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I'm sorry but This c*** I call my stepmother is......

So close to meeting knifey like seriously b****?! Just because it's your birthday you think you go hard? b**** PLEASE I AM MY MOTHERS CHILD SHE BEAT YOUR ASS ONCE DON'T LET HER DO IT AGAIN!


Sorry for my language I'm kinda bipolar and typos Ok it's her birthday and I'm washing the dishes. Her and her sister steady putting dishes in the sink I'm like really y'all don't see me washing them? At least wait till I'm done and be like oh ok can you wash these please? No she had to give me attitude and a bag of chips. So I get a new trash bag she just standing looking at me. So me thinking why is she looking at me self? Myself: girl idk but if she keep looking buck at her. Lol so I get the new trash bag and I'm picking up the trash. Mind you I'm listening to music cause I'm in my own little world.......this slut pinched me to get my attention I almost had a reflex and back hand the hell out if her. I'm like why did you pinch me? She say oh well I'm tryna get your attention you don't need a new bag.
Me: *pause and look around at the trash from her party* ummm ok *starts taking the trash out of the new trash bag.*
her: *attitude* let me speak to you.
Me: *calm and cool* okay
So we walk upstairs to my room and I sit on the bed my little brother followed her so he sitting in my chair relaxing and she putting her hand on her hip rolling her neck talking about you need to lose your attitude and you gonna need me before I need you. Pause.
1. I clean up her house everyday.
2. I never get a thank you or complain.
3. Your people's came over and dirty this up and They are past the ages of 19 and they are still here sitting in the living room watching bootleg planet of the apes while I'm about to clean up everything like you said earlier.
Idk why I do this but when I'm in trouble or somebody mad at me I tend to laugh or smile in your face but I try not to unless it's her. Then she said stay in your room. I'm like ummm okay there is Netflix, a ps3, 2 iPod touches, cellphone, house phone, flat screen tv, and Chris brown site........b**** I'm in heaven and I'm thankful so thank you. When I said that her face got extremely like -_________- . Then the whole story about I'm my mothers child my mother she whooped her ass at my brothers graduation because my father promised my mother and said I will not bring her but as soon as we are walking into the entrance my mother went ham on that ass when she saw her. Lls I'm sorry but no woman should be fighting but my stepmother evil. I'm like the black sheep when it comes to her family. When her family is not around she's all sad and down and in pain but when her family come around she up and energetic like she done had a five hour energy and some good stick

Ohhh...what's up with THIS? Whadt happened??

What happened??