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유Gяошїиg ραιηѕ웃 ╰☆╮ A WIMPy Kidd Production 11/26

<ul> <li>PROLOGUE</li>

APRIL 2011

Birds chirped outside the window annoyingly And the sun began adoring the side of my face a little too lovingly, letting me know that morning was here. My own personal alarm clock.
The arms that held me from behind squeezed tighter around me as their owner snuggled closer as I shifted to try and get the sun off my face.

<em>Get up, Ava..<em>

I thought to myself, squeezing my eyes tighter trying to get back to sleep. I knew it was a contradiction within itself, but it had been a long night.

All I wanted to do was lay there. Just... Lay there. Yet when I heard small feet pitter patter across the hard wood floor I knew it would never happen.

"Mommy!" A small voice squeaked close to my ear.

"Mom! Mommy! Mom!" <em>Ohhhhhh!!!! MY GOD! </em>

"Mommy, is you woked up yet?" My 5 year old son Aquarius bugged, tugging the pillow that I'd just snatched over my head in an attempt to ignore him.

It took everything in me not to beg him for the infamous <em> Five more minutes.</em>

"Why do kids always ask that when they know you're really not?" I muffled through the pillow, cracking open my eyes for the very first time this morning.

"No, Really!" Quarry pleaded. " I'm hungwry, and Aries ate the rest of my Coco Pups and she say I cant Have her Cap and Crwunch cuz i cant put on clothes." He tattled, Mispronouncing words that only <em> he </em> could figure out how to mess up.

I tried not to laugh at my baby as I removed the pillow from my face to see that his brownish orbs were welling with tears. He had on some courteroy pants (that I still hadn't forgiven Harley for buyin for my baby) that were unbuttoned and zipped, which was to be expected, but the hilarious part was that his head was through the left sleeve of his inside out Transformers shirt, while his arm hung out the neck hole like a tree limb.

"Baby, look at your son." I chuckled, nudging my backside against my husband to rouse him from his sleep.

If I had to get up, then he had to as well. Especially for this.. It was classic.

"Aaaavaaaaa!!" He whined through his slumber, releasing me from his grasp so that he could sit up

"Im tryna sleep, you know last night you..... Nigga wtf you got on?? How??" He questioned, makin the <a href="">stink face</a> at our baby.

"Dont be lookin at my son like that foo!" I chastised, removing the thin covers from myself and slipping on my glasses and slippers as I got out of the bed.

"Come on son." I smiled, tugging the shirt over his head and picking him up.

"Let's go see what yo sister talkin bout." I cooed to him

As I made my way down the stairs thinking of what I was going to say to Aries about being mean to her brother <em>this</em> morning I thought of how far i'd come. Each morning it was something else with these too. Which had oddly enough become the most exciting excitement of my life.

It was strange... Strange how we got here. Me and Shad I mean.

I wasn't exactly the "type" he usually went for, and he wasn't.... well, he was <em>Shad</em> the kind of guy that I shouldn't have gone for. And <strong>we</strong> were Far from the kind of people to be settled down in a not so modest home with 2 kids and a mut.

Don't get me wrong, It was <em> never </em> easy and we fought it as much as we could in the beginning.. Had to go through a lot of things, loose a lot of people and grow up in a lot of ways before we realized that the pains that we were going through separately, we were meant to go through together...

I'll tell you the story... Of our lives.. Of our Loves, Our friends. Our Enemies...

I'll tell you the story of our <strong> GROWING PAINS......</strong>
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It starts off slow but after a few runs i'll post chapter 1.


Hopefully deniro n her get closer n Uh oh is that Bree?run it

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<strong> Feb 1999 </strong>

once reaching the food court, Demiro spotted some younger boys sitting at one of the rounded tables of Queens Center Mall and paid one of them who clearly knew who he was, to watch our bags while we ordered our food.

"You are a very.... hard person to read, Mr. Deniro." I told him as we stood in Bugerkings line waiting for Deniro's Whopper Value meal to be called.

"hmph" He chuckled, "What makes you say that?" He asked " And Mr.?"

"Mr." I confirmed. " And, well, for starters... You just paid that little boy 20 dollara to watch your bags while you get <em> Burgerking.</em>

"And." He pushed, paying for his meal and heading toward a green sign that read Great Panda"

"Well, and, you're letting a complete stranger live with you..." I continued. "You did punch me in the face... but still."

"So what?" He shrugged his shoulders, blowing off my admissions. Ignoring his "So what" long enough to repeat the words "beef and broccoli" what seemed like a thousand times to the Chinese man behind the counter. When the man finally caught on to my english... We moved down the line to wait for the food.

After we both had our meals, Deniro got the bag back from the little one while I found a table at the far back of the food court and began scarfing down beef.

He returned about 3 minutes later and sat the bags down next to the table and took a seat himself.

"So.. You're Deniro..." I started, picking the conversation back up where we left off. "Your supposed to be..."

"Mean?" He interrupted "An a**hole?"

"Well... since <em> you </em> you put it that way... Yes" I answered.

"Look Lil One... As far as the shorty go.... He a good kid. He stay wit his grandma up in South Gate. She get around by wheelchair, dont work, and still try to make sure that the lil nigga take his ass to school and what not. That lil twenty might have just fed them for the next couple days." He explained... shoving fries into his mouth as he spoke.

I never thought to look into such a small gesture, and didn't think he was either.

"And as for everything else... out know what that should tell you right?" He asked.

Mouth full of beef and broccoli I answered, "No."

"Never try to read a book that aint opened."

Taking a forkfull of beef and rice into my mouth, I shrugged off his dismissal for the second time.


"So what about you?" Deniro started "Why haven't I seen your name on any milk cartons? I know you in school still... So you young. Where ya moms?"

It didn't come as any kind of surprise to me that he'd asked about my mother rather than my father. In New York, absentee fathers where as common as.... As common as single mothers. Which in turn were as common as the sun risin' all fallin'

Ya digg?

"We can just say... My mother isn't worried about me." Or maybe she was...that thirty dollars was definitely long gone by now. But even if that was the case it wouldn't exactly be <em> worry </em> that she was feeling.... more like withdraws.

"And my daddy is dead." I told "Passed away when I was nine."

"Damn. So what makes you think she aint lookin for you?" He asked, slurping down what had to be the last of that Sprite.

This is a conversation I knew I would have to have, but I wasn't prepared to have it right this moment. Honestly I didnt think I would ever be ready for it.

How do you tell someone that your mother isn't looking for you because she's probably too high off her ass, or sucking someone off so that she could be, to notice that you're missing to begin with?

"Shad! What the f*** is <em> this</em> supposed to be?!"

I was too into my thoughts to notice that ticking thing start to happen with Deiro's jaw again. Or to notice that instead of looking directly at me, (like was normal) Deniro was looking slightly to the right of me.

And that voice.....

So familiar still. Even though now i only heard it in my nightmares.


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He checkd tht hoe lol
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He checkd tht hoe lol
Aww thy bondin
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Lol I was laughin at how he was treatin that girl. N I'm glad he has a real sweet funnii side run it n Awh she gettn comfortable around him

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<strong> Feb 1999 </strong>

"Lil One you sure you want sweats?"

At the moment I was wearing a pair of <em> i dont know who's</em> jeans that 'd borrowed from Lissa that were a tad too big and a shirt and shoes of hers as well like I'd been doin for the past month or so. It was fine with me because i didn't want anything too tight, and it was kind of fun for me sharing clothes with Julissa. It was sort of like having a sister or something... But i guess it wasn't as much fun for Liss though. She'd mentioned something about feelin like Florence from the Jeffersons

<em> Whatever....</em>


"Huh?" I answered.. Blinking myself back to the task at hand.

"I said, 'Are You sure you want sweats?" Deniro repeated.

"Oh! Yeah." I answered immediately and began to looking through the rack for some sweat pants that looked small enough to stay on my waist. He half smiled absently then alked over to the mens side of the store and began to examine the shoes on <em> that </em> wall.

"Can I help you find something?"
Apparently she worked here. She wore the khacki pants and navy blue T-shirt that said so, completed with the fake "<em>I'm so ready to go the hell home.</em>" smile.

"Uhmm... I dont know what size i wear, but I want these." I told her, handing the Michael Jordan Tennis shoe over to her.

She looked from me to the shoe, and back to me, like someone had just nut in her face without her permission.

<em> "You</em> want these?" She asked

"Yes." I repeated. "But I'm sorry, I dont know what size. Maybe seven?" I looked down at my feet, and then back to her, unsure of what the problem was.

"I just want to b sure that you know... The Jordan 5's are 123.99. As long as you got that, I'm sure I can find your size."

"Aye look, <em> ma.</em> She said she need a 7. But since you got so much muh-fukkin insight, why dont you get that measurin' s*** from under that bench over there and make <stron> extra </strong> sure." The words came from him more like an order. Not a request.

The girl looked shell shocked while I was greatful that I wasn't the only one he crept up on like that.

"De..." she stuttered, he eyes racing back and forth from me to him a mile a minute. "What chu doin here?" She asked, tugging on her shirt and raking her fingers the the short brown hair on her head.

The look on his face wasn't quite a mug, but it wasnt anything nice either.

Deniro had told her to shut the f*** up and hadnt even had to open his mouth.
She quickly rushed off to the back of the store and returned to the nearest bench with a size 7 J, and removed the measuring device from beneath it.

"You gotta go over there Lil One. Sit down so she can get your size." He told me, placing hi hand in the small of my back to nudge me forward, giving off a completely new vibe.

< em> Tense..... </em>

<em> Powerful... </em>

<em> Dangerous... </em>
This was what they meant around the way.

The way he carried himself, made eye contact when he spoke to you and squared his shoulders when he walked.
This man <strong> made </strong> you want to do what he said.

He just.... <em> Did </em>

Walking stiffly to the bench, I sat down on it and removed my borrowed all white Adida's and placed my foot into the size 7. Wiggling my toes inside the shoe, there was too much room in he from=nt, and if I were to slide my foot forward, the was room in the back as well.

"Too big." I looked at the chick in uniform instead of the <em> new</em> Deniro I'd just met.

She leaned down and placed her thumb into the front of the shoe to determine how much space was in there, not using the measuring thing at all.

"You need a 6. 5 1/2 maybe." She decided, pulling the shoe off my foot and returning back to the back of the store to get the needed sizes.

"Let me get the mens 5's in 10 and a half too." He told her, switching the clothes he held in his arms from one arm to the other impatiently.

When she walked away, Deniro sat onto the bench next to me and layed the clothes across his lap.

"I got you some sweats Lil One. Small."

"Thanks." I replied twisting that plastic again.

"You hungry?" He asked.

The girl was back now though, with 3 Jordan boxes in her arms, stacking passed her face.

"Six, Five and a half, and your 10." She stated, Sitting the two smaller boxes on the floor and handing the largest one to Deniro.

"Try them on Lil One." He ordered me, Ignoring the girls presence all together. I pulled the left shoe out of both boxes. Trying on the size five first and finding them a little too small, I placed it back into the box and picked up the box holding the size six's.

"We can go now." He smiled that almost smile again and took the box out of my hands, strutting towards the front to the register and ol' girl from before.
She quickly ran the shoe boxes over the scanner and placed them as well as the clothes into a large bag before telling Deniro his Total.

While he paid for our items, i looked at the other random things near him.

"Aiight." He told me, stuffing the change into his pocket.
"Come on" Deniro stood slightly behind behind me, leading me through crwods of people who still seemed like they were staring, and out of the Finishline.

"What kind of food you like?" He asked, walking on the side of me now, staring straight ahead as he moved.

"Aside from chicken. Any more of that and you gone turn into a damned chicken."

I couldn't help but giggle a little at that one. It was true.

I had been eating popeyes chicken 3 times a day 6 days a week or more for almost a month now. One thing I could be sure of though was that I would never starve staying with Deniro.

During the prevously mentioned Popeye diet, I had gained about 7 pounds or so.

"Uhmm... I like Pizza.." I confessed, smiling up at him slightly, "And.. I havn't had it in a while, but Chinese beef and broccoli is...." I closed my eyes and licked my lips remembering the delicious chinese food i used to eat with my daddy and Theresa on Saturdays.

"Yum." I finished.

"So imma take it you want Chinese?"

I smiled again, glancing over at him as we walked down the hall of the mall.

"That would be nice." I told him

"Yo ass cant ever just say 'Yes'." He admonished " They gone f*** around and give yo ass some Dog and Broccoli or some s***..."

"Uh! They will not!" I laughed stepping further away from Deniro and his regular silliness.

We joked and talked like that all the way to the foo court, and I could honestly say that I was beginning to get so comfortable with him that the stares from the other shoppers became less noticeable to me.

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<strong> Feb 1999</strong>

Just like someone like him to not even take the time out to remember my name. It was okay though. Because i'd noticed that Deniro didnt call anyone by a nick name aside from Lissa and Harlem.
Aside from that.. the way <em> Lil One </em> rolled off his tongue, i couldnt have stayed pressed about it for long.

It had been almost a week since that night and i was fullly healed minus some minor scra[es and bruises, and done with school all together due to the accelerated learning program.

We walked slowly through lit hallways. bypassing Couples holding hands, groups of horny teenage boys and girls low key scouting for the other, and mothers ushering there children into stores. All of them seeming to stop whatever it was they were doing to stare at Deniro and I as we went by.

This place was hell.

This place was Queens Center Mall.

Deniro himself seemed to not notice the attention, so I chucked my paranoia up to self-consciousness and kept it moving.

"You sure you dont want to go in there?" He asked, motioning his head towards an Ambercrombie and Fitch store.

I was Familiar with Abercrombie & Fitch and knew beyond a doubt that nothing in that store was for me. For one, Deniro was being generous and all, bringing me here so that I could get some things... But I didn't know him like that and A & F was expensive. I didn't want to spend his money like that.. Especially since knowing what kind of stuff he was into, who knew what he could possibly want as repayment.
And aside from that, tight clothes would bring nothing but the wrong kind of trouble for any woman, and I for one had had enough of that to last me a lifetime.

So the Abercrombie was a no go.

"Look. Can we uhmm... Can we just go get me some sweat pants? And some sneakers maybe? Payless is right over there." I motioned towards the black orange and red Logo for discounted shoes and looked up into his greenish orbs for approval.

When my eyes met his, they were squinted slightly and that lip olof his was up so damned high that it just about touched his damned nose.

"Girl I aint goin in no damned Payless." He placed his hands into his pockets stubbornly and rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet.


I was a little disappointed at his refusal, but I couldnt get too angry. Especially when I was completely dependent on someone else to do these things for me.
He'd payed to have my broken glasses repaired, as well as waited outside of Victoria's Secret as i shifted slowly through the racks for bra's and panties. Already in 1 hour done more for me than Theresa had in the last 3 or four years.
"Ok..." I replied, twisting the plastic of the Victoria secret bag around my fingers in front of me. "Are we gonna go?" I asked "Back to your house I mean?"

"What?" He stated, taking his right hand out of his pant pocket and grabbing onto mines, pulling me towards the nearest Finishline.

"I said I aint goin in Payless." He grumbled, guiding me by my hand to the side of the store with women's shoes, then letting go quickly.
There were shoes of different types on lit pedestals lining the long wall for shoppers to pick up and view. Other people came in and did exactly that. Picked up whichever K Swiss, Adida, or Lugz they liked, commented on what was bad about said shoe and placing it carelessly pack onto it's designated shelf.

I, however was overwhelmed by it all. The last time i'd gotten a new pair of shoes, the ones Bree stole, was in the 9th grade from the school nurse Ms. Nelson, after she'd seen the ones I'd had on previous to that. I had no clue where she'd gotten them from, there was no logo or name to identify the maker, and I was very greatful for them but still. You get what I'm saying.

I knew about shoes only by watching other people wear them.

Deniro sat on the nearest bench and began patiently texting away on his cellphone while I had to have looked like a deer caught in headlights just standing there.

And...... Standing there.

"Is you don' look at somethin or what?" Deniro asked from behind me..

I hadn't noticed him leave that bench, but here he was, standing next to me now. Looking at me look at that wall of shoes.

"I dont know which ones." I admitted, facing him now "I never done this before... Well not in a while."

Shaking his head, Deniro stepped closer to the shoes and picked up an all white K Swiss with 5 pink lines going down each side.

"What you think about these?" He asked, eyeballing the shoe carefully and then me

"Nah... I dont like these." He decided, Placing the shoe back onto its shelf before i could tell him that I didn't really care for pink too much.

"Do you like Jordan's?" He held up a white red and black mid top shoe with straps on the front and an outstretched man on the backside.
Like I said, I only knew about shoes from watching other people wear them, but of course I knew Jordans were. Michael Jordan Tennis Shoes?

On <em>my</em> feet?

"I mean, I like them but,"

Deniro slouched his shoulders, still holding the shoe.

"Man, I aint worried about it Lil One. So you dont need to be either.

He knew that I was going to say something about the fact that Micheal Jordan wanted an average girl like me to pay a hundred dollars or more to walk on his name.

"So what?" You want them or not?" He repeated.

I nodded yes and Deniro handed me the shoe and walked towards the middle section of the store, eye balling clothes in the racks and picking out some basketball shorts for himself. Making his way towards the rack holding the jogging suits and sweat pants, Deniro never looked back to see if I was following him.

As if already knowing that I would be.


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