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(_*_The Butterfly Effect_*_)You Used To Love Me

Chapter 1
~Asia's POV~
I can't help but smile right now as i layed next to this beautiful man of mines. Last night he finally popped the question after 3 yrs of ups & downs. Frm the random broads calling to the miscarriage of our 1st born.i just hope.....


omg wtf NOOO she killed the baby n probably asia run it

Gabby:heard me
asia:wat...wat u gonna do with that
gabby:something i shudve done frm the start.he was suppose to leave u (starts cryin) he said he love me ....its all ur fault(points the gun at asia)
asia:thats not gonna make him come bak to u
gabby:maybe....we`ll just have to see
(BOOM BOOM BOOM)(She shoots asia three times once in the arm chest and stomach)
asia:(layin on the floor coughin up blood)chris....

<Strong>*fades to black*<Strong>


Taylor:door door (continues singin while leaving out the door)

chris:(shakes his head and slams the door close and runs upstairs to asia)

Asia:(wlkim back and forth packin a bag) im leavin chris this time u`ve reallly done it
chris:(tries to stop ha) ur not leavin me ..... Im srry
asia:i wish i cud believe dat(keeps packin)
chris:tel me wat i gotta do and i`ll do it please baby i`ll do it
asia:(stops and llooks him dead in the eye) let me go...for a while i just need time
chris:no(punches a wall) ur not leaving me (breaks dwn cryin)
asia:i have to chris if i stay it`ll only hurt us
chris:how ..please explain how it`ll hurt wat we have
asia:no chris not us....but us (puts ha hand on her stomach)
chris:ur pregnant
asia:yes chris im pregnant 3 weeks excatly...i cnt loose another kid to this bulls***(picks up her bag) im srry but i gotta go

(she leaves and chris breaks dwm cryin lik a baby)

<Strong>*outside the building*<Strong>

F/v:u stupid b****

Asia:excuse me
gabbty:(comes out the shadows with a gun) u

addin frm my mother-inlaw phone soo it may b short kkus im doin dis off frm memmory but here it goes

*Chap 5*<Em><Strong>You cant deny what im feeling. Its real.<Em><Strong>

Asia:so chris care to explain dis s***
chris:shutup and go upstairs we`ll tlk in a min
(she goes upstairs)
taylor:lol sumbody is in check
gabrielle:wtf chris ur suppose to leave her
chris:shutup gabby
gabrielle:no u tol me u was leaving her
chris:well im not so shut the f*** up
gabrielle:(starts tearin up) wat u mean ur not
chris:cnt understand english now b**** im not leaving my wife
gabrielle:alright chris u`ll regret this s***
(she runs out the house)

chris:now to u
taylor:(puts her hands up) whoa buddy loll i had nuttin to do w this s***
Chris:so y u here
taylor:cus ur lil b**** called me here
chris:w.e just get out my face
taylor:or wAt
chris:do u really wanna find out(puts his hand up to smack her
taylor:if u smack me best believe the po po gonna b knockin at yo door door (Starts singin)
i said the po po gona b knockn at yo

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<em><stron>Chapter 4.<em><strong>
<em>You didn't hear me calling out
Calling for your warm affection after all this time

<em>Asia's P.O.V<em>

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face thinkin of this plan and how things was about to blow up in this niggas face but 1st i have to go the doctor's.As i tired to get up i felt chris' arm tighten around me ......that s*** use to be cute but right now its buggin me the f*** out. after a goood couple of minutes i finally got out his graps and got ready and headed out to the clinic.

<em> At The Clinic<em>
Nurse:Mrs.Brown the doctor will be with you shortly

(a couple of minutes pass and the doctor wlks in)
Doctor:how are you today mrs.brown
Asia:honestly i feel a lil sick
Doctor:ooohhhh....i see you care to explain
Asia:well i've been really tired lately , hungry alllllllllll the time, been throwin up, and my feet and breast and f***in killin me
Doctor:well sounds like you didnt need to see me at all ...semmms like you kno already
Asia:yeah....(fiddles with her fingers) but i just wanna make sure
Doctor:ok well (hands her a cup and a tube)pee in the cupo and then fill the tube up to the lil blue land and place it in the rack and have a seat out side i'll call you in shortly with the results.
Asia:ok (gets up and does wat he says)

<em>*In the waiting room*<em>

Asia's P.O.V

i hope i am pregnant not for chris just beause i want a child. after i lost the baby last night i went to a really dark place in my life and chris didnt give a damn. i dnt think i cud go through that again. ii swear to god if im pregnant i dnt kno about me chris cus im not gonna let his bulls*** take away another one of my kids

Doctor:Mrs.Brown will you step into my office i have your results
Asia:(gets up and wlks into his office)

<em><strong>With Chris<em><strong>

I Woke up to an empty's not like asia to get up this early and leave not tellin me where she goin. wen she get back ima get that s*** to stop right then and there f*** she think this is .... i run s*** she dnt.(shakes his head) lemme get up and head to the court i needa see my boys maybe they can shed some light on whats goin on.

<em>At the B-Ball Court*<em>

Tyga:sooo watchu b****in bout today
Chris:asia ... she movin funny man
Trey:lol wats new wat yu thought that lil stunt yu pulled was gonna go unpunished
Derrick:wrd yu lucky thats all she doin
Shad:aint lik she out cheatin i kno asia she dnt get dwn lik dat
Chris:man...u dnt kno dat...s*** i dnt kno dat
Tyga:chris man listen to wat ur sayin u honetly think she'd cheat on u
Trey:::singin::: wen a woman's fed up
everybody but chris:(falls out laughin)
Chris:aint s*** funny niggas.....dats my baby i kno nobody betta be cuttin ....i'll f***in murk they ass
Trey:lol ooohhhh....well aint it the big bad wolf chris
Derrick:lol you aint finna do s***
Shad:but cry and beg and cry lmao
Tyga:(on the floor laughin in tears)
Chris:man you guys aint worth s***
Shad:awww man chris we just teasin yu kno asia she love yu just just probably need time
Derrick:wrd dnt stress it ...
Chris:idk i just got a bad feeling about thid
Trey :welll den take it up wth her
Tyga:ya'll need to tlk anyways shoo
Chris:yu kno wat...ya'll right

<em><strong>With Asia<em><strong>

<em>Asia's P.O.V<em>
After the news i got at the doctor's im even more sure about this s*** dats about to go dwn.i love chris but im tired of all the games n the lies dis s*** has to end*someone knocks on the door*SHOWTIME!!

F/v:hello is chris home?
Asia:no the one who call u both over...plz come in
F/v 2:umm ok (they wlk in) to explain how yu both kno my fiancee and dnt lie to me
F/v1:obviously u must kno something if yu called us over here lol
F/v2:wrd lol (they dap eachother)
Asia:(rolls her eyes) u kno wat i do kno...and for the life of me i knt fingurwe out why wud chris wanna f*** with two ugly ass hoodlums lik yu and ms.gabrielle
Gabrielle:excuse me b**** ...but maybe if yu was doin ya dwn he wudnt need to come me now wud he
Asia:doin my job?!?....b**** plz dnt get smacked up in front of ya friend i just want answers
Taylor:(rolls her eyes) aint my friend......but wat answers u want
Asia:who r u to chris
Taylor:lml his babymomma
Gabrielle:his girlfriend
Asia:and how long dis s*** been goin on
Taylor:3 yrs
Asia:(tries to hold back her tears) oh really...hmmm
Taylor:yes really he been bangin me just as long as he been banging yu lol
Gabrielle:its onyl been yr with me but he said he was gonna leave u both just for me
Taylora:and yu dum if u believe dat s***
Gabrielle:b**** who u callin dum yu dnt kno me i'll cut ya ass a f***in sap hoe
Taylor:hoe?!? (gets up) i got cha hoe
Asia:(yells) CHILL THE f*** OUT
Taylor:(sits back dwn) im chillin just tell dat b**** dnt try me
Gabrielle:(rolls her eyes) so is dat all yu wanted
Asia:no...i wanna bring dat b**** nigga chris to his knees he f***in played me toyed with my heart after all this years oh hell no theres gonna be hell to pay ....i just need to kno if ya'll dwn
Taylor & Gabrielle:(looks at eachother and smile) yea we dwn

<em>Chris Walks Through The Door<em>

Asia:hey chris....come in and sit dwn mother f***er u got alot of explainin to do


ok and now imma add to this one been to long

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*chapter 3*I gave u all my percious love and anything u wanted frm me
~Taylor's POV~
I dont kno y he f***in wit that b****. Had him so upset last night thank god he came home to me (giggles)

Chris:wheres my clothes
Chris:(gives her a stank look)wheres my s***
Taylor:i kno u not goin back 2 that b****
Chris:(runs his hands dwn his face,chokes her) u think im playin with u
Taylor:(starts cryin)there in the room
Chris:(lets go wlks in the room and starts gettin dressd)
Taylor:(laughs)yea rite sure u love her
Chris:(gettin mad)watchu tryna say
Taylor:im sayin u dnt love noone but ur self
Chris:(kicks ha in her face)keep tlkin s*** and i'll cut dat tongue out
Taylor:(starts kryin)
Chris:im out dueces (leaves out)

*on the phone wit abby& nic*
Nic:so wat happen
Asia:he had a b**** fit wanna throw s*** and storm out lik a lil baby
Abby & Nic:(cracks up)
Nic:yall are pure come
Asia:s*** ain funny it wrks my nerves
Abby:aw itll wrk out just give it time
Asia:i guess
Abby:(trey in the baqqround singin:i wanna make love 2 u )(abby giggles)trey stop
Nic:ew(makes gaggn nosies)
Tyga:who dis
Nic:bae hang up im on da phone
Tyga:oh my bad
Nic:hang up nigga
Abby:trey hang up
Asia:(laughs)o god
Tyga:oh s*** watd up my nigga
Trey:nuttin chillin
Nic:helloooo we're on the phone
Trey:well excuse us
Abby;ur excused now hang up be4 i come in dere
Trey:(seductively)i want u 2
Asia:ew 3 other ppl on here
Trey:my bad
no bout to do the same
no u aint :::singin:::its just u & ur hand tonight
Asia & Abby:(burst out laughs)
oh wrd ok (pretends to cry)
Nic:o im subbie daddy
Tyga:come show me how srry u are
Nic:(giggles)ok ...bye yall(tyga & nic hang up)
Asia:can u believe dat s***
Abby:(gigglin)trey stop that tickles(moans)baby stp(to asia)huh? Wat happened
Asia:(shocked)nuttin ima ttyl
Abby:kk(trey and abby hang up)

*chris comes in & wlks right pass asia*
Asia:hello to u 2
Chris:(starts playin black ops)
Asia:oh so u ignorin me
Chris:(keeps playin)
Asia:(wlks ova 2 the xbox and takes the game out)im tlkin 2 u
Chris:put it baqq in be4 i slap u
Asia:(rasies her eyebrow)oh really (snaps da game in half)
Chris:(turns red,starts yellin)y wud u do that...y u gotta be a stupid hoe
Asia:kus dat seems to be wat u like(starts wlkin upstairs)
Chris:..........(sit baq dwn watchin her go upstairs)

chap.4 commin soon
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Awwweee man this all?!! Gaaaaaa! Guess i gotta wait!

Chris:(throw a glass cup at the wall and storms out the house)
Asia:(shakes her head and goes upstairs to bed)

ok ima add chapter 3 later im tired

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Chris:(laughs)ima let that go since u drunk
Asia:honestly i dnt give a f*** chris im gettin tired of this
Chris:tired of wat....bein with me....well guess wat u aint leavin me u hear me your not goin anywhere
Asia:(glares at him)dats wat u think

AGIINNN Run It! My fav story on here!

(cab pulls up and asia gets out)
Asia:(wlks up to the door)wats in my cup (hickup)my cup
Chris:(opens the door before she can)well well well
Asia:(hickup)move (pushes past him)
Chris:wat da f*** u been doin
Asia:(drunk slurr)M.Y.O.B b****

MMOOORRREEEEEEE!!!!!!! Please WRITE MORE! I love this story!

Soso:(hands her a cup)
Asia:(smells it)wat is it
Hazielle:dnt wrry bout it drink b****
Abby:wrd take ya mouth off chris' d*** already
Hazzy,Abby,Nic,Soso:(starts crackin up)
Asia:(throws the cup back )

*they all start partyin dancin and gettin wasted*

Run It AGIN!!! PLEASEEE! *Starts to cry* *gets on knees* I'm BEGGN! PLEASE!!

Shad:so wats up wat they doin
Tyga:shoppin and clubbin
Trey:(talkin to chris)ah s*** u in trouble now
Chris:(flips him off)

*later at the club*
Nic:oh dats my s*** (starts rockin her hips)
Asia:i guess (leans against a wall)
Soso:wack b**** drink this

Tyga:i can take care of that(pulls out his phone)
tyga:sup sexxi wat u doin
nic:(giggles)nothin hangin with the girls
tyga:oh wat yall gettin into
nic:shoppin and clubbin
tyga:oh a good girl love u bae
nic:love u 2 daddy(hangs up)

Tyga,Derrick,Trey:(burst out laughin)
Derrick:dnt tell me taylor?!?
Derrick:not gabrielle?!?
Chris:im slippin
Trey:must be the head cus i kno the pussy aint all dat
(they all laugh and give eachother dap)
Chris:idek where she @