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- the Perfect [ Assassin ] `

My chest heaved up and down as I felt my lips begin to quiver. In an attempt to get my nerves under control, I perched them, rubbing in my Mac lipgloss in the process. My throat was dry, and the air seemed thick as I inhaled the LA breeze, finding it hard to breathe. <a href="">I</a> was a wreck. A complete f***ing wreck. I was in NO condition to go through with my mission nor did I want to. I shook my head as I bit down on my lip. <cite>This is crazy</cite> -- That was all I managed to repeat in the back of my mind. My hand trembled in which I held my black Beretta 98 semi-automatic pistol, aiming it directly at the center of his forehead. I ran my thumb across the tip of my nose and exhaled roughly, rocking from side to side. Left to right. Right to left.

My heart pounded as I looked over his freshly cut, blonde hair and then down to his deep brown eyes. <a href="">He</a> was the enemy, but the way I felt towards him couldn't be hate. But, it didn't matter. I had no choice, and in my line of work -- feelings didn't matter nor did they exist. He looked at me with the most blank expression. It confused, but didn't confuse me. He feared nothing and no one, and deep inside I knew he knew that this was gonna be hard for me. I stared down at him on his knees, blood leaking from the gash beside his right eyebrow and a busted bottom lip. I saw his lips part, And he spoke. .

"So, you're gonna kill me. Is that right?" He asked emotionless, squinting his eyes as if trying to read me. I gripped my pistol tighter, accompanying my left hand with my right. I did not answer.

He exhaled silently, wiping the blood from his mouth, not taking his eyes from me. "Do you love me?" He asked above a whisper, causing chills to rush through my body. My mouth began trembling once again as a single tear slid down the soft of my left cheek. "Stop it." I begged. He was breaking me down and I'm sure he knew it. He looked into the barrel of the Beretta then back at me. "I guess this is how it ends." I stood silent as he spoke again. I couldn't let him talk me out of this. This was my mission and as far as I knew, he couldn't be trusted. "I love you, Black Widow." He addressed me by my codename. Tears began streaming down my face, as I backed away slowly shaking my head. "I'm sorry..." I mouthed, unable to speak. I knew that if I was gonna go through with it, I was gonna have to do it right then and there. I couldn't take it much longer. My index finger grew heavier against the trigger, before I blacked out.

All I ever wanted was just to live. Live a regular life, like a regular girl and be loved. But, growing up, being trained to kill. .no such thing existed. I was just the 'Perfect Assassin.'


i liked the way this story was goin'
wish it was finished.

Sydney!!!!! Where tf you at?! I LOVED this damn story Smh...

You let us all the way down!

Syd's all caught up with school & work

She was on for a couple of minutes last week

Where is Syd ?

i love this story run it plz


oooh, i gotta catch up on this story!

songbird_ u gotta remind me, ok? or i'm a forget! i'm a bring post.

Syd u really needa come back and run this :(

Smt damnit I thought you updated! Ughhh girll, stop makin' me wait so long! This s*** is GOOODDD!! I can't wait for the next part! Update soon! :)

*walks through whistling and stops, looks around and walks out*


oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh oooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

run it
just gonna wait patiently n not get my hopes up lol

Awwh. Sorry I've been MIA, y'all! Glad
y'all still running this! I'll add as soon as I
get the chance. Promise. Maybe later
today. We'll see. But, I appreciate it! ((:


Please stop being mean to us lol.


syd where u been man?


This story is AWESOME and very well written! Dayum, Chris as an undefeated street fighter? That's some sexy stuff right there! I love the way their both assassins, I can't wait for them to find out about each other! This story reminds me of a story I wrote back in the day. Can't wait for you to update! :)

run it

How did I miss all of these chapters ?


run it run it
run it run it

oh ok just wondering lol
but anywhoo run it!!

Yeah. Trying to catch up with you & Harlem's
stories as we speak. Bre's too. So, bear with me. Lol

ok did u see the link i put up for my story?

Might be adding to this tomorrow. (:

run it run it

...* run it !!!

dont feel bad! its ok
but i would love to have u as a reader

my story is called ...<a href=""> ...* No Frame <3 </a>

Lol, don't feel guilty . . .

And yayyy okay.

Keria, I feel bad. Y'all be running
my stuff & I don't run y'alls. You too, Bre!
Give me time to catch up on y'all stories
& I WILL show them love! My word. (:

i agree with bree lol
j might be a good candidate but
ion know
chris might sweep neveah up in a min lol

@bree some good stories are over looked like mine lol!

run it run it run it

run it run it run it

ima get u the pages lol ill run this hoe by myself if i had to lol

heyyy chris went ham

and that mina chich should
have gotten beat up
ugh or karate kicked in the chin

and j cole uhmm now
that was sexy

but she was thinking about
chris huh ha?

caught up lol


Ohhn shiiiiiddd lol .

I <strong> LOVE</strong> Chris lol!

That nigga don't play !

Maybe he could go ten rounds with me in the bed lol .

I want a T.K.O. lol

Ummm... That Mina b*tch is rude as f*ck.... I'm glad Nevaeh didn't lose her cool, but her motherf*ckin' chin longer than The Great Wall of China.

That b*tch would've been eating that glass she threw at me !

J is a little clingy eh??? lol

DAAAAAMN that oral scene just did something to me lol T.M.I. I know lol.......


You know I love this <3

Idk why you ain't got more readers!!!!