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☆☆From HOE to HOUSEWIFE PART 2!!☆☆ 08/21 update

<strong>So I decided to make a new account because I accidently logged out of mine and forgot the password. lol But I hope you enjoy Part 2!</strong>

It had been two months since me and Chris had gotten married. Our baby girl was due any day now. I was so amazed how my life has changed dramatically since me and Chris got married. We moved to Los Angelos so Chris could focus on his music career. Our son was so smart and looked like a miniature version of Chris.

It was 4:00am when sharp pains shot through my stomach and back causing me to wake up from my sleep. Chris was lying next to me still knocked out. He just got home from the studio and I didn’t feel like waking him. The last time I felt like this we went to the hospital but the doctor just said it was early contractions. He told us to come back when my water actually broke. I sat up straight and rested my head on our head board.

“Oow.” I grabbed my stomach and began rubbing it. The baby started kicking me. Chris shifted in his sleep. Slowly opening his eyes.

“Baby you alright?” His voice was scratchy. “What do you think?” I asked scrunching my face up in pain. Another sharp pain went through my body. Chris got up from the bed and placed a pillow under my feet. He laid back down next to me and started to rub my stomach.

“Daddy’s little girl wants to come out.” He said to my stomach kissing it. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. I loved the way Chris would rub my stomach. It actually took some of the pain away. “You feelin a little better bae?” He let out a sleepy smile. I nodded my head yes and bent down to kiss his forehead.

I wiggled my way down the bed and rested my head on my pillow. Chris cuddled up next to me and we dozed off to sleep.

The Next Morning

I waddled my way into the bathroom to handle my business. After brushing my teeth and taking a quick shower I headed to Michaels room. I slowly opened the door so I wouldn’t wake him while he was sleeping. I tip toed in and watched my little man sleep peacefully. He slept just like Chris. With his mouth wide open. I chuckled a little at the sight of our son.

It felt so unreal that I was now Chris’s wife and we were going on our second child. After creeping out of Michael’s room I went downstairs to get breakfast started. If anything Chris should have been cooking for me since I was the one pregnant but he had to be at the recording studio in an hour. I decided to make eggs, bacon, and hash browns. It was Chris’s favorite for breakfast. Once I started cooking there was no stopping. I could throw down in the kitchen and everyone that ate my food knew it. Chris would expect dinner to be ready and on the table by the time he got home. It wasn’t a big deal since I was after all a House Wife.

“Dam* baby. It smells good as fuc* in here.” Chris said looking at the food sitting on our marble counters. “I cooked it just for you.” I said placing a piece of bacon into his mouth. I turned the stove off and started making myself a plate. “Aye what you think you doin?” Chris asked me. I was piling lots of bacon onto my plate. “What it look like nigga? Me and this baby have to eat.” I said pointing to my stomach. “Naw you said you cooked it just for me.” He teased grabbing my plate. I reached to grab my plate back but he ran out of the kitchen with it. “Chris get back in here!” I screamed. Chris slowly walked back into the kitchen with a sly grin on his face.

I felt the baby kick and started rubbing my stomach. “See, she’s hungry.” I said. He gave me my plate back and fixed himself another one. After 5 minutes of silence I finally stopped chewing and decided to ask Chris about something that had been on my mind for a while. “Chris can I ask you something?” He looked up from his food and put his fork down. “What?” He asked with a mouth full of hash browns. “I was wondering if Deondre could come stay with us for a while.” I bit my bottom lip with pleading eyes. Chris pushed his chair back away from the table and stared at me intensely. “What the fuc* you mean can he stay with us for a while?!” He asked lifting an eyebrow. I knew he was going to start an argument.

“Look Chris he needs a place to stay while he’s out here. I told him he has a month to get his shi* together and then after that he’s on his own.” I could feel Chris’s anger building up in the room. My stomach started to turn and the baby started kicking the shi* out of me. She could always feel my emotions. “SO YOU ALREADY DISCUSSED IT WITH THAT NIGGA!” He jumped up from the table and knocked his plate of food over. A small yelp came from my mouth as I jumped from the sound of the plate hitting the floor. “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TALKING TO HIM BROOKLYN!!?” His nostrils started flaring and I knew If it wasn’t for me being pregnant my ass would have been up against a wall.

My mouth was dry and I couldn’t speak. Hell, I didn’t want to speak. “You don’t hear me?” He asked in a more calmed down voice. I swallowed some spit before I got enough courage to speak. “He called me two days ago. Said he needed to get out of New York for a while.” I could tell Chris wasn’t having it.

“I don’t want that nigga in MY house. With MY wife and MY kids. Naw tell that nigga to dial somebody else up cuz his ass aint coming here!” Chris stormed out of the kitchen and up the spiral stairs. I looked at the mess he made up on the floor and I was pissed the fuc* off. Not only did I have to clean this food up with a big ass stomach in the way, but I promised Deondre he could come stay with us.

So let me tell ya’ll who Deondre is. He was like my best friend back in New York. We did almost everything together until I got with my ex fiancé Tyrone. If you don’t remember Tyrone just go back and re-read my first story. But anyways Deondre was actually my first love. We never got into a serious relationship because we didn’t want to ruin what we had. He was my first fuc* and I was his first fuc*. We fuc*ed almost every day until Tyrone came in the picture with his no good ass. Deondre got into some trouble in New York and asked if I could help him out if he moved here to Cali. I told him I would without asking Chris first.

Now I don’t know what I was going to do. One night me and Chris happened to get on the subject about our first times. Now that he knows who Deondre is he won’t allow him to stay. I was going to have to figure out how I could change his mind.

I loved Chris and he was the father of my kids. There was no way I was going to run back to Deondre and ruin this happy family that I had. Deondre was my best friend and ONLY a best friend. Nothing more. Chris had my heart and I needed him to see that.

RUN IT!!!!


RUN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMMFAO CTFU SMMFH thats crazy i swear that was some unexpected ish stealn ppl stories nw damn wat has this world come to

But I am working on a part two <a href="">Here's the link.</a> <3

Like who does that?

So if you didnt write this, yet this person took the time to post it lmaoo.. im like wtf?


Lmao I'm starting to think this is someone that actually wants me to write a part 2... #FANofaFAN :) so you know what.
I'ma make a part two and we'll see who's gets the runs.
Well done, good attempt trying to duplicated the original sweetheart...
I'm flattered.

aint nobody bout 2 read dis s***.!

its so f***ed up that you stole her concept like why would you do that why not come up with your own ideas I know I would pissed if someone did to me what your doing to her because she worked hard on her story and for you to just sit here and steal her idea is so wrong

Lmao ok. Everyone knows that its not you writing this story already. But in the end im gonna keep writin to it cuz I want too.

Do you gotta part 2? Nope.

Imma keepz writin to this so sue me already.

wow, she still writin.
this aint you're story sweetheart, look at my username, and look at the day part 1 was added. On this part two you claim you logged out n 4got ur password? WELL LOOK IM ON THE SAME USER NAME AS PART1 U DUMBASS HOW SMART ARE YOU? lmao fck outta here. This is not your story its mine, come up with your own concept smh.

Awe hell.... Wtf

* starts clapping *
Bravo , bravo !
Give it up !

How you gonna take credit for someone else story ?
Don't try that in the real world sweetie because you will get SUED !
& Meeka don't even write like this !
& usually she puts some parts in the story bold

yea dis part 2 is yours but the title and the whole concept aint yours

This is ma story. I wrote it.

Um NO.! This aint yo story.!!!!!!!

Should I keep adding????? More runz plz.

I DIDN'T START A PART TWO GIRLS, this person has a period at the end of their name... and 3 posts. This isn't me =/

ok so like...
chris is wack as hell for goin all crazy.
like that's legit bogus because she gotta clean it up.
but in the same breath i agree with chris.
Brooklyn say she wont cheat, but s*** happens.
Deondre needs to find another alternative,
because staying with them ain't it.

Sooo happy that you started part two! I don't think Brooklyn is going to change Chris' mind. Besides Deondre probably got some strong feelings for her. It just smells like drama!

Run it

I do agree.

Chris needs to work on that damn temper though.

I would be scared to even breathe wrong around that mofo!

Awww the baby so cute!!

A mini- Chris?!!

Lol that's a sexy ass lil' boy !

And Brooklyn stupid ass still gon' find a way to get that nigga in that house.

Deondre is NO good Brooke !

You better realize thar before Chris beat the baby out of you !

Run it !

You dont know how happy I was when I saw this thread.I agree with both of yall Kenny and Coley.She just begging for issues to form in her marriage with Chris.Not only do she have some type of history with him but she f*** him too all that spell out trouble.He gon be a walking problem with a side of d***.

run it

girllllll run this !

Girl no ma'am. He's grown let that nigga find a way on his own

Dont do it girl.! I can sense trouble wit deondre already and its only da 1st chapter! smh.!
Run it.!!!!!!!