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유Gяошїиg ραιηѕ웃 ╰☆╮ A WIMPy Kidd Production 11/26

<ul> <li>PROLOGUE</li>

APRIL 2011

Birds chirped outside the window annoyingly And the sun began adoring the side of my face a little too lovingly, letting me know that morning was here. My own personal alarm clock.
The arms that held me from behind squeezed tighter around me as their owner snuggled closer as I shifted to try and get the sun off my face.

<em>Get up, Ava..<em>

I thought to myself, squeezing my eyes tighter trying to get back to sleep. I knew it was a contradiction within itself, but it had been a long night.

All I wanted to do was lay there. Just... Lay there. Yet when I heard small feet pitter patter across the hard wood floor I knew it would never happen.

"Mommy!" A small voice squeaked close to my ear.

"Mom! Mommy! Mom!" <em>Ohhhhhh!!!! MY GOD! </em>

"Mommy, is you woked up yet?" My 5 year old son Aquarius bugged, tugging the pillow that I'd just snatched over my head in an attempt to ignore him.

It took everything in me not to beg him for the infamous <em> Five more minutes.</em>

"Why do kids always ask that when they know you're really not?" I muffled through the pillow, cracking open my eyes for the very first time this morning.

"No, Really!" Quarry pleaded. " I'm hungwry, and Aries ate the rest of my Coco Pups and she say I cant Have her Cap and Crwunch cuz i cant put on clothes." He tattled, Mispronouncing words that only <em> he </em> could figure out how to mess up.

I tried not to laugh at my baby as I removed the pillow from my face to see that his brownish orbs were welling with tears. He had on some courteroy pants (that I still hadn't forgiven Harley for buyin for my baby) that were unbuttoned and zipped, which was to be expected, but the hilarious part was that his head was through the left sleeve of his inside out Transformers shirt, while his arm hung out the neck hole like a tree limb.

"Baby, look at your son." I chuckled, nudging my backside against my husband to rouse him from his sleep.

If I had to get up, then he had to as well. Especially for this.. It was classic.

"Aaaavaaaaa!!" He whined through his slumber, releasing me from his grasp so that he could sit up

"Im tryna sleep, you know last night you..... Nigga wtf you got on?? How??" He questioned, makin the <a href="">stink face</a> at our baby.

"Dont be lookin at my son like that foo!" I chastised, removing the thin covers from myself and slipping on my glasses and slippers as I got out of the bed.

"Come on son." I smiled, tugging the shirt over his head and picking him up.

"Let's go see what yo sister talkin bout." I cooed to him

As I made my way down the stairs thinking of what I was going to say to Aries about being mean to her brother <em>this</em> morning I thought of how far i'd come. Each morning it was something else with these too. Which had oddly enough become the most exciting excitement of my life.

It was strange... Strange how we got here. Me and Shad I mean.

I wasn't exactly the "type" he usually went for, and he wasn't.... well, he was <em>Shad</em> the kind of guy that I shouldn't have gone for. And <strong>we</strong> were Far from the kind of people to be settled down in a not so modest home with 2 kids and a mut.

Don't get me wrong, It was <em> never </em> easy and we fought it as much as we could in the beginning.. Had to go through a lot of things, loose a lot of people and grow up in a lot of ways before we realized that the pains that we were going through separately, we were meant to go through together...

I'll tell you the story... Of our lives.. Of our Loves, Our friends. Our Enemies...

I'll tell you the story of our <strong> GROWING PAINS......</strong>
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<strong> Jan 1999 </strong>

<strong> Shad</strong>

I'd scared her. She jumped slightly and the pencil she was once clutching tightly in concentration fell awkwardly onto the table before she turned to meet my stare.

Her eyes hid behind bifocals that hung loosely on her face,the right side a little lower than the left due to the duct tape barely holding the frames together in the middle.

I wasnt sure what was so different about this girl, and those eyes but they gave me this weird feelin at the pit of my stomach that I didnt like at all.

"And how do you know?" Her face took on a mug so mean I could swear took on a mug so mean I could swear it came from my mama. Eyes slanted, the space between the wrinkled tensly as they roamed up and down my body before they fell to the gun I forgot I was holding.

Looking from the gun, to me, she shook her head slightly and slouched down into the seat with a deep exhale.

It was strange to me, because unlike most girls, at seein the gun in my hand, she didnt scream or run, or make a big assed deal out out of nothing. Yeah I forgot I was holdin the s***... But still.

It was a gun.

"What's ya name Lil One?" I asked her... But still deciding right then that <em> that </em> was what I would be calling her. It fit her skinny ass to a 'T'. Despite the baggy clothes I'd knocked her out in, shawty had to only be about a hundred pounds. And, I know I had ma mama's height... But I'd noticed that first day that I had her by a good 2 inches or more.

She crossed her arms across her chest, pushin her titties up to the top of the Abercrombie & Fitch beater Lissa had given to her, and mumbled something just below hearing level.

"What?!" I asked. " Girl you betta speak up."

"Sorry." She looked into her lap. "Leigh'Ava."

She was uptight. It wasn't the gun that I was casually holding by my side either. It was just... <em> her </em> She had this vibe to her that just screamed she was.. I'ono s***.

<em> Hurting.... </em>

"Are you sayin Shatasia?" I asked her... scrunching up my face and squinting at her.

I'd heard what she said that last time, but really? What would be the fun in that? <em>Leigh'Ava</em> was tryin her hardest not to look at me when she was talkin to me... Sittin in that chair twiddlin her fingers like this was a damned interrogation or somethin.

I just wanted to figure her out.

Shaking her head, she repeated her self louder. Not once did she lift her head.

" Re' Asia.??"

"LEIGH-AYE-VAH" She broke it down... She lifted her head, but only to stair at the tattoos going across my chest rather than at my face.

"Awww.....Ok" I said excitedly.. like I just caught on.

"La'Kaisha," Ignoring the eyes I now felt on the side of my face, I walked around her to the next closest chair and sat down. Placing the .22 on the table beside me, I slid Lil Ones notebook and pencil towards me.

"Look," I said to her, beginning to beak down the problem...

"It's not that hard you know?"

It was my turn to not look at her now.

"I cant tell." I retorted " You got that one wrong." I pulled her math book in front of me make myself busy. Well, to avoid laughin...

but what the f*** ever.

"You know that's not what I mean."

I couldn't hold i anymore. My head fell to the table and laughed good at her.

Now she had something to say.

"Jesus..." She prayed...


"Kna... Im just messin, Lil One." I assured. "Leigh'Ava.. I mean."

I smiled , no longer resisting the urge to look at her.

Lil One Rolled her eyes where other chicks would have smacked their lips in that way i hate, and where other girls would have gotten quiet, she'd said

"You're an ass."

<em> and that was the beginning...... </em>

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Authors note:

<strong> Im not gone say no names *cough* BREE *Cough* But please refrain from getting all bodily fluids in my story </strong>
=) thanks.

Now back to our previous program..

Cont... 1999

<strong> Shad </strong>

Shoving my righ hand into the front of my shorts, I kept it movin to the spiral staircase. Takin notice that there was already a light on downstairs, I didn't flip on any other switches, but crept down the rest of the way, followed by what's her face, and grabbed the deuce deuce from the bottom of the flower pot i had strategically placed next to the staircase.

I shushed ol' girl and lightly turned the knob of the front door to open it enough to let her out. Once she exited, I peeked out the door checking for any unfamiliar cars around my house as she started her Mazda and honked, reversing out of my driveway.

<em> Silly ass probably thought I was makin sure she got in safe.</em>

Outside was clear. I shut the door softly and locked it behind me so that who ever was in here would stay in here.

Lifting the .22 to eye level, I made way to the lit area.

She sat at the head dining room chair with her back facing me. Revealing her dark brown hair pulled tight into some kind of bun thing at the top of her head with her body leaning tensely over the books in front of her.

I honestly couldn't say why I hadnt thought of her sooner. I guess because I figured she was some kind of handicap or somethin the way she'd just been layin her ass up there cryin all damned day and night. When she wasn't doing that, her face was shoved into some book, or she was sleep.

Hell aside from the half assed story i'd gotten from Liss, followed by "Damn nigga ask ha ya self..." from Harley G, all I knew was that somethin had happened wit her moms.

And that I'd punched her in the face.

Not much to go on, especially to have her stayin in ma crib like she was, but she reminded me of some one special. Some one i felt I owed a favor to.

Lil One was really into that book. Right next to it was a spiral notebook opened to a halfway clean page with a math problem halfway done towards the middle of it.

She was almost right. Except she was over thinkin the equasion. Trying to find a limit for infinity was wasn't one.

Thats where I was tryna be.

<em> Infinity </em>

About my money, I knew math very well, and took pride in havin my mama display them test scores on the fridge each week.

Clearing my throat a lil bit, I spoke to the dead.

"You got that wrong."

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