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^~~~'~~*~~>DIFFERENCES<~~*~~'~~~^<------A luNcH cReW jOiNT

“I’m a movement by myself, (uhm-hmm)
But I’m a force when we’re together,
I’m good all by myself, (umh-hmm)
But baby you, you make me better”

I popped my head up and looked at the clock.

6:30 AM.

I drowsily plopped my head back down on the pillow dreading going to school today. It was the second week, and it was my senior year. I don’t know why, but I felt like this year would be different. I looked at my RAZR and it said I had 3 text messages. The first one:

“Get up baby. It’s 6:30. -mom

The second one:

Baby im sorry, dat girl aint mean nothing to me, and you kno dat. When u gon come n c me? Hit me bac.

The third:

GEMINI: Today will be very life-changing. You will have an encounter with someone who will change your perspective on everything in your life. At first you will be a little hesitant, but open up to them. -BET HOROSCOPE.

I considered what my horoscope said and slowly got out my bed. I walked to my little sister’s room and knocked on the door to wake her up. This was her freshman year. I got in the shower and did my hygiene thing, then we both caught the bus at 7:08.

We got to school and my first period was Government with Ms. Hampton. Social studies this early in the morning. Wow. You know how I feel.

As I was drifting off to sleep with my head falling off my hand, somebody walked into the room which woke me up. Everybody looked intentiveley at the door to see who it was. It was a tall, light skinned boy with freckles and a fade haircut. He was very cute.

He handed Ms. Hampton a piece of paper and she read it. She smiled at him.

Ms. Hampton: Okay, welcome to Richmond high school. Im Ms. Hampton. I see that you’re a senior. That’s good. You will be sitting…………..
She looked around the room for an empty seat. I looked around to see where she would pick. I realized that the only open seat was next to me.
Ms. Hampton: Oh, okay, right there next to Ms. Y/L/N. Ms. Y/L/N please raise you’re hand.
I raised my hand and the boy excitedly walked to the desk next to me. He gave me this big goofy smile. It was so adorable and charming. My heart just melted. I was infatuated. I wanted to talk to him, but the words wouldn’t come out. I finally let out:

Y/N: Hi, Im Y/N.
He didn’t say anything back. He just gave me an even bigger smile and this.
Chris: He pointed to himself then <a href="">C</a>..<a href="">h</a>..<a href="">r</a>..<a href="">i</a>..<a href="">s</a>……then he smiled at me and shook my hand. I sat there astonished.



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