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♫ ♪♫ ||FACE THE MUSIC||♪♫ ♪█--Createdd (08/18/11)

>>Authors Notee.! ♫ ♪♫<<
Danq Its Been Foreveaar Since I Posted Something On This Website As Far As Storiees But I Promise And I Hope That I Can Deliver One Of The Best Stories On This Board.! :)But Anyways Lets Get To The Characters

Main Character:
Raylene Elise Brooks[Dimplez](19)
--Abby's Lil Sister,and Nala's Cuzzo
--Has A SecretCrush On Chris Who Is In Abbie's Crew.!
--Has Been Friends w/ Sydney,Tameeka(meeka), and Khalil Since Diaper Days/A part of D.A.S.H
--Status:Sinqle..for now
-Born In Ohio But Raised In California

Christopher Maurice Brown[Breezy](22)
--Hangs With Abby
--Kinda Likes Raylene
--Hes Knew Abby Since Around "The Car Crash"
-From VA

Other Characters(Friendz & Familyy)

Abby Marie Brooks[Gigglez](22)
--Raylene's Older Sis..but some drama will happen ;)
--Hangs With Chris And The Rest Of The I.M. S.I.C.K crew
--Status:Dates Romeo
--From Cali

Khalil Derrell Davison[PrettyBoii](20)
--Is One Of Raylene's Bestfriends
--Secretly Loves Her and Wants To Be With Her
--Dates Rochelle
-From Cali

Rochelle Lawrence[22]
--Dates Khalil
--Hates Raylene With A Passion.!
--She Plays A Major Part In THe Drama In The Storiie ;)
-From LasVegas

Tameeka Harlen[2Real](20)
--Dates Micheal aka Tyga
--Also known as Meeka and is Raylene's Bestfriend/Met Raylene In College/Is Apart of D.A.S.H
--Can't Stand Rochelle Either lol
-From Harlem

Breanna Lewis[Best Kept Secret](19)
--Dates Devin(Micheal Ealy)
--Very Secretive & A Freakk.!
--Is In College with Raylene
--Is Apart of D.A.S.H
-From The Dirty Dime(aka Tennesee :))

Sydney Morales[RideOrDie](20)
--Dates Trey
--The Peacemaker Of the group but will kick ass
--A part of D.A.S.H
--From Brooklyn/Known Raylene Since Diaper Days
--Apart Of D.A.S.H

[to sydney and meeka :) your pictures wouldn't show up :( so i had to improvise real quick lol.]
D.A.S.H-- Divas Always s***tin On You Hoes

I.M. S.I.C.K.-- Its My Swag Its constantly Killing you hoes


i love it run itt!! and u just gave me an idea of what kida drama abby and raylene will have cuz in the introduction of the character and the first chapter gave a few hints!! but i cant wait to see what happens!! ONCE AGAIN RUN ITTTT!!!!

[Track 1:] Far Away[Tyga & Chris Richardson]
<<Setting:Flashback--2004--Authors Pov>>
"Today is the day that I officially move away form my past" Raylene thought to herself as she sat on her floor and she looked around her room at her bare walls with now only two posters of her favorite celebrity crush on her wall. "RAYLENE HURRY DOWNSTAIRS,THE MOVING TRUCK IS ALMOST DONE BEING LOADED!" her stepmom called from downstairs. Personally Raylene couldn't stand the sight of her new stepmother and thought her attitude was stank as fxck because of how much of a female dogg she acted like on the daily bases and the fact that she was really trying to take her mothers place. Bur she had to deal with her because she was now the lady of the house and secondly because she just wanted her dad to be happy.They were now in the process of moving to "Maria's"(her stepmom's) hometown in another state when honestly all she wanted to do was stay in her hometown of Mansfield,OH.!
It was where she had grown up at,where she had had her first kiss at,and most of all where she felt a sense of home and family there. "If my mom was alive she wouldn't put up with this woman trying to take her place" she thought to herself as she picked up her mom's picture and placed it gently into her last moving box that she had in her room. After she packed the rest of her belongings into the box that she had in her room,she went downstairs,out the door,and put her box gently on the moving truck. She then went o go sit in their "family" car. A short while later her,her dad,and her "stepmom" headed on their way to their new "home".As the car pulled off she looked back into the rear window and she thought to herself "I wish my mom and my sister will here :( ".

{Should I Run It Or Dump It ;).??}
P.s-- Sorry for the short add lol
Raylene's Real Mom; Rachel-- Aaliyah

Raylene's Dad; Andrew-- Ginuwine

Maria(Raylene's StepMom)-- Beyonce

Ooh, I can't wait to read!