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"I HATE IT WHEN....." Wednesday!

effn boredom!!!

I hate it when people ask you to take them somewhere, n be like... "i got 5 dollars for gas"....

like wtf is 5 dollas gone do?!?!?

wtf u hate?? lol



----->Ha! But What Happened Though?

what happened with???

Naw I aint mean to Drake.... He's to darn sweet to me for that!


u guys suck.. lol =/

and yet I dnt see how I did that Drake..

im finna effn cry... =( =/

u mean wit drake asia??

im not speaking about it no more lol

eeehhh =/

Only from the side !

You look better than her !

I'm just saying you favor her a little bit.

<em>Nazar just pissed me the fxck off..but I disagree she don't look shty like tiny, in no way not even hair color tiny ugly ass hell<em>

Me too!

honestly, i still see that yall look alike lol

Ha! But what Happened Though?

<a href="">yall.. like</a>

<a href="">Seriusly???</a>

Lol, my bad !

lmao ctfu srry, i just had to say it


ooooooommmmmefffffing GEE!!! :: not cool!::


I just didn't wanna say it because I didn't know how she would take it

OMG ABBY! how would that NOT be insulting??

ASia.. idk why ur bf is E-beefin wit me!!! lmao!!

idk if this is insulting or not but nazzy ur pic reminds me of tiny...t.i.'s wife lol

Are you guys arguing? ....... ::Leaves::

I hate it when someone messages me.. but dont got s*** to say...

I hate it when niggas are sensitive.

I hate it when people cant accept a genuine apology and move the eff on.

I hate it when someone drags something way out of proportion.

I hate it when i dont get the last word..

<em>I hate wen someone annoys me then call me sensitive<em>

I Hate You ____!!! Not saying any names....

Urghh lol . . . . .


with a drum??? lol

Drake Check ur messages..

<em> ^^^ is gone to his own post<em>

I remember when I wanted to be in play boy.....
Im still thinking on it though!

smh lol @ drake