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All of my Sisters come here: Taty,Pinkie,Ava,Abby,Bree,Nazzy,Harlem,Bee,Miickey,Tweety,Deia,Lisha

okay im having a real difficult problem and I need to vent to yall cuz i dont know who else to talk to bout this :(


I'm at home bOred as s***

Im in class bored as s***

Girl my dream was weird as s*** I woke up in a cold sweat


i`m not even gonna ask what you dreamed about LOL

I just randomly woke up really early and idk why lol

Aww that does sound like a good movie, I think I`ma have to go find that movie LOL..

Hi Gunz!! *WAVES*

It's about the black women that worked in the houses of rich white people and how they had to raise the white couples kids and how bad they where treated soooo badly back then cuz of the civil rights movement and stuff it's a real good movie we loved it were gonna watch the smurfs today with the kids lol

And okay I will read them today! And I think your writing style is awesome Harley and gunz said watsup harls lmao

do u think its because i don`t do cast calls maybe?

haha look at my post count


Awww all of themt o be honest, I just wanna know what I need to change about my writing of plots for more people to be interested in them

new ones are..

Truth, be trusted


Veberlized Tears or something lol

whats that movie about?

Awwwwwe you'll be okay (rubs harleys head) you will be okay and what stories I'll read them wat are the names of them

And girl me and pooh are watching the movie the help lol this movie is goooood

::: Lifts head to Look at Lanie :::

I`m sick ..

::Dramatically places back of hand over her forehead ::

ANDDDD .. Mane, why don`t people read my stories *sighs* ... I think I`ma ONLY run, stories people ask about like Analytical One for Ash

Wats wrong Harley?

::: Yawns and Lies down :::

lmao ayyye lol are you still tralis everyday lol


freaky friday!!!

nothing much lol nazzy or should i say tralis lmao had Thick Thursday and her and taty got it in lol now trails has me,taty,and asia (well nicole)and I dont know what todays title is lmao


*catches you*

Girlll, my computer is down

so .. yeah lol

I'll be up 2 my dads for a week so I'll be back on for a while

Wassup witcha?

AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYE Ash (runs and jumps in your arms) omg I misssssed you where have you been b**** lol




Yeah it's like I choose to be in the background lol and let him have the spotlight and sometimes he don't like the spotlight either he gets nervous cuz were just so quiet and stay to our selves but yeah I'm tooo damn hood to be on that show im like tamie I kno what food stamps look like lol I had my lights cut off cuz my mom couldn't pay it so yeah lol

Oooh, I knew you were kindda like that!

I don't like media attention and they are just toooo much to handle and deal with them all up in my sex life and who called who fake not me cuz then I will feel the need to prove myself to them n nah sooooo not me i seek to stay out the spotlight

Nah not wit them boogie b****es nope I'm too non social for that s*** and i don't like the drama

Hey, arent you like supposed to be on bball wives?

Even my baby has a accent wen he says certain s*** we always make fun of him wen hehas a away game and he says Derrick Rose Memphis university lmao I die laughing cuz he says it soo country

Six Foot 7 foot niggas aint ass good as me!
6 foot 7 foot niggas aint as good as me

I like his voice on "your love (remix) .. no lies I could listen to that ALL day.. same for LAST lol.. it justt... *licks lips*

I love hearing Chris voice wen he say legggooo lmao

I want a guy from LA LOL

@Harley : Omg I LOVE his lips ! I just wanna lick em & suck em off his face !
He's probably good with eating p--
Sooo how's the weather ? Lmao

@Gabby : Chris has a cute voice !
Just can't compare to a LA accent lol