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ѕtιcĸч ǝʞıן "нσиєу" © :ஐ[cally rιgιnal]

aυтнor: cαllч ɾøcks
ѕтory тιтle: stíckч líkє hσnєч
genre: яαтє∂ я fαnfíctíσn
вegan: sєpt 2011
end: dєtєrmínєd tσ fínísh
prodυcтιon: frєєwrítє
ѕтory вanner: <em><a href="">cαllч mínαj dєsígns©</a>

мy мoтιvaтιon: pαssíσn fσr wrítíng, fєєdвαck, αpprαísíαl
мeѕѕage geттιng acroѕѕ тo readerѕ: -never ѕay ғυcĸ love, вecaυѕe love never dιeѕ, or тell lιeѕ. only тнe вad cнoιceѕ and eмoтιonѕ oғ people ,we love, ιѕ wнaт really нυrтѕ υѕ and мaĸeѕ υѕ angry ιnѕιde
only a perѕon wнo нaѕ ғoυnd peace, υnderѕтandιng & тrυe love wιтнιn тнeιrѕelғ can go oυт and ғιnd ιт wιтн ѕoмeone elѕe.

мy [goѕѕιp] - ιғ нe donт ❤ yoυ, [wαlk αwαч αnd smílє] -- thє mαn upstαírs ís gívíng σut frєєвιeѕ.


<em>• Mrs. Honey? When you are riding your man and you want him to nut in you right then and there, what is the sexiest thing you say to him?by Sarah85 on August 28th, 2011 <em>

- ι вιт мy вoттoм lιp вeғore тypιng " [loυd мoanѕ ѕoмe grυnтѕ] ғхcĸ мe daddy! ιғ yoυ donт ι вeт yoυr вeѕтғrιed wιll." ι laυgнed joĸιngly, aѕ ι replιed wιтн rodney aѕѕ ιn мιnd.

<em>• Size vs Technique, Mrs Sexy Honey, what's your preference?
by 6stringer on August 28th, 2011<em>

"deғιneтly ѕιze, ι can тraιn a вιg dιcĸ тo caυѕe daмage:)."

<em>• Hey sticky puss can you fit your man's (or any man's) balls in your mouth along with his d***? by Randy D on August 28th, 2011<em>

"мy мoυтн ιѕ preттy wιde, ι do тнe вananaѕ тeѕт preттy weeĸly. вιgdιcĸѕ, lιттle dιcĸѕ, cυrve, тнιn. ι coυld cнυg тнeм all, ιм ѕтιll perғecтιng мy craғт on addιng тнe вallѕ. υѕυally aғтer ι мaĸe тнeм nυт, ι lιcĸ and genтly тaĸe мy тιмe ѕlυrpιng вoтн oғ тнe вallѕ. тнιѕ тecнnιc pυтѕ тнeм тo ѕleep everyтιмe."

<em>• Are you bisexual mrs honey? if so, what kinda women interest you?? by Miamibaddass on August 28th, 2011 <em>

"вιѕeхυal ιѕ вeιng greedy. -- jυѕт lιĸe тнe dυмв мғĸa wнo caмe υp wιтн "can ι нave мy caĸe and eaт ιт тo" wнaт elѕe are yoυ тo do wιтн caĸe. lol мaмι ι grιnd pυѕѕy нarder тнen ι grιnd dιcĸ. clean, ѕнave,and pнaт ιѕ oĸay wιтн мe :)."

<em>• Hey pretty lady, Which one do you prefer - Rough or Gentle?
by Strawberry on August 28th, 2011|<em>

"roυgн ѕeх ιѕ тнe вeѕт ѕeх!' ι annoυnced.

<em>I, <em><a href="">нσиєу ∂ισя "ѕtιcĸч" </a> CEO of ғυcĸмrѕ♦нoney.coм had a bitter sweet job. Edge of our queensized bed working on my laptop, nakedly I laided wrapped in silky gray sheets, while it rained cats and dogs. I started the popular blog spot after I did my last hip hop video [Yo-Gotti: We can get it on]. It started out as a way for my fans to connect with me, ask all their curious little questions purchase calenders, t-shirts, lipsticks etc, but after some rumors & being stereo-typed for a video vixen people idea of me as this new person, took a different toll on the website.

<em>"Whack!" A slap on the butt caused me to wince and throw my attention in rodney's direction. He tilted his head and smiled, rubbing my now visible red ass cheek. Only reason why I aint go off on his fine ass is because he looked so damn good, with his chest an arms covererd in tattoos,neat haircut, chocolatey complextion, and pretty teeth which all ended up playin a role in the reasons i got him some last night. & plus the fact that I still loved him, we been on and off for the last 2 years then he finally moved out and now he's finna get married in a couple months, but he still stops by to taste the best thing he's ever had.<em>

<em>He crawled from the headrest and postioned his self right on top of my butt. "You must working on that nasty ass website telling them how I put that dxck on you last night?" He asked rubbing his fingers through my hair, which once stood as a mohawk. "Rodney don't start!" I warned smilingly, as he buried his face in my neck. <em>

<em>*Revised & Editied please read at your own pace. If under 16 please dont contuine here, but if you must then fine with me :) it's all life and fanfiction. Other readers, please speak your thoughts as feedback.<em>



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