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only be sold in the Guangzhou area

"Guangzhou" brand watches can , background or previous Hard to Beijing and the like on or can.) Particularly gulls, mechanical watches have been on the market to buy three thousand thousands, and especially his tourbillon movement, is an international standard, done worse than the Swiss. But to be honest, Seagull is indeed the sale of some models of movement to others, and the price is still relatively low, compared to the price for his watch, really quite a bargain. Shanghai and Beijing, said the movement should not share much, in fact, is the pearl of greatest movement, and this thing off the table in the heart of the world, Americans ROLEX called FOLEX (FAKE ROLEX), is basically used Pearl movement, the biggest drawback is that this thing is very unstable quality, if you are lucky, leave the table to use than to buy a Swiss watch is also really cool but also accurate, bad luck, then go for a few months, he no longer not move, or error bizarre you can not believe. Usually you see the registration site Taobao seller, if in the south, such as Guangzhou, Fujian, Zhejiang and the like, the basic movement is to use the pearl, buy this thing, only prayed God bless, but what people really cheap ah, now Those 168 yuan a Longines, Omega, or a 170, do not even think, are certainly Pearl movement. In fact, I think, have been Pearl's movement quality and can be, and how that is China's first production of multifunctional mechanical watch manufacturers, traders themselves, but because the level of fraud is limited, in the case when the sets, craft less than a home, but damage the movement is possible, has always been a bargain, not the pursuit of these, buy Seagull movement of false business, think about this stuff to sell or thousands, the process is still at the point above grade.