..."
"Bae just say it?"
"I don't think we should be together anymore." i hung my head
"Are you serious?"
"I'm sorry Trey! I never wanted to hurt you!" tears formed in my eyes. I took off before he could say anything else

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I love it so far!

There's only one thing...I do the duck walk! not the stinky pinky! LOL

However, this your story.

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