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유Gяошїиg ραιηѕ웃 ╰☆╮ A WIMPy Kidd Production 11/26

<ul> <li>PROLOGUE</li>

APRIL 2011

Birds chirped outside the window annoyingly And the sun began adoring the side of my face a little too lovingly, letting me know that morning was here. My own personal alarm clock.
The arms that held me from behind squeezed tighter around me as their owner snuggled closer as I shifted to try and get the sun off my face.

<em>Get up, Ava..<em>

I thought to myself, squeezing my eyes tighter trying to get back to sleep. I knew it was a contradiction within itself, but it had been a long night.

All I wanted to do was lay there. Just... Lay there. Yet when I heard small feet pitter patter across the hard wood floor I knew it would never happen.

"Mommy!" A small voice squeaked close to my ear.

"Mom! Mommy! Mom!" <em>Ohhhhhh!!!! MY GOD! </em>

"Mommy, is you woked up yet?" My 5 year old son Aquarius bugged, tugging the pillow that I'd just snatched over my head in an attempt to ignore him.

It took everything in me not to beg him for the infamous <em> Five more minutes.</em>

"Why do kids always ask that when they know you're really not?" I muffled through the pillow, cracking open my eyes for the very first time this morning.

"No, Really!" Quarry pleaded. " I'm hungwry, and Aries ate the rest of my Coco Pups and she say I cant Have her Cap and Crwunch cuz i cant put on clothes." He tattled, Mispronouncing words that only <em> he </em> could figure out how to mess up.

I tried not to laugh at my baby as I removed the pillow from my face to see that his brownish orbs were welling with tears. He had on some courteroy pants (that I still hadn't forgiven Harley for buyin for my baby) that were unbuttoned and zipped, which was to be expected, but the hilarious part was that his head was through the left sleeve of his inside out Transformers shirt, while his arm hung out the neck hole like a tree limb.

"Baby, look at your son." I chuckled, nudging my backside against my husband to rouse him from his sleep.

If I had to get up, then he had to as well. Especially for this.. It was classic.

"Aaaavaaaaa!!" He whined through his slumber, releasing me from his grasp so that he could sit up

"Im tryna sleep, you know last night you..... Nigga wtf you got on?? How??" He questioned, makin the <a href="">stink face</a> at our baby.

"Dont be lookin at my son like that foo!" I chastised, removing the thin covers from myself and slipping on my glasses and slippers as I got out of the bed.

"Come on son." I smiled, tugging the shirt over his head and picking him up.

"Let's go see what yo sister talkin bout." I cooed to him

As I made my way down the stairs thinking of what I was going to say to Aries about being mean to her brother <em>this</em> morning I thought of how far i'd come. Each morning it was something else with these too. Which had oddly enough become the most exciting excitement of my life.

It was strange... Strange how we got here. Me and Shad I mean.

I wasn't exactly the "type" he usually went for, and he wasn't.... well, he was <em>Shad</em> the kind of guy that I shouldn't have gone for. And <strong>we</strong> were Far from the kind of people to be settled down in a not so modest home with 2 kids and a mut.

Don't get me wrong, It was <em> never </em> easy and we fought it as much as we could in the beginning.. Had to go through a lot of things, loose a lot of people and grow up in a lot of ways before we realized that the pains that we were going through separately, we were meant to go through together...

I'll tell you the story... Of our lives.. Of our Loves, Our friends. Our Enemies...

I'll tell you the story of our <strong> GROWING PAINS......</strong>
RUN IT?! PLEASE BE CRITICAL! There's no such thing as a mean comment.. as long as you comment! No runs = <strong> NO ADD</strong> =/

It starts off slow but after a few runs i'll post chapter 1.


<a href="">Bree</a>.

Ummm she a good one lol. I would've beat the shid out of Bree and her crew lol.

B*tch better learn self-defense!

Go take up some karate classes baby !

Whew I am a demon in this shid !

OOoh so piece of man is mine for the <em> moment</em> obviously lol . . .

Run this !

RUN IT!!! & you already got my pic's

i wudnt jus let thembeat me up i wuda fought bac. she need to get up off dat flo n start throwin punches givn dem da hands lol run it

Wow, Bree is CRUEL AS HELL!!! And why she ain't beat the b**** back?! If that was me I would've stuffed Bree's raggedy ass right in that damn toilet! Pickin' on people for no reason and s***! Smt! Girllll this was good, update soon :)

I did write this before when it was the Zombalabelgroup board.... but it was in script.. i was like 15 lol but now im doin it in novel form.. with a different title.. and i cant remember half the ish i had in the original one.. lol so.. yeah.. im callin it new. lol

But that was short. =/ Im gnna add more after i go pick up ma mama from work..

So ups til then!

October 1999


Chapter 1

"Get up!" Bree yelled harshly as she landed another kick to my ribs.

The cold floor in the bathroom stall was more of a comfort to my face than a nuisance as it cooled the spot were her lacky/"best friend" Summer had just slapped me moments before.

As I layed there and allowed them to continue their assault, the only coherent thought running across my mind was how I wished they would hurry so that I could get <em>home.</em> I didn't know what time it was, but I knew that it was way past the time I normally showed my face in the shabby project that I resided in with my mother. There was no doubt in my mind that that would be the first of many that i'd get that day.

Summer laughed hysterically as the next kick Bree landed to my Ribs caused me to convulse and spit up blood.

I was used to the "ugly girl" comments and occasional beat downs from Bree and her friends.. But none like the one I recieved that day. All because I'd allowed my eyes to land on the wrong person.

Earlier that day, that morning to be exact, 1st period, I sat outside on the front steps of Junior Wroth High School.

You see, it was normal for me to be outside during the time that other students were in class. I had study hall first period, and because study hall was more like "talk to your friends and socialize hall" I avoided it all together. I had no "friends" to speak of and was never really to keen to volunteer myself to get picked on I stayed outside until my school day <em>really</em> started.

Bree was obviously running late to school that day, because the played out watch on my wrist read 8:42 a.m. Signifying the near of of 1st period when a chromed out Maserati screeched to a halt in front of me.

"You need to slow this s*** down!" I heard her voice before I saw her perfectly oiled legs appear out of the passenger side door.

I should've known then to make myself scarce. To not be the first thing Bree saw when she got to school this morning, but the figure that appeared next held my gaze captive.

Shad Moss.

Yeah I'd heard of him. I'd even seen him around a couple times. But never within 20 feet o my own personal space. And never enough to see that his eyes were green. Not brown, as i'd heard most of the girls around the way explain.

By the time I figured out that I was staring, Bree was already in my face warning me about "checkin for her nigga", who definitely "wasn't checkin for me."

Her words. Not mines.

I was scared s***-less at that point and i guess Mr.Shad Moss could tell.

He called his dog of a girlfriend off.

As Bree walked away from me back to Shad, I gathered the one notebook I owned and pencil from the step i was seated at and made my way into the school, stopping at my locker to grab my Modern World History book for my first class.
That's When she warned me.

"Later b****."

This was my life.


I still need PICS!!!

I agree this is a great prologue.

Gosh, I'm already addicted.

You are very talented.

I LOVE how you describe things.

I did vision everything you said.

And Aquarius & Aries?! [Now, I ain't trippin' 'cuz I am an Aquarius lol]

But REALLY Ava?!

Lol I bet both of they ass a Scorpio ! lol


& Ooh Shad is definitely not a morning person with his sexy ass. Mmmm lol.

RUN IT!!!!!

This kinda reminds me of a story I read when I first started reading Chris fan fiction. I love the ending sentence. Update soon girl sounds good! :)


I just love my character in here!

lol wow i still cnt believ u call me dat but i love it n ok run it

Omg I freaking love this story already I agree with Asia I love how you write it makes everything very easy to visualize
and aquarius is so freaking cute
I would say more but I cant really explain why I love this story so much

Run it!

Okay, Hurry That s*** up!!!
Yo s*** Good!

BawWWWLL!! Asia boo!!! =) thanks! I <em> do </em> try lol.

NICKY NIC! Hi! welcome to my story. =)

im finna add chapter 1 in a few..

run this run it lol