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"Ava, You look lika SLUT!" Me:What? Pictures included!

So I need you guys to figure out witch picture is prettier because I can't decide witch one I look betta in. HONEST OPINION Because I'm using this for something!

<a href="">Thats #1 When I Cut My Hair</a>

<a href="">#2</a>

<a href="">#3 I was at a party</a>

Pick one because some people say I look slutty and s*** but I really need honest opinions though! FOR REAL! BE TRUTHFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT CARE IF THEY ARE NEGATIVE!!!


Thanks :^)

No Homo.
the pics are sexy
an yu was killen em
dnt lrt haters get yu dwn

Thanks Taty! :^)

You look different--not in a bad way though
I agree w/ Nazzy
But you are mad sexy [no funny ish]

Thanks Nazzy!

u r so pretty! I like 1.. its different...

number 3 is a tad slutty (the outfit)... but wasn't that the point if u were at a party?

Thanks <3

No homosexuality lol, but in the words of Taty, "You sexy as f*ck!"

lol... I like #1 & #2

you can't help what you got lol....

Ha! Thanks!

=[ crap! photobucket is blocked on this f*** ass computer -____-. But I'm sure you look gorgeous in all of em! And f*** those people who said you look like a slut, they just maddd!

-No Homo

Their all pretty !