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Do Better Blues.

<strong> Do Better Blues </strong>

<em>Main Characters:</em>

<a href=>Riley</a>
<a href=>Chase</a>

Raleigh, North Carolina

Riley & Chase are best friends, and when a twist of fate pushes their friendship to it's outermost boundaries, Riley & Chase have to remind themselves what they're fighting for.


it took me 2 days to read this
and my my
it's very eye opening
keep it up girl

You never cease to amaze me with your writing skills.

ready for part 2 . they should have another baby in due time ..

upset i came to the end . run the sequel

So beautiful... run it

Can someone put up the link for part 2 please ??

Omg I literally cried when will died I absolutely love this story

I need to find part 2 lmaoo!!

Nice end off Carmz =)


Will there be a part 2?? This story had me speechless at many points, but it was absolutely amazing! Blake reminded me so much of my little boy like the little things he do (I love it) and her and Riley's relationship was beautiful

Ok so ive been up all day reading all 45 pages of this story *well in between doing other things* and omg this has to go down in my 10 favorite books *even tho its not a "book" * this story is ah-maz-zing!! Girl I could write a whole book on this story, but I Wont. I r an amazing writter. I loved this story it was worth every minute of my time ;) girl bravo!! *clapping* I cant wait to read the next part:)

Omg cnt wait for the sequel.
Erin got an STD dang

Look for part 2 in the next week!

AWWW Cameron finally grew up yay. He's gonna be an excellant dad, and I agree with Riley yeah they wouldve been together if life hadnt thrown them a curve ball but everything happens for a reason. Theyre both happy in there lives right now. Awwwwww. Im glad her and Maddie are back on track with there relationship. Brandon's such a wonderful guy I'm glad he and Riley got to know each other and be in each others lives, He too will be a wonderful father. It already shows. Baby Blake is so precious and precocious she's full of life and energy just like her parents. Awww and finally Chase and Riley they over came so much to be in each others lives but they never gave up on each other through all there struggles, I'm so glad they were able to find there way back to each other each time and never truly giving up on what they had, True Love Really Concers All. This was an amazing story and I'm glad it ended on such a positve note.

The Spin off with Erin and Chuck OMG sounds intersting already. This positive test has me wondering what is it she's positve for and how'd it come about. Question will Riley,Cameron and/or Chase be making a special guest appearance in this story? Cant wait to read it. Your truly an amazing writer I love reading your works. :) Keep it up!!!

Omg ilove Cameron nd I'm glad his mean ass is growin up!

Ithink chase nd Riley grew on me somewhere

Nd Blake is soo adorable!!! I love it

(: Part two should be up in the next two weeks!

run it

That sequel was great. Ooooh.
A the ending was good. Can't wait for me.

Wtf is this part two wtf she got hiv???

Run it

OMG that was just . . speeechless again lbs.
I love her and chase, her and blake, her and madison, her and brandon ! i just omg i loved this story ! one of my favorite ones on the board everrrr! & of course collisions! i know you hear this alot ' even from me lol but your such a good ass writer !!! Cant wait till the next one ! they are beautiful ! i fell in love with all of their characters .. LOVEEEED IT
- Chrystee ! : )

thanks girl!

Runnnn itttt readers!

Question: will Cam be in the smokin gun???? Ahhhh i cant wait!!!

O... M.... FLIPPIN G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







<strong>Do Better Blues: <em>Smoking Gun</em></strong>

Erin sat down at the dining room table and took a long sip of the glass of wine she'd poured. She looked at the glass and then at the glistening engagement ring on her finger. She looked down at the piece of paper she had in her hand, when Chuck entered, a backpack slung over his shoulder.

"What's up, babe?" He asked, kissing her cheek and dropping his bag.

Erin followed his footsteps with her eyes. She stood up and walked into the kitchen. He stood in front of the refrigerator, scanning it's contents. He looked over at her and smiled.

"I missed you girl." He said.

She took another sip of her wine, and stared at him for a long time before throwing the glass and listening as it shattered into a thousands pieces, only an inch away from his head.

"Are you f***ing crazy?!" He yelled.

She went out into the dining room and returned, handing him the paper. He read it over and looked up at her.

"Positive?" He asked, his mouth dropped a little.

"I cannot believe you." She said, shaking her head.

He shook his head, "Wait, you think I did this? Erin, I haven't f***ed around. If you got this, it came from somebody else." He said, his face serious.

Erin grabbed the wine bottle and walked down the hall. Chuck looked at the mess she'd made, before he heard the door slam. He sat down on the floor and looked around the kitchen. This changed everything.

So you know how in the movies, you have to watch all of the credits in order to see the Sneak Peak, or the trailer for a new film at the end, well, here it is :)

Riley bounced Blake on her leg, as Blake looked out at the basketball court and cheered on her daddy, who was doing a scrimmage with his team. His arm was doing better, and he was slowly getting back his abilities. During half time, he walked towards the two of them, a big smile on his face.

"I ain't know y'all were coming." He said, pecking Riley's lips.

"We missed you." Riley said, looking down at Blake, who was smiling up at her dad.

"Teach me?" Blake asked, pointing at the basketball hoop.

Chase smiled and picked up Blake. He carried her out onto the court towards the basketball hoop and gave her a basketball. She held it in her hands and tossed the ball up. It hit the edge of the hoop and Chase clapped.

"Good job!" He said.

Riley smiled and laughed a little. Her phone vibrated and she looked down to see Madison's name.

"Hey love." She said.

"Hey Riley." Madison responded.

"Where are you?" She asked.

"Walking home from ballet. We had to talk about our hero today in class, and you were mine. It made me miss you." She said.

Riley smiled, "When am I gonna get to see you?" She asked.

"I asked mom if I could come down there for thanksgiving, instead of you guys coming here." Madison said.

"I'd love that." Riley said, looking up to see Brandon walk in carrying Nolan.

Riley finished up her conversation with Madison and grabbed Nolan.

"Hi nephew." She said, stroking his head and kissing his forehead.

He was extremely precious. She stroked his cheek and looked at Brandon.

"How does it feel to be a daddy?" She asked.

"I'm tired, and I'm happy as hell." He said.

Riley nodded her head and smiled, "I'm so in love with him." She said, looking down at Nolan, who looked back at her. "His eyes are beautiful." She said.

Nolan grabbed her finger and Riley smiled.

"Hey there." She said.

Chase came back with Blake and dapped up Brandon.

"Oh, we workin on another one?" Chase asked.

Riley laughed, "Hell no. We've got this little bundle of energy right here." She said, pointing at Blake who was running in between everyone's legs.

Riley sat back down to watch Chase finish playing his scrimmage, as Blake played with her phone on her lap in between catching glances of Chase. Riley smiled to herself. She looked out at her husband, the man who'd put her through hell, and dragged her to heaven. Down at her daughter, her miracle. She looked into her eyes, at the woman she will be. Over at her brother, a stranger who knew more about her than she did most days. She didn't want anything more than this. She couldn't do any better, 'cause this was her best.

Riley took off her shoes and walked down the beach, towards where the water met the land. She could see him standing there, cigar smoke coming from his lips, his left hand lodged in his pocket. She walked up next to him, her eyes out at the water.

"So the baby's yours." She said softly.

He nodded his head, taking a drag of his cigar and blowing it out.

"So you got married." He responded.

Riley looked up at him, she wanted to see his eyes. She took off his shades and he looked down at her. His almond eyes were searching her face for something that wasn't there anymore. She put her hand on his cheek.

"Cameron, look at me." She said.

He looked into her eyes.

"Life throws us curveballs, and I'm sorry that this one was in our direction. If we'd been on the right track, you know who'd I be waking up to every morning." She said.

"But I don't know that, Riley." He said, shaking his head.

She put her hand over his heart, "You KNOW that, right here." She said.

He put his hand over hers and looked down at her wedding ring.

"Are you happy?" He asked, looking her in her face.

She nodded, "Very." She responded.

He looked out at the water and finished off his cigar, blowing the smoke away from Riley.

"Okay, I am too." He responded.

"Do you mean that?" She asked.

He nodded and wrapped his arms around her.

"At the end of it all, I just want you to be happy." He said.

Riley closed her eyes against his chest.

"You're gonna be a great father, Cameron." She said.

He took a deep breath, "I hope to be." He said.

All good things must come to an end...

Im gonnna be sad when this story is over but I'm so anxious to read the final add.

Where is my last add!! lol >:[ Grrr

love the other story btw

Run it