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<a href=",r:4,s:0">I</a> shook my head and rolled my eyes while the rest of the class laughed their asses off at <a href=",r:24,s:385">Christopher's</a> ignorant comments. Throughout all the years we've been in high school I haven't actually heard anything intelligent leave his mouth. Just a bunch of pathetic jokes and pig headed, sexist opinions which he classed as "personal views". He was the captain of our basketball team, and I aint gonna lie that nigga could throw down on the court. I mean he was so good he'd probably be able to dunk the ball with his hands tied behind his back ; I wouldn't put it past him. His attitude however, was no where near as nice as his ball game and I just couldn't stand him. After a while I had finally reached my boiling point and snapped. I turned round to the desk behind me where he was sitting and let off.

"Have you ever considered going into comedy Chris? Cause you sure are one hell of a clown. All you do is talk s***, more s*** and even more s*** on top of that. I can't go not one f***ing day without having to hear you make stupid ass remarks and quite frankly my dear, I've had enough of it. Grow the f*** up, listen for once and actually try to LEARN something for a change instead of running your damn mouth. And for the record, you say all women earned the title "b****" when Eve's ass ate the apple from the tree right? Well I was wondering if you could enlighten me and let a sister know if that excludes your mother. Or is she a b**** too? Cause last time a checked, only "b****es" could give birth. UNLESS that is of course you was pushed out of your fathers a**hole which would probably explain the reason you are how you are today!" I spat fiercely leaning in towards him. All eyes were on me and the class was making hella noise surprised at the fact someone had for once told this dude about himself. I looked him straight in his eyes while I watched his face turn red and the vein in the side of his head become visible. He stayed calm and leaned forward till his face was now right in front of mine before he coldly replied to me simply.

"Don't ever talk about my moms."

We stared each other out for a good minute or so before my best friend <a href=",r:17,s:19">Ash</a> caught my attention and turned me back round to face the front.

"Damn girl, where the hell did all that come from?" She asked turning back and smirking at Chris who's eyes where now fixated to the back of my head.

"I don't know, I just couldn't take his stupidity for a moment longer without saying SOMETHING about it to him." I replied rolling my eyes focusing on what our teacher was talking about.

"Uh-uh, but that nigga is burning a hole into the back of your weave girl, I think you done pissed him off."

"Who gives a flying f***!" I hissed getting agitated. I didn't care how he felt, he could approach me if he had a problem and even if he did I'd give him an even bigger piece of my mind.

"f*** you too then." She giggled turning back one last time to catch a glimpse of Chris before facing the front.

"Now class I have created a list of names which I will shortly be pinning up. Once you find out who your partner is I would like you to sit at desks next to each other and immediately begin planning your project. IN as LITTLE noise as possible while I make a start on grading your papers."

"He probably paired us together so lets just start." I said to Ash while turning slightly to face her.

"iight you make a start and I'ma go check anyway just in case, I don't wanna have to hear that b**** complaining." She answered heading over to check the list out. I nodded silently whilst I began jotting down some notes, until she came back with a huge grin on her face watching me closely.

"What are you so happy about? I'm not doing all this work on my own so don't even try to bribe or blackmail with yo lazy ass. These are just notes so if I were you I'd star(gco)"

"Oh that's not what I'm smiling sweetie." She giggled biting down on her bottom lip.

"Then WHAT b**** spit it out!"

"We're not paired together." She looked over at Chris then back at me with a sly smirk spread wide across her face.

"You have got to be f***ing kidding me." I hissed jumping out of my seat to go and check myself, she was right. My name was not with hers however it was with Chris'. I backed up fast bumping into someone behind me, it was the devil himself.

"Oh hell no!" He yelled raising his voice making his way over to the teachers desk before I had a chance to. "I'm not working with that b****." He spat looking over and mugging me hard.


"Man..." Chris mumble whilst he put his hands in his pockets to face me looking me up and down as if he was disgusted by what he saw. It took him a while but he soon let out a low, "Sorry." Reluctantly before heading back over to his desk. I rolled my eyes thanked my teacher for sticking up for me and headed towards Chris. As much as I disliked him I wasn't going to let him get in the way of me achieving a good grade. The faster we got this done with the faster we wouldn't have to speak again.

"Look, lets just try to get along for a short amount of time, get this project over quickly and go our separate ways as fast as possible." I mumbled taking out a pen and handing it to him.

He looked at me strangely before taking the pen from my hand slowly. "How you know I aint have a pen already?" He asked giving me attitude.

"You're Chris Brown, the only writing you do is taking down girls numbers, And even then you make her type it into your cell." I snared shaking my head. He looked over at me and chuckled a little before responding.

"So you be watching me run game on these bit- LADIES huh?" He asked licking his lips placing a lollipop in his mouth.

"No, don't flatter yourself. I've just heard things about you."

"Who hasn't?" He laughed.

"I don't know, a condom perhaps?" I replied before I could get a chance to catch myself. I looked over at him quickly but he was laughing at my comment, thankfully cause I wasn't trying to get into it with him again.

"I think condoms would have probably heard the MOST about me, especially them magnums." He smirked pulling one out from between his Jordans.

"Ugh." I mumbled rolling my eyes in disgust and shaking my head. "Let's just get on with this task. Class is almost over and I want an Idea on what we'll be working on."

"Why so serious?" He questioned in the Jokers voice off batman fooling around.

"Because, not all of us are getting handed scholarships Chris." I replied sadden remembering the fact that if I didn't get some money together and fast I wouldn't be going to college at all.

"I feel you..." Just then the speaker cut on calling all members of the basketball team to the gym immediately for some sort of important meeting interrupting our conversation and work. He looked over at me hopelessly and I smiled slightly at his new found interest in others. For once he wasn't thinking of himself.

"It's fine, class will be over soon anyway go ahead. We'll just have to catch up and figure it out another time." I said replying to the look on his face while packing my belongings up.

"Well lemme get your number maybe we can meet up after school?" He handed me his phone and I looked at him sternly.

"You want my number, YOU type it in." I said sharply reminding him of our conversation. He laughed and flipped his sidekick taking down my math while I gave it to him.

"iight so I'ma just text you later or something, bye umm.."

"Karma." I laughed.

"Bye Karma." He mocked and smiled before rushing with all his things out of the classroom door. I watched him for a second and fell into deep thought. Maybe he wasn't as bad as I had previously assumed, but he was still a jerk. He could be trying to run game on me too, but who knows? I soon snapped out of it when the bell rang for us to head to lunch. Perfect, cause I could already hear my stomach beginning to talk to me.


It was around 7:30pm when I got home from Ash's crib. Chris hadn't texted me so I decided I'd go over to hers for a bit just to chill. I figured he'd had to stay back for training or something so I wasn't too mad but I was a little frustrated that he didn't bother to tell me he wouldn't be able to make it. I walked into the kitchen and read the note on the refrigerator. It said ;

<strong>Gone to the movies and out to dinner with a SPECIAL FRIEND, so don't wait up. Order some pizza for yourself and Daniel. Jermaine's gone out for the night so don't bother getting any for him. Moneys under the pillow in my room love you.</st>

I rolled my eyes and threw the note in the trash, that women aint never in. I mumbled to myself before yelling for my little brother.

"<a href=",r:15,s:295">DANIEL</a>,DANIELLL! I screamed until he appeared at the top of the stairs.

"f*** YOU WANT!" He yelled back laughing.

"f*** you nigga, don't be cursing in this house till your balls drop." I spat laughing with him.

"Didn't mom tell you? they BEEN dropped!" He exclaimed excitedly.

"Woah Diggy, too much information." I replied disgusted covering my ears.

"I don't care, I'm the man of this house now and so you best respect me." He roared patting on his chest.

"Are you forgetting J?" I laughed making reference to our older brother.

"Oh... yeah. f*** that nigga though." He spat rolling his eyes.

"Yeah? I wanna see you say that to his face."

"Fine by me." He said nervously retreating back to his room.

I shook my head and laughed at him slowly getting to my feet and dialing the number to order some pizza. I was very tired and all I wanted to do was eat, watch some movies and fall asleep. THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY! I thought to myself whilst placing my order. They said it would take a least 40 to 45 minutes before it came which was straight, at least I could take a quick shower and get into my pajamas before it was delivered. Once I had done my hygiene routine I wrapped myself in a towel and headed towards my room to dry off and lotion. I noticed that my phone was flashing so I picked it up to see I had a text. I opened it up and instantly knew it was from Chris because I didn't have this number saved.

<strong>Sorry I couldn't make it. Had a game and my battery died... um you mad?</st>

I read it impressed, I'd never heard him apologize before. I braided up my hair in two pigtails and left him to sweat a little before I replied with something short and sweet.

<strong>Nope, you good.</st>

He instantly texted back ;

<Strong>Oh good, I thought I'd be catching another lecture from you again. Maybe we could work on this project tomorrow if you aint busy?</st>

I eyed the texted suspiciously, it seemed like he was trying to take this project thing beyond just work and I wasn't trying to get involved with Christopher. AT ALL.

<strong>Maybe.</st> I sent back.

I quickly turned off my cell before he texted back so that I didn't get tempted to reply. He was bad news and I wasn't about to get my heart broken, again.


Sorry its a bit slow but it'll pick up. Feedback please? :)
Not just "run it" Lol I wanna hear what you think. BUT YEAH RUN THIS GIRLS!



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ok in this story u put google pics so i hav a few questions. who plays as karma?meaning what star is she does chris hav blonde or black hair?what does jermaine look lik? what does ash look lik? n what does daniel look lik? yung diggy or diggy now? n i love it run it

I likes this. Run it!

Omg This is hot and its gettin good on the first add run it plez

run it...

i like it run it

I love it
Chris is an ass and Karma cool. She got her priorities straight
Chris seemed real pissed when she was talking bout his mom and not the normal pissed but like something is going on
And Karma's mom...ugh but I'll hold all opinions till deeper into the story

.--run it !

OMIFXCKINGGOD!!!! she laid his brains out!!!

i'm glad she said something! she my type of friend! she treated his ass!
& HE AIN"T SLICK! TAKE THAT SHXT TO THE LIBRARY! his slick rick ass betta gone somewhere he try something with Karma! lmao!

i really like this one. chris a jerk (ur a jerk, i kno! lol), ignant annoying clown! and i can't stand his sexy ass! lol!

Run ♥ IT