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Hey everyone im new to the board and I wanted to write a story nothing here it is.!

**I Wanna Be**
*Lamari, Renee, and Chris going away party*

"okay on the count of 3 everyone say Clark Atlanta University" my mom said snapping a pictuee.
"Clark Atlanta University" I said smiling with my two best.friends as everyone started cheering. We was in my back yard at this going away party. Everything was just soo surreal I cant believe in 2 days I will be leaving Ohio and moving to Atlanta for school. As I look into the crowd I noticed my best friend Renee chatting it up with my aunt. Thats my ace right there. Renee Brianna Franklin. She been my bestfriend since kindergarden standing at 5'4 wearing a pink loose halter top and a jean skirt she look very beautiful. Her light brown smooth skin sang in the sun. And her shortt hair was styled in a cute cut. I still couldnt believe she cut her hair a month ago for her 18 birthday. But it fit her beautiful face and thick shape perfectly. That was my girl. Brains and beauty. She was gonna be my roomie in CAU majoring in nursing. So u know im proud of my girl. As I keep looking through the crowd I saw my boy Chris dancing with some girl lol smh. Thats my Breez always with some chick. Christopher Mariuce Brown. Been my bestfriend since kindergarden also. He going to CAU majoring in sports management. Lol that my boy. The ladies man. As he shoukd be standing tall at 6'1 long lean body. Light buttermilk skin (well only in the summer. Winter he pale) lol he had pretty light brown eyes and a gorgeous smilehe looked good in his red aeropostale shirt. Tan cargo shorts and red.chucks. Yeaa that was chris for u. Nobody understood our relationship except for family & Renee. And even with that our family said we would get marries lol. Never chris just my bestfriend. And he got too many hoes... As I was past the patio into the hoise I went into the bathroom to check myself out.
Yeaa everything was still in place lol as I looked myself up and down in the mirror I ciuld help but say damn. Lamari u bad lmao.

**Chris POV**
I was staring at Yonnie looking at herself in the mirror. Damn she look good. Stand short 4'11 lol haha withe her thick frame chocolate skin gray eyes and long hair that was in a curly style. She was beautiful. With her off the shoulder shirt that showed her belly button ring and shorts that hugged her hips and fat ass . Yeaa Lamari was badd. And she knew it. But thats my bestfriend since kindergarden. We put in some years 13 to be exact. But she dont look like the chubby girl with pigtails im her hair. Naww lil mamma cold but I just started feeling a different way towards her this spring. Nobody knows except Renee. And im not sure if I can tell yonnie.

"yonnie what u doing?" I asked her as I walked in the bathroom standing behind her
"nothing just.checking myself out" she said smiling in the mirror. Damn her eyes and smile are soo beautiful
"well.u look fly ma" I said moving her hair back on the right side showing off her tattoo under her coller bone. " man I swear I needa steal this tatt" I' said laughing
"nahh Breez u got enough" she said laughing" this party hype huh" she asked me
"yeaa it'll go harder once I let this weight off" I said laughing
"what u mean" she asked me with a confused look on her face
"i.gotta piss yonnie" I said smh " oh and im leaving tonight for CAU" I told her
" whyy? I thought we were leaving all together" she said with a sad face
"ikr but the basketballl coach called me saying theirs a meeting tomorrow for freshmen and I have to be there" I told her
"oh well ok" she.said still looking said but just standing there
"yonnie... Im getting fat over here" I said laughing
"ohh yeaa im sorry lol" she said as she closed the bathroom door.

Ok yall tell me what u think?


Awh she wore the necklace n I'm glad Chris is ok run it

run it

- Aww tht is so sweet tht yonnie is by chris side
He need to mke her his soon but thn aqain he waitin on yonnie for an answer

Awwl Chris and Yonnie are sooo cute!...she was there for her man! lol
Run it girl!!

i really like this. it always takes something tragic for someone to realize what they have right? run it!

awe so sweet them groupies are
but backs the fxck off thas yonnie boo
so boo hoo they thirsty asses on
some damn where, lol jp

run it!

***the next day*** Sunday

Chris pov
I woke up looking at bright lights and realized that I was laying in a hostpital bed. Wtf? I looked over to my right and seen yonnie holding my hand and sleep on my thigh. She looks like she is in so much pain. I hope it wasnt because of me. I squeezed her hand and she lifted her head looking at me I seen tears welding up in her eyes.

" please yonnie don't cry." I said which seem to make her tears fall more " baby I'm ight" I told her

" no" she said shaking her head " you been unconscious since last nights game. The doctor said it was your kidneys but it was a good thing they caught it now or you would have to be on dialysis. " she said as tears came down "thats why you was so sick last week" she continued.

" baby everything is gonna be ok" I said " can u help me to the bathroom" saod as I lifted up azd she helped me out the bed. And into the bathroom. And I started thinking I'm not leaving this hospital with out making yonnie my girl. As I walked out I seen the doctor talking to yonnie.

"well hello Mr. Brown. Glad to see you woke. I'm Dr. Smith" she said as I sat in the bed.

" how are u" I asked

" I'm fine this evening. Very thankful you fiancee been keeping an eye out on you" she said fiancee I thought as I looked over at yonnie and seen her pull out her Mrs. Brown necklace I got her for christmas out of her CAU sweat jacket

" yes. I'm thankful too " I said

" I told her I would be very jealous of all these girls that came up here giving you gifts" she said as I looked over at the table and seen flowers. Get well soon cards. Teddy bears . Balloons. And chocolate covering the table

" she knows her place" I said holding her hand.

"ok mr. brown I got some precreptions for you. I want you to take it easy. I'm going to get your discards paper." She said "take care of him" she told yonnie

" ohhhhh I will" she said smiling
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OMGGGG, Noooooo! RUN IT!

Lol naww mama ima post in darkskin. Rhan I wanna be. Than make you a celebrity over night... I need time to think of first

Ikr! ima read both

Noooooo come on now post in this first

Lmaooo u a fool for.that.! Imma ppst in dark skin before I make an update.

Now yu can update :D lolss

4. Run it

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Yu need more runs well here yu qo

1. Run it

Omg WTF happened run this plz

Ill update when I get more rums

damn he must've hit something
when he landed on the floor
i hope he okay :(

Run it!

- NOOOOO wat happened to chris??
I hope his bball season aint ruined &nd hes okay
Update soon ! :)

*week later*

I been taking care of Chris for a week. Giving him soup and liquids so he feeling alot better. Today was the frist game he can play in. so me soso and nae. All working out together in Lane.hall

" so whats going on with u and pretty boy" nae asked soso

" giiiirrrrl mmm that chocolate is tooo good" soso said as we started laughing. "mmhmm he had sex the other day.. Oh poppin. His hair is beautiful. Thats mt babe yall" soso said

"when we gonna meet him" I asked "u being all secretive" I told her

"ik. But yall like my sisters. So im tryna make sure its real" soso said

"yea I feel that" nae said

" so how sick boy doing" soso said

"he feel better. He playing in the game tonight" I told her

"umm hmm mari was taking care of her man. Going to his classes getting hia homework for him." Nae said smiling

"nigga can u make it offical already" soso said laughing

"im still thi-"i got cut off

"thinking about it" nae and soso said together

"fuxk yall" I said smacking my teeth

"we love u mari. But u just one hardheaded person. Chris loves u. " nae said

"ik ik I just dont want nothing to mess up" I said

" I honestly dont think chris is gonna do that" so we kept working out till a hour before the game. Then we got in the shower and got dressed. We all wore CAU shirt represent our school. As we was watching the game chris was @5and trey #18. They were doing great. It was the laat min of tge game and chris had the ball. As he made his wall down the court. He jump. He shoot. He scored. We won by 12 points. I heard females eveeywhere yelling chris name. Than I seen the whole team running towarss chris. Than ppl who work for the paramedics.

"whats going on" I asked as police was now breaking up the crowd

"omg" I seen soso covering her mouth.
when I looked back on the floor I seen blood everywhere. And them pushing chris out of the gym. Blood was covered all over the white cloth .
Run it. Comment.

- Get better chris let mama tke care of her bby., i hope they qo 2qetha soon
RUN IT !:)

awh chris sick i hope he get better run it

awe she takin care of him

run it!

***one week later***
*lamari pov*

The holidays are over and we're back in the A. Back to classes. Sodo fit in just like a glove she's lise a oldrr sister to us. She's talking to some.darkskin cuties with like indian long pretty hair. I havent met him yet. But I check his.facebook profile. I told them both about the dream I had. Big mistake. Now their pressuring me to have sex and get with chris. Speaking of breez. I havent talked to him much because its basketball season. And he plays for CAU. Trey too. So between classes. Their basketball practices. Our delta events & stepshows. Ansd their basketball games I hardly seem him. Oh yea did I mention trey finally hit that YUUP. Lol after we came back from break earlier this week. Weell its saturday & we're watching saturday morning cartoons as a knock came on the door. I opened it since I was heating up soup in the microwave. As trey and breez came in trey gave me a hug saying hi. Breez just walked past wemt to my bed and got under the covers.

" whats wrong wirh him" I said as nae & trey was kissing

" oh my bad. This nigga right here sick" trey said laughing " onlt reason why he came over here was becauae nae studying nursing. But he like naww man. I'll never have nae taske care of me. She'll kill me" trey sais mocking chris as I took my soup out the microwave and made my way to my bed & sat down.

" hey breez" I said putting the soup on the night stand and rubbing his back

" hry baby" he said raspy sounding like shyyt " I swear I dont feel
good. Everthing that could be wrong with me is. Watery eyes. Noses stopped up. Gthroat sore. And plus I feel like a female stomach cramping. Im throwing up like im preganant & shyt. Man I wouldnt wish being a female on my worst enemy" he said coughing

" awww tuenchi" nae said " im sure mari will take care of u" she said smiling

" and now I cant none of the games until I feel better." Chris said

" shhhh" I said " here sit up and eat this " I said feeding him the soup

" aww baby thank you soo much" chris said

" shhhh... Eat" I said

*nae's pov*

Awww now look at that. Mari feeding her baby. idk why she playing acting like she dont wanna be with him. Or is she waiting to teach him a lesson. Idk but it all giving us headachs. I know ahe wanna be with him sexually. Now that chris died his hair shoot all the girls here tryna be with him sexuality. But he only got eyes for 1 girl... Awww thats so sweet I thoughy. I loooked down at my chest to see my baby had feel asleep on me. Smh he be so busy im not even mad he fell asleep. I was just thinking about the other night. The love making which was made. Scratching biting . Pumping riding. Smacking. Licking. Sucjing. Whoooo this mab right here is a freak. And im taking in every min of him.
Sorry so short guys. Got writers block
Comment a couples thing u may want to see happen to get my creative juices flowing again
about to update
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it was just a dream wow it

Lol update coming up. Posting on celebrity over night first

omg a mfckn dream dang i wuda been so mad omg run it lol