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# You aint know dat.....

•#you aint know dat .....I had a daughter

•#you aint know dat .....Poetry writes me

•#you aint know dat .....Im atheist(complicated)

•#you aint know dat ..... I graduated number 30 out of 300 kids

•#you aint know dat ..... An Only Child

•#you aint know dat ..... Lost Virginity at 17

Now yo ass know =\


Family Guy The s***! They remind Me Of My Family! D/A


Family Guy is racist, but funny.

Family Guy is wayy better!

American Dad Is WEAK

Im watchn Adult Swim right now lol American Dad

Lol... I like Courage the Cowardly Dog

My fav is Cartoon Network But I Love Adult Swim Better!

Abby, I thought I was the only one who watched Disney lol.

So Random, Good Luck Charlie & Phineas and Ferb are my favorite shows.

-_- @ Asia lol

Cant even lie, I watch Disney everyday lol

Lol! Aye Aye Im watching good luck charlie and like the girl boyfriend had like this stupid ass game I guess then like they got inna argument and she was like

Atleast im not walking around looking like a big'ol frong

Then he was like

I am a magic toad

Ahahahahaha LMAO Rofl Lol!!!!!

Lol that's kind of meeeean lol.

run it.

Ughh I'm so used to saying that.

Shiid Tell Me Bout It!! I Gotta Watch This GODDAMN Thing!!! Lol. JK!


Lol. Idk. I'm hot. Frustrated. And. Bored.

Oh well damn yall asses aint miss me not one bit! I go get in the shower and start watching my niece and every goddamn body forget about me!!! Lol!

oh i already knew that lol

#You aint know that you're strange lol.

you aint kno bout to go wash my face for the hell of it lol BRB

#You aint know dat.... So am I !

Ughh , what is there to do ?!

#you didnt kno EXTRA bored lol

#You aint know dat.. I just got off the phone with my wild ass friend. lol smh.

#you aint kno that....I love college for the unauthorized parties my friends and I throw lol

#You aint know dat.... I need a job !

Replied back

Sigh, I need a drink

<em>•#you aint know dat...I jus replied to your message<em>

#you aint kno that...ur stealing my job mister

Nah I really didn't know that! lol everyone keeps telling me but I don't be believing what they say *kanye shrug*

<em>•#you aint know finna work in a bookstore on campus, or a computer lab<em>

#You aint know dat... you are a TRUE freak lol.


#you aint know that....It turns me on when niggas I like bite me gently anywhere on my body

#You aint know dat.... I'm glad I'm not alone lol .....