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"Age is just a number"


your name: Ines (you look like the girl with snglasses:

your age: 16 years old

Parents name: Amelia and Anthony (40 and 41 year old)

Brothers name: Richard (19 year old)


Well you probably know this is a Chris Brown love story, so I hope you will like it :).....I will put some information in the middle of the story, so yeah.....ohh I will try write like a nigga, so YEAH ! xp

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IDK...My link didnt work...for some reason...BUT SERIOUSLY...HOW DID HE FIND HER DAMN NUMBER!!!!??????? He's a pedo, stalker, molest you in your sleep, watching you take a piss, watching you shower, climb in your window at 4am to touch you while you sleep, kidnap and hold your boyfriend hostage, gets hard everytime you bend over, jacks off outside your window type rapist! Im serious! Lmfaoooo!! But yeah run this.

so what do you think about Edward, he is hot, right? ;)




Part 2

I woke up next morning numb down there, if you know what I mean ;) I got out from my comfy bed and went to the bathroom. I toke a 20 minutes showers and dressed some jean shorts and a white tank top, put a eyeliner and got out of the bathroom and Edward was still sleeping.

"Wake up you fatass" I said.

He openned is eyes and said: "No, I'm tired from last night"

"Well, I'm numb down here and I'm not complaining"

"you just did"

I rolled my eyes and laughed. Edward got up (if you are wondering who is Edward, here he is: and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

I headed downstairs to go have some breakfast that my beutiful mummy was doing. ohh my mom, she have this long brown hair with brown eyes, just like me, she is shorter, I'm tall, I'm ike 5'8 and my mom is 5'5, shorty xD

"Goodmorning Ines" said my mom smiling that beautiful pearl smile of her.

"Goodmorning mummy" I said smiling, I said smiling back

Right when my mom was going to talk, Edward came downstairs and said "Goodmorning babe" and kissed me.

"Goodmorning Amelia" he said and gave her a kiss on her sweet cheek.

"Goodmorning Dudu" she said to Edward, smiling. yes, Dudu was his nickname and as you notice, my whole family loves him.

"Goodmorning darling, goodmorning baby, goodmorning Dudu" my dad said giving a peck to my mom and smiling at me and Ed.

"eww daddy, don't do that it's gross" I said putting a disgusting face and laughing.

"well, when you and Dudu are kissing, I think is gross too" daddy said laughing too.

"It's not gross" Edward said and then kissed me...we pulled away and start to laugh. At this point, we were all laughing.

"Where is Richard?" I said and ate some breakfast

"He is at his friends house" Said mummy.

After the breakfast me and Dudu were watching TV when I recived a mensage from an unknown number.

"Hey baby, remember me?" it said

"Who the f*** are you" I said, frustaded.

Seconds later I reciver a mensage: "It's me, Chris, your babe"

Me: eww stop, I have a babe, and I hate you.
Chris: it's not true, you love me, you are gonna tell me that kiss ment nothing to you.
Me: It didn't, and stop hitting on me, it's like you're a pedofile"
Chris: wait, how old are you?
Me: I'm 16 and you are 22, so yeah.
Chris: s***, I thought you were older
Me: well, I'm not!

After that, he stoped and I continue watching TV

"who was that?" Edward said

I don't know, it was a unknown number and I was trying to figure out who it was, but I couldn't, so yeah, I gave up" I said and kissed him.
Well, if you are undering, my parents went out so it was just me and Ed.

I was taking Ed's shirt when he recived a call. I picked it up and it was is mum.

"Babe, it's your mum" I said, pulling away.

"urgg" he said, frustated, I laughed.

"yes mum" he said "uhuh" "cmon mum, i'm with Ines" "urg fine, bye" he hung up and looked at me.

"I have to go help her with something, I will be back tomorrow"

"okay, bye, I love you"

"I love you too so much" he said kissing me and then he left.

Well, it's still 11:00pm and my mummy asked me if I could clean the backyard.

So while, I was cleaning, I was listening some music when sundendly I felt water on my tank top and it showed my bra.

I looked up and saw....

Run it?

Its okay and thank you :)

yes I will run it xp

run it

i agree with harz! but ur doing swell!


To me,

The pace of the story seems really rushed, I understand the plot in the story that you`re portraying. The scenes you have set for this plot is different which is a good thing.

I think you may need to slow it down abit more, add a bit more description to the characters and their surroundings, this lets the readers become more capitivated in your story.

Also, I know you can never get your story perfect but catching some spelling mistakes or parts that are irrelevant will help the flow of the story.

I hope you don`t take this in a bad way, only in a way that will help you grow as a writer, and I`m not a perfessional writer myself but tips I`ve picked up along the way, I like to pass on to my fellow CBW writers *smiles*


RUN THIS OMAIGOD JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL COME THROUGH THIS SCREEN AND MAKE YOU!!!!!!! RUN ITT!!!!!!!!! that is all. lol.

RUNS THIS s*** YO lol

sorry a bit excited

@..Lick Me b**** ..
new part is ready :)

Part 1

"oh I'm so lucky, I have the most beautiful girl on earth" said my 16 year old boyfrend Edward.

"aww babe, it's not true, I'm ugly as f*ck"

"shhhhh you're beautiful and your all mine"

"ahah babe, you got it right" I said, giving him a peck on his sweet lips while I has playing with his hair...uhhh I love this boy, Edward. I wanna marry him, I wanna im to stay in my life forever. My thoughts were interruped by my phones goes of. It was my Best friend, Bia. ohh she is a beautiful girl with brown eyes, brown hair but she has a boyfriend...10 years older than her ! For me, age isn't just a number, so yeh, I think it's wrong she dating a boy older than her.

"WTF do you want Bi, I'm with Ed"

"Sorry but Taylor (her bf) told me if you and e and to go to the park, to chill, because dmn, it's like 140 degrees out here, California is really hot"

"I know that girl....okay, we will go, I going to get ready, bye"


I hung up and trned to Edward: "Baby, Bia wants me and you to go to the park, just to chill"

"okay baby, I get it"

"I'm going to take a shower and dress, okay?"

"can I go?" he said winking

"Baby, I'm still tired frmo last night ;)"

"aww babe, ok"

I quickly took a shower and dressed some short shots and a tank top that showed a little of my boobs (I have big boobs and a huge ass). I put some gladiators sandals and got out of the bathroom to see edward watching TV.

"Baby, Im ready" I said will fixing my hair and putting some lip gloss.

"Damn baby, I'm gonna hit that later" he said winking

"yeah right" I said teasing him.

He took my hand and headed downstairs.

"Ines, here are you going?" said my mom form the kitchen.

"I'm going to the park with Edward to meet with Taylor and Bia"

"okay, be safe"

"I will, bye"

I got out of my house and we went to the park, hand by hand.
The park as down the street, so me and Ed were there in 5 minutes.

"Ines, over here" said Bia, having her hand.

"hey Bia, hey Taylor"

"Sup" said Taylor...URG I freaking hate him ! he is so stupid and Bia can't see it.

So we were chilling, when suddendly Bia said: "look, that group of guys are crreping...they don't stop staring at us"

we all turn around and saw 4 guys looking at us, one of them licked their lips to me and I saw Edward cluching his fists.

"Babe, call down" I said, giving him a peck and trying calm him down.

"The motherf*cher is hitting on you!"

"Babe, look at me" I said to Edward, that looked me in the eyes, that eyes that I loved, I fall in love with "I love you and nothing or someone can change that" I said and then I gave him a 3 minutes kiss, sparks flew away.

"I love you too" he said smiling and giving me a peck.

"Well, I'm going to get a ice-cream, does anyone want some?"

"nah" they all answer, so I went by myself to the ice cream booth.

"A cookie ice cream please" I said do the employer smiling. He smiled back.

"That will be 2.56$"

I gave him the money and while I was waiting for my ice cream, the guy that licked his lips for me, came to me and said: " damn lil mama, I wanna some of that" he said while looking at my boobs.

"urgg perv" I said in a mumble

"Hey baby, my name is Chris, Chris Brown" he said smiling

"well, first don't call me baby, second I'm Ines and thrid yeah right, you're Chris Brown" I said laughing.

"I am, don't you believe?" he said while taking his hood off.

"OMG you're chris brown, the singer I hate the most" I said while smarking.

"you hate me? why"

"you are self centered buh-bye"

"yeah right baby, just remember this words" he said while leaning in and he kissed me, sparks flew, more than with Edward, I pulled away and put a disgusting look.

He left and the employer gave me the ice cream and I left...I went to Bia, Edward and Taylor, and for my luck, they didn't see anything.

That night, will I was sleeping I couldn't stop thinking of the kiss. yeah, me and Edward had sex, and I should be really tired but I can't and it's because of Christopher Maurice Brown.

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